Mural Restoration at the Department of the Interior

Office of the Secretary
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That blank space is before it's restored?

Yeah, in the late 50's somebody came in and scraped a lot of the old paint off. Because it had been cracked.There is, there is damage beneath that we are going to have to very, very objectively inpaint,but you can see up there where Tamara is working, there is no damage there.

Yeah, this area is still intact, and look at this shoe compared to their versionif you look at that painting, that painting was done by the same artist as this artist. That was not over painted, this was. Big difference.

Typically, when somebody comes in to fix a mural in the past they were maintenance people. They were restorers who were more interested in just covering up and making it more unified rather than really capturing what the artist originally intended.

I mean this face is just horrible. Once we get the over paint off we'll recognize there's large areas of loss, but what our inpainting will do will be to more carefully and objectively match what's left of the original artist rather than trying to paint the whole thing.

I think that's where the mistake is.

There is a little bit of suggestion of grass in here but it was just easier to recreate everything so all of this, all of this was recreated based on subtle suggestions of what's beneath. Tamara look at the shoe, look at the way the shoe is done here.

This shoe to that shoe. This is how they repainted it and this has subtle things.Something else to mention, this is the original painting but we have taken the varnish off, that's why it's looks so matte and dull but when we revarnish it will get saturated so it will look this looks bright and shiny and the colors are saturated. This looks muted.

Do you have any --inaudible--

When this gets saturated you'll get a sense of what it will look like. So when it is varnished, you see the colors will come out, like that, but they are remarkably different than what's over the top.

What's over the top is much more of a shellac. It's not really a varnish. It's more of a cleaner you would put on your floors to finish your floors up.

Last edited 4/25/2016