McKinney Clearance Checklist HTML Version


  1. Use this form.
  2. Complete all items below or the checklist will be returned for completion.

Date: ______________________ Property ID # [____________________________]
(HUD will assign)



  1. FEDERAL LANDHOLDING AGENCY: Bureau: ___________________________


  2. PROPERTY (name): ______________________________________________

    (installation name, if applicable): ___________________________________


  3. ADDRESS (street and number, or if none, a brief description of how to locate property)


  4. GSA INVENTORY CONTROL NO. (if available):



    Determination by HUD (date:______________): o Suitable o Unsuitable



    o Building o Vacant Land o Other (improved land)

    A. Current status: o Unutilized o Underutilized o Excess o Surplus

    If excess or surplus, GSA Disposal Control No.:

    B. If underutilized, type of underutilization (describe):

    o Portion o Seasonal o Intermittent o Other (describe):

    C. Predominant surrounding land use:

    D. Unusual physical features or impediments:

    E. Legal constraints (right of entry, covenants, permits, licenses, etc.):

    F. Other (comments):



    A. Age:

    B. Structure type:

    C. Size (usable square feet per floor):

    D. Number of floors:

    E. Current or most recent use (storage, residential, office, etc.):

    F. If currently occupied or leased, indicate:

    H. Percentage of total space occupied or otherwise in use: ______ percent.

    1. Expiration date(s) of any existing lease(s) or renewal period(s)
    2. f currently vacant, indicate number of months vacant: ________



  1. BUILDING CONDITION: Meets or has the potential to meet the following criteria:


Yes No Yes No
A. Operating sanitary facilities o o o o
B. Potable water o o o o
C. Electric power o o o o

D. Indicate distance to nearest utility hook-up(s):

E. Heating facilities adequate for climate o o o o
F. Structurally sound
i. Foundation o o o o
ii. Floors o o o o
iii. Roofs o o o o
iv. Exterior walls o o o o
v. Interior walls o o o o
vi. Describe general condition or extent of repairs needed


    A. Size (acres, square footage):
    B. Description of improvements (i.e. paved, etc.):
    C. Current or most recent use:
    D. If occupied, indicate:

    1. Percentage of total land area occupied or otherwise in use: ______ percent.
    2. Expiration date of any existing lease or renewal period:
  1. VACANT LAND CONDITION: Meets or has the potential to meet the following criteria:

Yes No Yes No
A. Operating sanitary facilities o o o o
B. Potable water o o o o
C. Electric power o o o o
D. Indicate distance to nearest utility hook-up(s):

  1. ACCESS:

    A. Does this property have public access? o Yes o No

    If yes, how (road, other):

    If no, indicate:

  1. Distance to the nearest road:
  2. Type of terrain:
  3. Miles to nearest town/city:

Accessible by public transportation: o Yes o No

Type of transportation:

B. Indicate any restrictions on access (hours, etc.)


    A. Is the property subject to contamination by toxic or hazardous materials or waste?
    o Yes o No

    Identify the basis for determination (submit documents):

    If yes, also identify:

    1. Nature of contaminants:
    2. Location of contaminants:
    3. Extent (percentage of building or number of acres affected) of contaminants:
    4. Any scheduled cleanup plans (include projected date of completion and estimate of cost, if known:

    B. Is an industrial/commercial Federal facility handling flammable or explosive material (excluding underground storage) located on the property or within 2,000 feet of its boundary (exclude underground storage, gasoline stations, tank trucks, and any above-ground container(s) with a capacity of 100 gallons or less of such materials)?

    o Yes o No

    If yes, indicate:

    1. the number of acres (herein being determined for possible use by the homeless) located more than 2,000 feet from such facility:
    2. Nature of the facility and mater
  2. C: Is any portion of the property located within an airport runway clear zone?

    o Yes o No

    If yes, indicate the percentage of the property which is so located:___ percent

    D. Is any portion of the property located within a 100 year floodplain?(note that the fact that a Federal property is not included in an existing floodplain map or study does not, by itself, justify a "No" answer.)

    o Yes o No

    E. Is the property impacted by any other environmental condition which might jeopardize the safety of occupants of the property (e.g., friable asbestos, PCBs, radon, periodic flooding)?

    o Yes o No

    Please Indicate:

  1. Basis for determination (submit document):
  2. Nature of condition:
  3. Extent of condition:
  4. Location of condition:

F. Are there any other known environmental conditions which could affect or be impacted by the occupancy of the property (e.g., endangered species, wild and scenic rivers, wetlands, historic properties, storm water runoff; etc.)?

o Yes o No o Undetermined

If yes, for each:

  1. Describe the environmental condition:
  2. Describe the potential impact:
  3. Basis for the determination (submit document):

    A. Is the property located in a secure facility to which the general public is denied access?

    o Yes o No

    B. If the answer above is yes, can alternative access be provided for the general public without compromising security requirements?

    o Yes o No

    Indicate method of providing access:


    A. Are there now, or are there anticipated to be, any other limitations not previously described on the use of this property to assist the homeless for a period of one year or more?

    o Yes o No

    If yes, describe the limitation:

    B. Does the limitation currently exist?

    o Yes o No

    If no, when will any limitation take effect? ________________________
    (date of effect)

    • (name):
    • (title):
    • (phone number):
    • (email):
    • (date prepared):

    o Yes o No PHOTOS (not required) are attached?

    o Yes o No Additional amplifying information documents (not required) are attached?