Training and development is a critical tool for improving individual performance and opportunities, as well as the performance of the OCIO and the Department of the Interior. OCIO employees are required to complete an Individual Development Plan (IDP) to document their developmental needs.  The information provided below will assist employees in working with their supervisors to address those needs by utilizing the department's resources to be successful in their current positions and future endeavors.



  • Federal Information System Security Awareness (FISSA)must be completed before you report! The link to the training site is provided in the Welcome Letter!
    • Please submit your certificate to Tiffany Smith or fax prior to your start date.

Every employee, contractor and volunteer having access to the DOI Network is required to receive annual training in security awareness, the privacy act and records management. 



To receive a paycheck you must process your time in the time and attendance (T&A) system, Quicktime. For additional information and instructions on how to complete your time in Quicktime see the OCIO ‘How To’ Guide on Administrative Operations in the Resources section of this site.

Credit Card

If your position requires you to have a government purchase card and your personnel records are not reflected in the Federal Personnel Payroll System (FPPS) you must complete the appropriate training. Submit your training certificate and, if applicable, your alternate worthiness form to Tiffany Smith in room 7063.


There are two training courses that you must complete prior to signing a telework agreement. The agreement is required by law before you can telework and that includes teleworking in emergencies.

The first course provides you general information about telework. The course is titled Telework 101 for Employees. The second course is the annual mandatory privacy and security training (this training is required of all employees, whether or not they telework and is called Federal Information System Security Awareness Training Course (FISSA) both courses are offered through DOI Learn referenced below.

Supervisors are required to complete two courses: Telework 101 for Managers and the annual Privacy and FISSA training. It is highly recommended for supervisors to also take Telework 101 for Employees.


DOI LearnDOI Learn

DOI Learn is the department-wide training registration system. OCIO employees and contractors should use DOI Learn to register and access training. All mandatory training is accessible through DOI Learn, as well as other courses such as those offered DOI-wide or offered by other bureaus and offices.

It can take several weeks for new federal employees’ information to appear in DOI Learn. Therefore, new employees should not use the "Request a New Account" link on the login screen to request an account. New employees will receive an email with login instructions from the system when your account has been created.

Once an employee logs into DOI Learn, he/she will be required to update their profile information. Instructions are available at

DOI UniversityDOI University (DOIU)

The DOI University (DOIU) ) has extensive experience delivering wide variety of competency-based training opportunities for DOI and other federal employees. DOIU offers courses and certificate programs to target knowledge sets and develop competencies. They also have the capability to deliver training at the client’s site to maximize training budgets and minimize travel costs. Their staff of training professionals supports all facets of the coordination and delivery to ensure a meaningful learning experience. DOIU works with you to develop online training to produce multimedia training events at their studio in Albuquerque, NM. DOIU is located in Albuquerque, NM, Denver, CO and Washington, DC.