Interagency Federal Collections Alliance

The Interagency Federal Collections Alliance (IFCA) was formed in 1992 as the Interagency Federal Collections Working Group to conduct a national survey of all institutions that might hold Federal museum collections. The IFCA's interest has been in the welfare of collections for which Federal agencies are responsible, whether housed in Federal facilities or in partner institutions [non-Federal entities that hold Federal property]. Federal activities have generated museum collections since this country was founded. Implementation of environmental and cultural protection laws is increasing the quantity of museum collections that are the responsibility of Federal agencies and their partners. The IFCA has not been active since 2003, but its goals and activities are relevant today and deserve to be preserved and made widely available. It is hoped that the IFCA will be reconvened soon.


Mission Statement

The Interagency Federal Collections Alliance is committed to enhancing access and use of Federal museum collections by effectively documenting and managing them.


Vision Statement

The IFCA will assist Federal agencies, partner institutions, and the American public in recognizing museum collections as resources of national importance. It encourages agencies to recognize that their museum property is integral to fulfilling agency missions, and will identify and share best practices for managing Federal museum collections. It actively supports the following goals and objectives to achieve its vision.



1. Improve recognition and support for Federal museum property collections.

A. Promote and increase communication among Federal agencies and all who share its vision.
B. Promote and increase partnerships between Federal agencies and non-Federal repositories that manage Federal museum collections.

2. Encourage use of best practices of the museum profession for managing Federal museum collections.


A. Evaluate existing authorities for managing Federally associated museum property.
B. Increase availability of information on best practices among Federal agencies and between Federal agencies and partner institutions.

3. Comply with laws, regulations and other mandates for managing Federal museum collections.



A. Assist Federal agencies in identifying and managing museum collections for which they may be responsible.
B. Assist partner institutions in effectively managing Federal museum property for which they may share responsibility.



Federally Associated Collections


Millions of artifacts and specimens collected as a result of Federal activities are held in public trust by more than one thousand Federal and non-Federal institutions throughout the United States. The IFCA encourages agencies and partner institutions to create new and revive old partnerships, and to strengthen strategies for managing Federally Associated collections of all kinds.

The IFCA sponsored training conferences to provide a forum to foster communication and cooperation among Federal agencies and non-Federal institutions.


Conference Information

IFCA sponsored conferences on "Partnership Opportunities for Federally Associated Collections":