Interior Streamlines IT Organization and Infrastructure

Office of the Secretary
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Tim Fullerton, Director of New Media:

I'm here in Interior's Operations Center where I'm standing next to several of the literally thousands of servers that the department has all across the country.

And the reason I'm here is that this week we announced a new five year project to modernize and consolidate our information technology systems.

That will literally save the U.S. taxpayers an estimated 500 million dollars over the next five years.

Andrew Jackson, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Information, Technology, Business Services:

How we plan to achieve savings is that we're going to be consolidating our infrastructure and reducing the number of data centers and servers that we have in the department.

A really great opportunity for us to improve the way in which we deliver services, the way we provide tools to our employees in the field, and also deliver a huge savings to the department and the American taxpayers.

So not only are we consolidating data centers and servers, but I understand we're also moving to a new email system.

What's really exciting about the email system is not only is it the first time we've had one system for the whole department, replacing what is now 13 separate email systems, but we'll be going to a new cloud based email system that allows us to drive significant savings,

while improving safety, reliability and performance for employees
and providing a lot of new great features to allow for cross-department communication.

Last edited 4/25/2016