Training Tools for Collaboration

Collaboration is an increasingly important way to accomplish our Department of Interior (DOI) mission. Collaborating with public and private individuals and groups makes sense for a variety of political, economic and social reasons. Problem-solving power is shared in a collaborative process, and this often leads to a sense of shared responsibility for the resources. Collaboration builds longer-lasting solutions to natural resource management issues.

To ensure DOI employees have the competencies to develop successful collaborative partnerships with public and private entities, the Department has assembled an array of instructional materials and activities. These materials will help course coordinators and instructors from all DOI agencies support effective collaboration. Although these materials are provided for DOI employees, others may also find these materials useful.

These materials are placed into 3 categories:

  • Training Modules and Materials
    • These include participant modules, lesson plans, and PowerPoint presentations that may stand-alone or be incorporated into existing courses
  • Training Resources
    • These are materials for the course coordinator or designer that provide guidance for the delivery of course activities.
  • DOI Training Courses
    • Website links for DOI's face-to-face training courses and web-based training courses.


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