Trust Asset and Accounting Management System (TAAMS)

One longtime reform project that greatly benefited from FTM reengineering was TAAMS.

Modules include:

TAAMS Title – maintains and tracks land title documents, including supporting revenue distribution, invoicing, acquisitions and all legal details relating to land transactions; provides easy access to title information

The TAAMS Title module contains both current and historical titles. Some historical titles in the system date back to original land grants. The legacy Land Record Information System (LRIS) was fully converted to the TAAMS software in January 2006.

TAAMS Leasing – establishes, tracks and manages various contracts, such as surface area, mineral, rights of way and range; automates invoicing, collections and revenue distributions using captured payment information

The TAAMS Leasing module tracks leases of Indian assets. BIA converted leasing data from BIA's old, multiple legacy systems to TAAMS. Selected data interfaces with TFAS to ensure that both systems have accurate and complete title, leasing and financial information.

TAAMS Reports – provides for customized reports in areas such as land utilization, title status, owner inventory, lands available for leasing, chain of title history and distribution of income

OST provides beneficiaries with asset statements that identify sources of funds, a listing of assets owned and any active encumbrances, as required by the American Indian Trust Fund Management Reform Act of 1994. Prior to this process, beneficiaries' statements only included information on account balances and account transactions.