Ask Interior Episode 2, Send Us Your Questions

Office of the Secretary
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Hey everyone, Tim Fullerton here I'm the Director of New Media

at the U.S. Department of the Interior and we wanted to thank you

for watching our pilot episode of our ASK INTERIOR video series

And now we're ready to do the next one.

In this episode we're going to be asking you to submit questions on what Interior does.

Whether it's our work in National Parks, whether it's our work to develop off-shore wind capacity,

or our work with the Bureau of Land Management, any of those questions are great.

And in this episode, Secretary Ken Salazar will be answering your questions

and it's really easy to submit them and here is a list of

the social media sites that you can connect with us and send in your questions.

You can submit them via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or even email them to us.

Thanks for watching and we look forward to seeing your questions.

Last edited 4/25/2016