In keeping with the Department's commitment to preserving our nation's natural resources, bureaus and offices are striving to maximize renewable energy consumption. The Department is committed to meeting the goals set by Executive Order 13693 for renewable electricity generation and consumption as a percentage of the total annual facility electricity consumed, in accordance with the table below:


Fiscal Year Percentage of Renewable Electricity
2016 & 2017 10
2018 & 2019 15
2020 & 2021 20
2022 & 2023 25
2025 & thereafter 30


This target may be met by installing on-site renewable energy systems, obtaining renewable energy through Power Purchase Agreements where Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are retained, purchasing Green Energy from a utility, or purchasing RECs.  The Federal Energy Management Program provides information on how to Achieve the FY 2025 Renewable Energy Goal.

The Department will also strive to meet Executive Order 13693's Clean Energy target, which includes renewable electric energy and alternative energy, such that clean energy will account for a percentage of total building energy in accordance with the table below:


Fiscal Year Percentage of Clean Energy
2016 & 2017 10%
2018 & 2019 13%
2020 & 2021 16%
2022 & 2023 20%
2025 & thereafter Not less than 25%


Alternative energy means energy generated from technologies and approaches that advance renewable heat sources, including biomass, solar thermal, geothermal, waste heat, and renewable combined heat and power processes; combined heat and power; small modular nuclear reactor technologies; fuel cell energy systems; and energy generation, where active capture and storage of carbon dioxide emissions associated with that energy generation is verified.

If life cycle cost effective, at least 30 percent of the hot water demand for each new building or major renovation must be met through the installation and use of solar hot water heaters.

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