Office of Trust Records (OTR)

OST's Office of Trust Records (OTR) was established in 1999 to develop and implement a program for the economical and efficient management of trust records in compliance with the American Indian Trust Fund Management Reform Act of 1994 (Public Law 103-412) and the Federal Records Act (44 U.S.C. Chapter 31 Records Management by Federal Agencies). The OTR records management program was developed, implemented, and continues to evolve to ensure that Indian records are maintained, records retention schedules are consistent with program needs, and records are safeguarded throughout their life-cycles.

The Director of OTR, also referred to as the Records Officer, reports to the Deputy Special Trustee for Program Management and is responsible for management of OST and Indian Affairs records programs, consistent with requirements set forth in the Federal Records Act. OTR provides records management services to OST and Indian Affairs. Indian Affairs is comprised of the Assistant Secretary-Indian Affairs (AS-IA), the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE), and the Office of Justice Services (OJS). OTR also provides services to other Department of the Interior bureaus and offices that create Indian trust records: the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), the Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA), the Office of Natural Resources Revenue (ONRR), the National Business Center (NBC), and the Office of the Solicitor (SOL).

There are two OTR divisions: Division of Records Management Policies, Procedures, and Training (DRMPPT) and the Division of Records Management Operations (DRMO).

OTR Mission and Vision
OTR Objectives and Goals

OTR Field Support Services - List of Regional Records Liaisons (as of August 2017)


OST-WPM-TR-8, Receipt of Incomplete Accessions at the American Indian Records Repository (AIRR) - Expires: September 28, 2017

OST-WPM-TR-9, Transfer of Inactive General Administrative Records to the Iron Mountain Record Center - Expires: December 21, 2017


1.1 Revisions to the IARMM, 10-09-2015
1.2 Privacy Act, 03-06-2009
1.3 Records Schedule, 10-09-2015
1.4 Records Management Program Policy, 10-09-2015
1.5 Records Management Roles and Responsibilities, 10-09-2015
2.1 Recordkeeping Requirements, 10-20-2015
2.2 Creating Receiving Records, 10-20-2015
2.2.1 Permanent and Temporary Records, 10-20-2015
2.2.2 Record Freezes, 10-20-2015
2.2.3 Compact-Contract Tribal Records, 10-20-2015
2.3.1 Filing System, 10-20-2015
2.3.2 Safequarding Records, 10-20-2015
2.4.2 Removal and Destruction of Records, 3-16-2017
2.4.3 Tribe-Corsortium Records Moves, 06-08-2010
2.4.4 Reporting of Missing and Illegal or Accidental Destruction of Records, 05-19-2017
3.1 Vital Records, 09-29-2015
3.3 Records in Jeopardy, 09-29-2015
4.1 Transfer of Active/Inactive Records, 10-26-2016
4.2 Conducting On-Site Research of Federal Records at AIRR, 10-26-2016
4.3 Research Retrieval of Tribal Records from AIRR, 5-5-2017
4.5 Research Requests for Federal Records Stored at AIRR, 3-16-2017
4.6 Withdrawal of Inactive Probate Records, 10-26-2016
5.1 Site Assessments, 10-09-2015
6.1 Requesting Records Management Training, 10-09-2015
6.2 Requesting Records Management Technical Assistance, 10-09-2015
7.1 Electronic Records, 11-19-2010
Glossary, 11-17-2009
Memo Interim Final Policies Procedures, 12-29-03

Department Records Schedule

DRS 3 - Policy Records
DRS 3 - Crosswalk

Indian Affairs Records Schedule (PDF)

1000 Gen Admin Files IARS
1200 Exec Mgmt IARS
1300 Indian Gaming IARS
1400 Legal IARS
1500 Indian Self-Determination IARS
2100 Budget IARS
2200 Activity Based Costing (ABC)
2200  Anadarko Real Estate Module (REM)
2200 Colorado River Electrical Utility Management System (CREUMS)
2200 Comprehensive Academic Management System (CAMS)
2200 Continuous Forest Inventory
2200 Document Management Program (DMP)
2200 Facilities Management Information System (FMIS)
2200 Facilities Management System (MAXIMO)
2200 Geographic Information System (GIS)
2200 Get Resources
2200 Great Lakes Agency Database System (GLADS)
2200 Identity Information System (IIS)
2200 Indian Forestry Database (InfoDat)
2200 Interior Dept. Electronic Acquisition System (IDEAS-PD)
2200 National Oil and Gas Evaluation and Management System (NIOGEMS)
2200 Quaters Management Information System (QMIS)
2200 Royalty Distribution and Reporting System (RDRS)
2200 Self-Governance Management Database (SGDB)
2200 Integrated Transportation Information Management System (ITIMS)
2200 Land Records Information System (LRIS)
2200 Land Title Mapper (LTM)
2200 Management Accounting and Distribution System (MAD)
2200 National Irrigation Information Management System (NIIMS)
2200 Native American Student Information System (NASIS)
2200 Operations Inventory
2200 Osage Lake Funds 1099
2200 PCLease
2200 San Carlos Irrigation Project Continental Billing System (CBS)
2200 Socal Services Automated System (SSAS)
2200 Student Admissions and Reporting System (STARS)
2200 Trust Accountability and Performance System (TAPS)
2200 Trust Assets and Accounting Management System (TAAMS)
2300 Contracts IARS
2400 Facilities Management IARS
2500 Finance IARS
2600 Payroll IARS
2700 Personnel IARS
2800 Property Management Procurement IARS
2900 Safety IARS
3200 Acknowledgement IARS
3300 Employment Assistance IARS
3400 Housing IARS
3500 Law Enforcement IARS
3600 Social Services IARS
3700 Tribal Government IARS
4200 Credit IARS
4300 Environmental Quality IARS
4400 Forestry Fire IARS
4500 Natural Resources IARS
4600 Real Estate Services LTRO IARS
4700 Roads IARS
4900 Irrigation and Power IARS
5200 Continuing Education IARS
5300 School Facilities IARS
5400 School Operations IARS
5500 Education Supplemental Programs IARS
6100 Indian Fiduciary Financial Trust
6200 Appraisal Services
9000 Historical Trust Accounting
9100 Special Deposit Account (SDA) Project Files
9200 Tribal Trust Accounting Project Files
9900 Electronic Systems
Crosswalk 16 BIAM to IARS
IARS Table of Contents