Project to Revise Tribal Shares for the Appraisal Services Program

OST has completed a project* to revise how funding shares are calculated and allocated to tribes who are performing, or are interested in performing, the appraisal program pursuant to Public Law 93-638, the Indian Self-Determination and Education Assistance Act of 1975, as amended [25 U.S.C. §450j-1(a)].

On December 6, 2011, the OAS Director, with concurrence of the Principal Deputy Special Trustee, approved the implementation of the new appraisal tribal shares formula. Information about the new tribal shares was communicated to tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Additional funding to tribes that contract the appraisal program is provided when workloads justify an increase.

The tribal shares that were calculated in 1995 had not changed nor had they been recalculated in step with increased regional appraisal budgets. Revised formulas ensure uniformity and transparency in determining: 1) tribal shares and 2) funding residual for inherent federal functions.

OST will determine the next course of action relative to the project and post results here. If you have questions, please contact the Director of OAS at or


*Tribal Shares Consultations Transcripts