Downloading Itineraries/Invoices from the Internet

When a reservation is booked, a flight "itinerary" is sent by e-mail (or faxed to disconnected users). Once the reservation has been ticketed, an "Itinerary/Invoice" is sent by e-mail (or faxed to disconnected users). The only difference between the "Itinerary/Invoice" and the "Itinerary" originally sent after the reservation is reserved is the Ticket Number, Cost of the Ticket, Transaction Fee, and Billing Remarks.

Directions to obtain an Itinerary (Reserved Travel Arrangements):

After travel arrangements are reserved, if you wish to access your itinerary from the Virtually There home page go to Enter the six-character reservation code or "Locator" provided to you by Sato Travel. Next, enter your last name. To ensure the security of your personal travel information, you will be asked to enter your e-mail address. If the e-mail address or password does not match the data in your travel reservation, access to the reservation will be denied. If you require further assistance to display your itinerary, please contact your bureau GovTrip Administrator or Sato Travel at: 1-866-486-6135 to verify the e-mail address contained in your profile.

Directions to obtain an Itinerary/Invoice (Purchased Travel Arrangements):

Once tickets have been issued, complete the following steps to obtain an Itinerary/Invoice. Please note these directions are slightly different than the above directions:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter 6 letter confirmation code

  3. Enter last name of the traveler

  4. Enter email address in the reservation

  5. The reserved travel itinerary will automatically pop-up.

  6. To view the invoice with the charges, select the "einvoice" link on the top left side of the page. The link can be found under the "Language" box and "Time displayed in" box. The Itinerary/Invoice will then be displayed and will show the itinerary, the cost of the ticket, the ticket number and the transaction fee charged.