Recognition and awards help ensure that our employees and our partners continue the often difficult, but always rewarding job of working together to conserve, use and protect America's natural, cultural and historic heritage.

Department of the Interior Awards/Recognition

Partners in Conservation Award

The Secretary's Partners in Conservation Award recognizes those who make exceptional contributions in achieving conservation goals through collaboration and partnering. Overall, this award recognizes outstanding conservation results produced either through

  1. engaging external partners, or

  2. fostering a collaborative culture within and across Interior organizations.

Beyond conservation results or increased partnering capacity, these achievements have been realized through the outstanding participation of many diverse individuals and organizations.

Cooperative Conservation Awards

The Cooperative Conservation Award recognizes cooperative conservation achievements that involve collaborative activity among a diverse range of entities that may include Federal, State, local and tribal governments, private for profit and nonprofit institutions, other non-governmental entities, and individuals.

Take Pride in America Awards

The Secretary annually recognizes specific volunteer projects and efforts in twelve categories. These awards, given for outstanding stewardship of public lands, honor those who best protect and/or enhance our public parks, forests, grasslands, reservoirs and wildlife refuges, as well as our cultural and historic sites, local playgrounds and other recreation areas. Finalists and winners are selected by a panel of reviewers, and the winners are honored at an awards ceremony in Washington, DC.

John Wesley Powell Award

USGS honors individuals or groups, not employed by the USGS, whose contributions to the agency's objectives and mission are noteworthy. The awards recognize John Wesley Powell, the second director of the USGS, a distinguished scientist responsible for setting the high standards that govern the USGS today.

The Department of the Interior Environmental Achievement Awards

recognizes Departmental employees and teams as well as Departmental cooperators (contractors or outside partners) who have attained exceptional environmental achievements. The DOI Award categories mirror the categories of the White House Closing the Circle Awards administered by the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive with the addition of one category, Environmental Stewardship. The Department of the Interior Environmental Achievement Award categories include:

  • Waste/Pollution Prevention
  • Recycling
  • Green Purchasing
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Sustainable Design/Green Building
  • Minimizing Petroleum Use in Transportation
  • Environmental Stewardship