A Partnership IS:

  • A handshake, not a handout.
  • A written agreement between the parties.
  • An agreement that outlines the parties' mutual interest in, mutual benefits from, or mutually desired goals of a common objective related to the mission of the bureau.
  • An agreement with appropriate legal authority.
  • An agreement that involves voluntary participation.
  • Consistent with the partners' plans, policies, and priorities.
  • An agreement that demonstrates real benefits to the public.
  • Wholly owned by each partner organization.
  • An agreement that has a realistic timeframe with sufficient lead time to acquire funding, materials and necessary approvals.

A Partnership is NOT:

  • A conflict of interest or appearance of conflict of interest or preferential treatment of one entity over another.
  • An endorsement of commercial products, services, or entities.
  • A way to get around laws that apply to things like recreational use, procurement of goods and services, etc.
  • Marketing or promotion of partners in any way, except for recognition of the contribution.

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