ARRA Projects at Patuxent National Wildlife Research Refuge Further Science/Create Jobs

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Greg Smith, USGS

Well, the demolition of the Lucille Stickel laboratory here at the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center really paves the way for the design of a brand new wildlife science laboratory that is desperately needed to move our science in new directions and provide capabilities to understand the impacts of climate change, renewable energy development, and landscape change on wildlife populations.

Robert Quinn: Contractor

Well, I've been working for these guys for five years, and the past year, two years or so, business has gotten a little bit slow. And I think as of right now, there have been four, and by the time it's over, it's going to be five subcontractors out here. Definitely keeping people employed because of it.

Frank Gant: Architect

We're a ten man firm. We've hired one additional person at the moment. Our consultant base normally is structural mechanical engineers, structural engineers. In this case, we needed a civil, we needed a sustainable green, LEED-certified provider. So our total base increased by fifty percent, I would say, in number of people. It's a great boost for a small, architectural firm.

Brad Knudsen: Fish and Wildlife Service

The building that is being removed behind me will become the new home for a single building that will replace up to five buildings currently being used by the Division of Migratory Bird Management. They are scattered, they're not under one roof, so this will allow a new building to be constructed that will allow for more efficient operations on their part. We can retire septic systems, we can retire blacktop roads that go to a dead end, and ultimately that area that houses those various buildings now can be returned to habitat, which is really what a national wildlife refuge really is all about.

Last edited 4/25/2016