Trust Beneficiary Call Center

Contact Information

Phone: (888) 678-6836
Address: 4400 Masthead NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Hours of operation can be found on our contact page.

What we do

The Trust Beneficiary Call Center (TBCC) is a nationwide, toll-free call center that enables beneficiaries to conveniently access information regarding their trust assets (i.e., ownership, lease activity), check the status of a trust service, or request a disbursement from, or an update to, their Individual Indian Money (IIM) Account.

The TBCC also responds to beneficiary requests received by mail, as well as beneficiaries who come in to our facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Fiduciary Trust Officers and TBCC staff are key components of our ability to provide efficient delivery of services to trust beneficiaries.

Charter Promises

Every time you contact the Trust Beneficiary Call Center our outstanding beneficiary staff will focus on four key goals:

  1. We understand your questions and will take ownership of your inquiry to ensure that you receive an answer (you will not be passed form office to office).
  2. We will take the time to help you learn about your trust assets so that you are empowered.
  3. We expect to provide an immediate response to 98% of your inquiries -  if we cannot, we will help you get an answer. 
  4. We will provide the most accurate timeframe possible for resolution or completion of a requested service. 


The TBCC opened in 2004 to provide beneficiaries an easy way to learn about their trust assets, as well as submit requests for account updates and disbursements. Since it opened, the TBCC has answered millions of calls from Indian trust beneficiaries, with an overall First Line Resolution rate of 97%. This rate enables this call center to play an integral role in our objective of providing responsive, accurate and timely beneficiary services and to be the premier public service organization dedicated to the Indian Fiduciary Trust.

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