Section 508 Compliance Evaluation of Solicitations - Suggested Assessment Criteria

All solicitations are first assessed to determine if they include electronic and information technologies (E&IT). For those solicitations that do include E&IT-related deliverables (products, labor hours, or information content), all available documents are reviewed to see if Section 508 requirements or other accessibility factors are addressed in these documents. The solicitation is then scored as follows:

1. If no mention of Section 508 is found, the solicitation is scored as "red".

2. Solicitations that mention Section 508 requirements apply generally to product, labor hour or information content deliverables are scored as yellow.

3. When broad sections and/or specific provisions of the Access Board Standards are included, the solicitation is scored as green. Solicitations that claim a Section 508 exception are also scored as green if the documentation provides a coherent rationale for the exception.

*Note -Any applicable exceptions are not assumed. While these are rare, the possibility exists that some solicitations marked red have valid exceptions. Solicitations that included documented exceptions were scored green.

Although not specifically required, including any applicable exceptions in solicitations is a best practice that shows that the 508 Standards were considered by the requiring official. Resources: the Buy Accessible Wizard at www.buyaccessible.gov and the Buy Accessible Glossary found at that site can be used as references when preparing and reviewing solicitations. General Section 508 information is always available at www.Section508.gov. The Access Board technical standards can be found: http://www.access-board.gov/sec508/standards.htm. For technical assistance regarding Section 508, contact Sid Sharma at 202-219-0963