• Cooperative Conservation Guidelines for Courses
    • Guidelines for examining the level of cooperative conservation in existing courses - 2 pages - Download the PDF

  • Building Capacity into Courses
    • Process for determining if the principle of collaboration is needed in training courses - 4 pages - Download the PDF

  • Using Panels in Training
    • Guidelines for using a panel in training situations - 2 pages - Download the PDF

  • Stakeholder Assessment
    • A lesson that allows the participants to understand the basic concepts of stakeholder assessment and understand how to use assessment results to design a negotiation strategy - 1 page - Download the PDF


  • Collaborative Process: Model of Informality-Formality
  • A table that provides guidance on mode of collaboration to use for various situations - 1 page - Download the PDF

  • The Collaborative Process
    • Principles and behaviors of demonstrating community-based stewardship - 3 pages - Download the PDF


  • Negotiating - External Architecture
    • Guidance for designing the architecture, or structure, of a negotiation - 3 pages - Download the PDF

  • Negotiating - Internal Architecture
    • Guidance in selecting a team's lead negotiator, "speaking with one voice," and basic rules for internal communication - 1 page - Download the PDF

  • Characteristics of a Negotiation
    • Highlights unique features of natural resource negotiations and how they differ from other types of negotiations - 1 page - Download the PDF

  • Ethics in Negotiations
    • Overview of factors affecting ethical behavior and examples to consider - 3 pages - Download the PDF

  • Strategic Technical Direction
    • Guidelines for selecting the correct studies and using technical information to increase chances for negotiation success - 1 page - Download the PDF

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