Stewards of the Land - Suppliers of Energy

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Secretary Ken Salazar: And we have begun a new chapter in American History at the Department of the Interior because, as the stewards of America's natural resources we also are the suppliers of energy to America. We produce about 30% of the natural gas and 30% of the oil and about 40% of the coal for America. But the new chapter and the new frontier that we opened up very quickly in the first nine months has been renewable energy. And so we are harnessing the power of the sun, expect to have about 4,500 megawatts of power that we will have permitted by the end of next year. We are moving fast forward with wind energy both on shore and in the Atlantic and we're moving with geothermal and biomass energy law. So the renewable energy revolution is something that we are helping to ignite within our existing authorities at the Department of Interior.

Last edited 4/25/2016