Tribal Access to TFAS Accounts Using StrataWeb

Dynamic Information Access for Tribes via StrataWeb

Tribes may access their Trust Fund Accounting System (TFAS) accounts via StrataWeb, an Internet based product. StrataWeb provides broad online access to tribal investment officials. Authorized tribal staff have this same option regarding their trust accounts. Tribal review of StrataWeb statements can eliminate the use of physical statements, allow "instant" access, and facilitate participation in the management of trust accounts.

StrataWeb gives tribal users the power to:

  • eliminate printing and filing paper statements
  • access information at any hour from multiple locations
  • perform analysis after exporting data to Microsofl Excel
  • review statements

Data available through StrataWeb is more current than mailed statements. Cetain data queries and views can be customized for the tribe's use. Multiple accounts can be researched in the same session.

Contact your Fiduciary Trust Officer about setting up access.

View a sample screen from StrataWeb.