Standard Definitions of Appraisal Backlogs

OAS Appraisal Backlog is defined as any appraisal request not completed by the due date negotiated with OAS. OAS has developed a policy for negotiated due dates for appraisal requests. The following procedures apply.

  • The Regional Supervisory Appraiser (RSA) will contact the BIA Superintendent or the appropriate line official to negotiate a new due date acceptable to both parties before the appraisal request is assigned for completion, if the requested due date is not achievable by OAS.

  • RSAs must work collaboratively with BIA Superintendents and Deputy Superintendents, realty officers, tribal/village/corporate officials and Regional Directors to negotiate appraisal request due dates and manage priorities based on risk. An RSA must not change a due date unilaterally to manage appraisals past due or accommodate workload demands, nor does the RSA have the authority to cancel appraisal requests without concurrence from the OAS Director or Deputy Director and the original requestor of the appraisal.

  • The due date for an appraisal request will be changed only when:

    1. The change does not negatively affect the client's transaction schedule with the transaction schedule being reasonable and attainable in the normal course of business.

    2. The client identifies and sets a higher priority. In the event of priority conflicts, OAS will consult with the affected client to reprioritize the client's schedule.

    3. The client agrees to a proposed change in the due date to meet OAS workload demands (only after the client checks with the landowner for consent to change the due date).

    4. Consent has been obtained from the tribal official representing a 638-Contract or Self-Governance Compact Realty Program.

Tribal Backlog is considered to be any request for an appraisal that has not been completed and provided to the OAS Regional Supervisory Appraiser for review within 60 days of receiving a complete and valid appraisal request, unless extended by negotiation with the client.

Tribal Appraisal Review Backlog is defined as any 93-638* tribal appraisal assigned for review and approval that is incomplete after 30 days. OAS has 30 days to review and approve appraisals prepared by tribal appraisal offices operating under 93-638 programs.

*Public Law 93-638, Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act of 1975