Purpose of the Federal NGS Working Group

The Secretaries of the U.S. Department of the Interior and Department of Energy and the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency formed the federal NGS working group, identified in a joint statement signed in January 2013.

The goals of the three-agency statement are:

“…to work together to support Arizona and tribal stakeholders' interests in aligning energy infrastructure investments made by the federal and private owners of the NGS (such as upgrades that may be need for NGS to comply with Clean Air Act emission requirements) with long term goals of producing clean, affordable and reliable power, affordable and sustainable water supplies, and sustainable economic development, while minimizing negative impacts on those who currently obtain significant benefits from NGS, including tribal nations. These goals will inform federal decisions moving forward…”

The federal NGS working group established under the joint statement will help collect sound, scientifically based information on issues relating to the NGS for the federal government, and help the three agencies work with stakeholders to develop a roadmap for the long-term future of NGS.