302-05 Allowance for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expenses

General Rules

302-5.1 - If I request, can my bureau/office authorize me an initial period of 60 days temporary quarters subsistence allowance?

No, temporary quarters subsistence allowance must be authorized in increments of not more than 30 days.

302-5.2 - Must my period of temporary quarters subsistence allowance be reduced by the number of days I utilize for house hunting?

Yes, the period you may be authorized for temporary quarters subsistence expense must be reduced by the number of days utilized for house hunting.

302-5.3 - Must my bureau/office authorize utilization of temporary quarters?

No, temporary quarters subsistence expense allowance is to be authorized only when it is necessary to occupy temporary quarters.

302-5.4 - If I sign a long term lease on an apartment or house, can I claim occupancy of the leased property as temporary quarters for the period I am authorized TQSE?

No, TQSE may not be paid for occupancy of quarters that have been leased on a long term lease. The quarters must be rented on a temporary basis to qualify for TQSE.

302-5.5 - If sell my residence, may I lease it back from the new owner and claim TQSE for the period I occupy it?

No, you must vacate your residence before you can claim TQSE.

302-5.6 - Must I vacate my residence before I can claim TQSE at the old duty station?


302-5.7 - If I transfer to or from a duty station with government furnished quarters, may I be authorized TQSE at either duty station?

Yes, if your quarters or other temporary government quarters are not available for you to occupy.

Fixed Amount Reimbursement

302-5.201 - What advantages do I receive by electing TQSE under the fixed amount reimbursement method?

There are several advantages to the fixed amount reimbursement method:

  1. you can be reimbursed for the full amount as soon as you vacate your residence,
  2. you do not have to incur the expense to be reimbursed,
  3. you will be reimbursed if you do not occupy temporary quarters for the full period.

302-5.202 - May I be authorized less than 30 days TQSE under the fixed amount reimbursement method?

Yes, you will be authorized TQSE for only the number of days necessary for you to locate and occupy your new residence.

302-5.203 - Who determines the number of days of TQSE I will receive under the fixed reimbursement method?

The travel approving official through negotiation with you, providing the number of days does not exceed 30 days.

302-5.204 - May I be authorized TQSE under the fixed reimbursement method, if I am moving to a location where I will be assigned government furnished quarters?

Yes, so long as the number of days are reduced to the number of days that you are not provided government quarters.

302-5.205 - If my family remains in my old residence and I relocate to the new duty station, will I receive TQSE for my family or will it be limited to only me?

You will not be paid TQSE for your family until they vacate the old residence; thud, your entitlement will be limited to only you.

302-5.206 - If I elect the fixed reimbursement method, when may I request reimbursement of the TQSE allowance?

Immediately after you vacate your old residence.

302-5.207 - If I elect the fixed reimbursement method, is my TQSE payment reduced when I occupy temporary quarters for less than the authorized number of days?