The Interior Museum Program works to offer several training opportunities each year. The primary classroom training is "Managing Museum Property" focusing on the care, accountability, and use of museum collections. "Curating Natural History Collections" focuses on the duties required to care and account for natural history collections in the fields of paleontology, biology, geology, and other fields. Other courses are offered periodically based on requests for specific topics from DOI bureaus. Course instructors are subject matter experts drawn from the ranks of DOI museum professionals as well as from the private sector. The classroom course currently being arranged is:

Curating Natural History Collections Course

sponsored by the

Interior Museum Program

in partnership with the

Park Museum Management Program, National Park Service

Date: Not yet scheduled

Description: This five-day course provides training in the fundamentals of managing natural history collections and will focus on issues specific to different types of natural history collections, and federal policies related to the care of museum collections.

General topics include:

  • How museums and collections support bureau missions
  • Managing archival collections related to natural history collections
  • Integrated Pest Management

Natural History specific topics include:

  • History of the preparation and care of natural history specimens
  • Preparation, care, and preservation of wet specimens
  • Basic Taxonomy and using the natural history portion of ICMS
  • Wildlife laws and mandates as they relate to museum collections
  • Caring for Vertebrate, Insect, Plant, Paleontology, and Geology specimens.


Curators, Museum Specialists, Property Managers, Natural History Specialists, & other resource specialists (i.e., Archeologists) with museum responsibilities that include natural history collections, both within federal agencies and at partner repositories.

Course length: 35 hours

Class size: Maximum of 25 participants

Funding: There is no tuition. Benefitting account pays travel and per diem.

Contacts: Steven Floray,

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