Historic Water Compact Signed

Office of the Secretary
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This historic day is one which we are fortunate to be celebrating here together, as a family committed to this cause. President Obama is proud to be a party to the Crow-Montana Compact, which we will be signing in a few minutes.

Signing the Compact today demonstrates the administration's continued leadership in resolving Indian water rights and providing settlements that truly benefit Indian tribes.

Water is life among our people. This Compact insures that Crow people will have water and the necessary infrastructure for generations to come.

There's a cadence in Indian country and often times on a very special day, like today, people will look at each other and nod, and just say, "It's a good day!" This is a good day.


Today is a day that the federal government now says, "We will continue to take care of the Crow people. We will respect their water rights and we will invest in water and water infrastructure for the Crow people for generations to come."

It's wonderful to be able to say that the Crow Tribe has a water right and it is protected and that we will be able to put it to use through the settlement. Being able to have the funds to do really great things for our people and to build a better future for the Crow reservation and the Crow Nation.

We pray that we are able to preserve our way of life, our culture and perpetuate our very existence in the way of preservation. Water is a key element in survival. Reserving this water right and reclaiming what is rightfully ours as a Crow people is very significant.

To me, to be part of such an historic event and to see a culmination of all the hard work of all of the people is a real honor.

This is very much a part of President Obama's agenda. It is a priority to make sure that we honor our relationship with the first Americans of this country. We've made huge strides in the last three and a half years, and today is one of those milestones that I will be forever proud of.

Last edited 4/26/2016