The Department is also committed to conserving water, a precious resource, especially in the Western States where many of the bureaus' facilities are located. The goal set by Executive Order 15314 is to reduce potable water consumption intensity, measured in gallons per gross square foot of building space, by 2 percent annually at Federal facilities relative to the FY 2007 baseline in accordance with the following table:

Fiscal Year
Percentage Reduction
2011 8
2012 10
2013 12
2014 14
2015 16

Bureaus are encouraged to implement the Department of Energy Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Water Efficiency Best Management Practices, as appropriate, to meet the water consumption intensity goal. Also, where applicable, bureaus and offices are encouraged to specify and purchase WaterSense labeled products and other water efficient products and choose irrigation contractors who are certified through a WaterSense labeled program.

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