Emergency Management Plan

The Department of the Interior has a template that can be used to develop an Emergency Management Plan (EMP) for the protection of museum collections. Each section of the template is provided below. First, click on A Guide to Using the DOI EMP Template to learn how to best use the template.

Emergency Management Plan front matter
EMP Cover and Approval pages
EMP Table of Contents
EMP Introduction
EMP Introduction Plan Locations

Section 1. Emergency Resources List
Emergency Call Lists for Agencies, Unit Personnel, Other Museums/Mutual Aid, Conservators, and Contractors

Section 2. Floor Plans
Visitor Center Evacuation Routes
Visitor Center First Aid locations
Visitor Center priority collections locations
Visitor Center salvage cache location

Section 3. Fire and Security Panels, Utility Panels, and Mechanical Equipment and Utility Shutoffs
Visitor Center fire and security panel locations
Visitor Center utility shut-off locations

Sec. 4 Emergency Response Team

Sec. 5 Emergency Procedures
DHS Bomb Threat Sheet

Sec. 6 Emergency Supply Cache
Supply Cache List

Sec. 7 Museum Collection Emergency Procedures

Sec. 8 Museum Collection Priority Lists
Museum Collection Priority List

Sec. 9 Disaster Recovery Form
Disaster Recovery Object Form

Sec. 10 Post-Emergency Critique
Post-Emergency Critique

Sec. 11 Emergency Training
Emergency Training

Appendix 1 - Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Periodic Checklist

Appendix 2 - DOI Risks to Museum Collections - A Tool for Self-assessment

Appendix 3 - Reference Materials - Museum Collections Salvage Procedures and Resources
Salvage References title page

NEDCC Salvage Moldy Books and Paper
Salvage at a Glance

Appendix 4 - Reference Materials and References for Emergency Training and Evaluation
Library of Congress Training Scenarios I
Library of Congress Training
Scenario II