Copy Work Obtained From A Commercial Source

Copy Work Obtained From A Commercial Source

In accordance with 314 DM 10, copy work was obtained as provided below.



Quantities must not exceed the “500/2500” copying rule; AND

  • The cost not exceeding $500 is charged to the employee's purchase card; AND


Work is being produced while employee is on official travel or attending a conference; OR

  • Resources (including GPO) are not readily available (e.g., within the immediate area where the work is required to be accomplished)or accessible (e.g., requirements emerge after hours or on weekends) to the employee to obtain the work within the required time frame.

Date Work Obtained:

Commercial Vendor (include address):

Object Class:


Type of Product:

Number of Copies:


Reason for using commercial vendor (enter an X in the appropriate block):

Official Travel

Attending a Conference

Resources not readily available or accessible

Cardholder Name:



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