Budget Object Code

The Department of the Interior (DOI) has a standard Budget Object Code (BOC) Listing that all bureaus and offices are to use in the posting of transactions.  The BOC Listing is maintained by the Office of Financial Management (PFM).  The PFM also is the Chair of the Budget Object Class/Revenue Source Code (BOC/RSC) Team which is comprised of representatives from each bureau, the Interior Business Center, Financial and Business Management System (FBMS), the Solicitor’s Office, and the Budget Office.

The BOC Master Listing is available on the BOC/RSC Team SharePoint site (internal site). 


PFM Procedure for Requesting Budget Object Code Changes

BOC Change Request
To request an addition, deletion or modification to the BOC Listing, bureaus are required to submit a DOI BOC Change Request Form (available on the BOC/RSC SharePoint site) to PFM.  The PFM will distribute the BOC Change Request Form to the BOC/RSC Team for discussion and vote at the next BOC/RSC Team meeting (voting of BOCs may take place at the BOC/RSC Team meetings as well as via an email vote).

Once a majority of bureaus approve the BOC Change Request, the BOC/RSC Team meeting minutes are updated to reflect the approval.  The BOC change is then made to the Master BOC Listing and the new BOC Listing will be posted on the BOC/RSC SharePoint site.

FBMS Process for Approved BOC Changes
Once the BOC has been approved, the FBMS General Ledger Lead will prepare a Commitment Item request form and send it to the FBMS Operation & Maintenance (O&M) team for addition/modification/or deletion in FBMS.  In FBMS, the commitment item is not deleted, but rather the Expiration Date is updated for the date it expired.  The FBMS system will be modified to reflect the Commitment Item request within a two week period.  Once the FBMS system is modified, FBMS will notify the BOC/RSC Team Chairperson who will then notify the BOC/RSC Team that FBMS has been updated.

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