For immediate assistance, call toll-free: 1-888-678-6836


How Can We Help You? Contact the TBCC for:

  • Requesting an IIM account update or disbursement
  • Explanation of quarterly statements
  • Information about your trust assets
  • Checking the status of a request
  • Information about the Cobell Land Buy-Back Program or assistance with a purchase offer package
OST Form 01-004 (Instructions for Account Set Up, Disbursement of Funds and Change of Address)

TBCC Beneficiary Charter  Every time you contact the OST Trust Beneficiary Call Center (TBCC), our outstanding beneficiary services staff will focus on four key goals: We understand your questions and will take ownership of your inquiry to ensure that you receive an answer (you will not be passed from office to office).  We will take the time to help you learn abour your trust assets so that you are empowered. We expect to provide an immediate response to 98% of your inquiries - if we cannot, we will help you get an answer. We will provide the most accurate timeframe possible for resolution or completion of a requested service.

General Information about TBCC

The Trust Beneficiary Call Center (TBCC) is a nationwide, toll free call center that enables beneficiaries to conveniently access information regarding their trust assets (i.e., ownership, lease activity), check the status of a trust service, or request a disbursement from, or an update to, their Individual Indian Monies (IIM) Account. The TBCC also responds to written beneficiary requests received in the mail, as well as beneficiaries who come in to the OST facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. FTOs and the TBCC are key components of Field Operations' ability to provide efficient delivery of services to trust beneficiaries.

Frequently Asked Questions from IIM Beneficiaries

In the news: TBCC Honored with Interior's First Customer Service Award

"The TBCC was implemented in 2004 to provide beneficiaries with an easily accessible point of contact for answering questions about their trust assets and handling requests for account updates and disbursements. Since implementation, the TBCC has responded to and documented over 2 million calls from Indian trust beneficiaries, with an overall First Line Resolution (FLR) rate of 97%. Over the past three years, the TBCC
has responded to an average of 184,000 beneficiary contacts per year.

"The TBCC responds to between 3,000 to 4,000 beneficiary requested account updates per month.

"During FY14, the TBCC responded to an unprecedented 219,309 beneficiary inquiries with a First Line Resolution rate of 98%, which includes inquiries regarding the historic Cobell Settement and the Department's Land Buy Back Program. On May 17th, 2012, the TBCC
responded to the one millionth beneficiary call. The high FLR maintained by the TBCC over the past 10 years is an important indicator of the quality of customer service provided by the TBCC, thus the beneficiary did not have to wait for a response or be referred to another office. The high FLR of the TBCC enables this call center to play a unique and integral role in OST Field Operations' objective of providing responsive, accurate and timely beneficiary services and to be the premier public service organization dedicated to the Indian Fiduciary Trust.

"In addition the TBCC is the primary point of contact for the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribalm Nations efforts to restore small, undivided interests in lands that cannot be utilized due to their highly fractionated state. The TBCC assists beneficiaries by identifying Willing Sellers, providing assistance completing offer packages, answering questions on the acquisition process, and providing status of their sale. The TBCC has handled an average of 1,792 calls per week and to date, a total of more than 50,000 Buy-Back related inquiries.".

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