Inauguration Open House

Policy Management and Budget
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We're doing an open house to welcome folks for the inauguration. Like the other agencies that are here, we're providing them with general information on what we do.

For them to stop by it's a great opportunity for them to learn about all the different functions and roles we provide for protecting our nations resources.

We manage a lot of things that are really important to the nation such as national parks and things like that, but people don't realize that it's the department of interior that does that.

We are giving murals tours to all the members of the public who want to join in for the open house.

The main Interior building is pretty much a museum to New Deal era art. So this is a great opportunity for us to let members of the public come in and see all the wonderful art work we have here in our hallways.

In the 1920's the Department of the Interior became know as the Department of Everything Else. In other words the one thing that wouldn't fit in government they sort of fit into interior. Which means now regulating our land, our water, our resource development, such as mining, oil and gas and those types of things.

The mission has grown exponentially through out many, many years to encompass environmental protection to regulation of a wide variety of industries. It's had to describe in 30 seconds or less what Interior does unless you touch all those bases.

We're all land management agencies and we're here to protect in a lot of cases those resources for future generations.

Last edited 4/26/2016