Federal Procurement Data- Next Generation


August 16, 2005

Department of the Interior Acquisition Policy Release (DIAPR) 2005-04

SUBJECT: Federal Procurement Data-Next Generation (FPDS-NG) Reporting

1. Purpose:

This policy release directs all bureau acquisition personnel not yet implemented on the contract writing system under the Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) to report all procurement actions over $2,500, in accordance with FAR 4.602, to FPDS-NG via direct web entry in lieu of the IDEAS-PD contracting writing system.

2. Effective Date:

Effective October 1, 2005.

3. Expiration Date:

This policy release shall remain in effect for each bureau until it transitions to the new contract writing system under FBMS.

4. Background and Explanation:

FPDS-NG is the Government-wide system used to collect procurement data for transactions of $2,500 or more. The most current version of FPDS-NG is version 1.2, which was implemented in the fall of 2004. Version 1.3 of FPDS-NG is tentatively scheduled to be implemented in October 2005. The Department of the Interior (DOI) is currently using the IDEAS-PD contract writing system to access FPDS-NG version 1.1 via a system to system interface. DOI is transitioning from the IDEAS-PD contract writing system to the PRISM contract writing system with the advent of DOI's FBMS. This transition will be implemented by bureaus, in phases, over the next three years. In order to remain current with the most recent version of FPDS-NG at any time in the near future, the IDEAS-PD contracting writing system would have to be consistently modified in order to accommodate these on-going changes. After reviewing this issue thoroughly and considering our needs, it became clear that providing funding to enhance a software system that is scheduled to be replaced in the short term is not fiscally prudent. FPDS-NG data will therefore be entered by each bureau using direct entry into the FPDS-NG web site (https:\www.fpds.gov) until the bureau transitions to the new contract writing system under FBMS. The Acquisition Managers Partnership (AMP) unanimously voted on July 13, 2005, to use the direct web entry method prior to FBMS acquisition system implementation for each bureau. Within two weeks of issuance of this policy release, user ids, passwords, and other supplemental information will be supplied by the PAM office to each bureau's acquisition system administrator for further distribution.

5. Action Required:

Beginning October 1, 2005, all DOI acquisition personnel using the IDEAS-PD contract writing system must report all procurement data, in accordance with FAR 4.602, to FPDS-NG by accessing the FPDS-NG web site directly and entering the information. Procurement data should no longer be reported to FPDS-NG via the IDEAS-PD contract writing system. As each bureau transitions to the new contract writing system under FBMS, FPDS-NG data will once again be reported using the system to system interface and direct entry at the FPDS-NG web site should cease.

6. Additional Information:

If you have questions about this matter, please contact Kate Oliver at (202) 208-3345.

/ signed Debra E. Sonderman, Director

Office of Acquisition and Property Management

Senior Procurement Executive