Secretary Reflects on Passing of FWS Director Sam Hamilton

Office of the Secretary
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The Department of the Interior and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service have suffered a very big loss with the loss of Sam Hamilton.

Sam Hamilton was a friend of mine. He was a visionary.

He was someone who dedicated his life to conservation for more than 30 years.

To this day I do not know whether Sam was a Democrat a Republican or Independent.

All I knew about Sam is that for 30 years, starting at the age of 15 with the Y.C.C., he had been in love with the wildlife, the water and the great outdoors of America.

I very much enjoyed my time with Sam and his dream is one that we will continue to move forward with.

So even in this time of pain for me and for all of us, the Interior family and the Fish and Wildlife Service family, I can only think that for Sam, the greatest tribute that we can give him is to continue his work.

Because if we continue his work, it means that his cause for conservation will endure and his dreams will become even more of a reality under our watch and our work.

So thank you all for supporting each other.

Thank you for being a part of this great Interior team.

Thank you for being the custodians of our water and our wildlife and all of our natural resources

And take care of yourselves

Thank you

Last edited 4/25/2016