347 DM DOI FTR Implementing Instructions


These DOI FTR Implementing Instructions CFR 300, 301, 302, 303 and 304, Federal Travel Regulation, are issued to implement and prescribe the agency policies required by the Federal Travel Regulation. These FTR Implementing Instructions are written in plain language format and are arranged in a sequence to mirror the Federal Travel Regulation when possible. Bureaus and Offices may supplement these policies with additional administrative procedures and restrictions; however, the Federal Travel Regulation and the Departmental Implementing Instructions may not be modified to allow a greater allowance than prescribed.

The requirements of the Federal Travel Regulation and the DOI FTR Implementing Instructions may not be waived to increase the entitlement of an employee since it is the responsibility of the Department to ensure equal and equitable treatment of all employees who are required to perform official travel for the benefit of the Government. Authority to establish regulations does not carry an implied authority to waive the established regulation in selected cases (37 CG 820).

DOI FTR Implementing Instructions are maintained by the Office of Financial Management, Assistant Secretary - Policy, Budget and Management. Additional travel guidance can be accessed here.

347 DM Additions to the Federal Travel Regulation

Table of Contents

  1. 47 DM 200 -- Special Travel
  1. Chapter 300 -- General
  1. Chapter 301 -- Temporary Duty (TDY) Travel Allowances
  1. CHAPTER 302 -- Relocation Allowances
  • Part 302-01 -- Applicability, General Rules, and Eligibility Conditions
  1. CHAPTER 304 -- Payment From a Non-Federal Source For Travel Expenses