Space and Housing

Our program goal is the Departmental coordination and oversight of space assets and management programs to promote effective, professional management, equitable space standards across all bureaus, standardized bureau space selection processes, and collocation of bureaus where appropriate.

The Space and Housing Management Program supports these priority items:

Create Handbook for the Management of Owned, Direct Leased and GSA-Provided Space

  • Complete a joint handbook to standardize bureau operations
  • Act as the sole intermediary between bureaus and GSA Central Office
  • Coordinate all bureau/office significant space management issues dealing with non-DOI organizations, including GSA
  • Create PAM Space Management Website as a bureau resource
  • Develop process for review of all major space proposals at the PAM level
  • Develop process for CPIC review of significant space proposals
  • Assist the DOI Budget Office with Exhibit 54 training for the bureaus and offices

Implement the DM Chapters using the implementation guidance already developed

  • Finalize the DM 425 Space Management
  • Complete timeline for implementation of guidance
  • Scorecard deliverables – performance metrics
  • Develop interface with the Asset Management Partnership / Space Coordination Council (SCC)/ Capital Planning and Investment Control group / 5-Year Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan team
  • Improved professionalism of the SCC

Review 5-Year Space Management Plans annually

  • Create Boilerplate / Review submissions
  • Scorecard / AMP 3-Year Rolling Timeline deliverable
  • Review all Exhibit 54 submissions for consistency with the 5-Year Space Management Plan, asset disposition lists and the 5-Year Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan
  • Use as a guide in collocation, consolidation and relocation recommendations

Ensure standardized leasing process among bureaus

  • Develop guidance for consistent leasing process throughout DOI
  • Explore Service First opportunities for collocation and relocation opportunities

Monitor bureau portfolios for opportunities of collocation, relocation and consolidation

  • Monitor Federal Real Property Profile (FRPP) for owned and direct leases and the Rent on the Web (ROW) GSA site for GSA-provided space to ensure consistency with internal documents and to identify collocation, relocations and consolidation opportunities

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