Department of the Interior Property Policy Releases


DOI-AAAP PORTAL  Please use the following link to connect to the DOI Acquisition, Assistance, and Asset Portal (DOI-AAAP):DOI-AAAP PORTAL LINK. The portal hosts implementing policy at DOI for the following functions: acquisition, charge card, energy management, financial assistance, fleet, housing management, museum property, personal property, real property, space management, and systems and reporting. All regulatory policy and Departmental Manual Chapters are found by Program area on this Website.


PAM POLICY INVENTORY  Click this link to view an entire inventory of the following policies issued by the Office of Acquisition and Property Management: Departmental Manual Chapters, DIAPR, DIPPR, DIG, and DOI-AAAP. This link is internal to individuals with access to the DOI Domain.


2014-02--Recording and Tracking Maintenance Costs for Fleet and Motorized Heavy Equipment in the Financial and Business Management System

2014-01--Designation of Radio Communications Equipment as System-Controlled Property



2010-01, Amendment 2-- Classification of Desktop Computers as System Controlled Property