Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act


Department of the Interior FAIR Act Inventory

Guidance for DOI Employee for Completing the Inventory:

General Guidance: DOI Instructions for Completing the 2014 FAIR Act Inventory

Function Codes: DOI Function Code Definitions

Product/Service Codes: DOI Product Services Code Pilot

Policy Letter: The official definitions of the terms in the policy letter category can be found here: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2011-09-12/pdf/2011-23165.pdf. The information below provides a general overview of each category.

Inherently governmental function, as defined in section 5 of the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act, Public Law 105-270,
means a function that is so intimately related to the public interest as to require performance by Federal Government employees.

Closely Associated to an Inherently Governmental Function: A function that does not fall under the definition of inherently governmental, but the approaches being in that category because of the nature of the function and the risk that performance may impinge on Federal officials' performance of an inherently governmental function Agencies must give special consideration to using Federal employees to perform these functions.

Critical Function: A function that is "necessary to the agency being able to effectively perform and maintain control of its mission and operations."

Reason Codes: There are currently five allowable reason codes:


A The commercial activity is not appropriate for private sector performance pursuant to a written determination.
B The commercial activity is suitable for a streamlined or standard competition.
E The commercial activity is pending an agency approved restructuring decision (e.g., closure, realignment).
F The commercial activity is performed by government personnel due to a statutory prohibition against private sector performance.
Inherently Governmental This is an inherently governmental activity. See FAR 7.5 [ https://www.acquisition.gov/?q=/browse/far/7 ] for the definition of inherently governmental activities.