Records Management

Records are the documentation of an agency's business, policies, and transactions as evidence of agency activities. An effective records management program:

  • Supports the mission functions of the organization
  • Preserves the history of the organization
  • Conserves space, money, and time


Creation of Indian Records
VIDEO: Creation of Indian Records






Disposition and Use of Indian Records
VIDEO: Maintenance & Use of
Indian Records







Disposition of Indian records
VIDEO: Disposition of Indian
Records to AIRR







Office of Trust Records (OTR)

Regional Records Liaisons

American Indian Records Repository (AIRR)

Tribal Records Management


OTR Contact Information:

Call: (505) 816-1620
Write: OTR Director, 4400 Masthead St NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

American Indian Records Repository (AIRR): 1-913-956-2638