Forms Due Before Your First Day Of Work

The forms listed below must be completed before you report to work. You will receive a welcome email from OCIO HCO with instructions on how to submit the required forms.

Purpose: To obtain access to the DOI network. As a Department of the Interior (DOI) computer network user, you must understand and agree to these rules of behavior prior to being granted access to the DOI computer network, whichHand writing on paper. will provide you internet and intranet connectivity, electronic mail, network file storage and network printing capabilities.
Instructions: 1) Read and complete the form.             2) Print and sign the form. 3) Return the completed form to the OCIO HCO as soon as possible (prior to the first day).

Purpose: To verify an employee's identity before performing account support.
Instructions: 1) Fill out and sign the form. 2) Send the form to the HCO prior to your first day of work. 


Forms Due On The Day You Report To Work

Please be sure you bring the following forms completed on your first day of work:

Purpose: This self-certification checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of the alternative workplace of all telework employees.  Each employee with an approved telework agreement is required to read and complete this checklist. 
Instructions: The checklist should be signed and dated by the participating employee and returned to his/her immediate supervisor. Both the supervisor and employee should retain a copy of this certification for their records.

  • Telework Agreement

Purpose: Telework gives employees more flexibility in meeting personal and professional responsibilities; it can offer freedom from office distractions, reduced work/life stress, and an alternative worksite setup that can be used in case of emergency.(Please copy  using Internet Explorer or Adobe Reader to open the telework agreement. It will not open with most browsers, nor with most PDF readers.)

Purpose: This form provides employees with access to the DOI’s eTravel system (ConcurGov) as a traveler and/or travel arranger (for administrative positions) and/or travel authorizer (for supervisors). Your position will dictate which type of access you will need.
Instructions: Read, complete and sign the form. Detailed instructions on how to complete this form can be found at the bottom of the form. Note: This form must be signed by your supervisor.

Purpose: This form is required in order to establish your work schedule with your supervisor.
Instructions: Review each of the work schedules and select the work schedule that meets your needs. Discuss the selected work schedule with your supervisor and ensure that your supervisor signs the form.