This list represents only a selection of women's biographies and recent books on women's lives and history, available at the Interior Library. Within each section, books are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.


Indian Women

E78 .G73 H53 1983
The Hidden half: studies of Plains Indian women
Albers, Patricia

E99 .N3 B452 1995
Beyond the four corners of the world: a Navajo woman's journey
Benedek, Emily

E99 .M2 B37 2003
Circle of goods: women, work, and welfare in a reservation community
Berman, Tressa Lynn

E99 .E7 B55 2007
Inuit women: their powerful spirit in a century of change
Billson, Janet Mancini

E99 .P2 M383 2003
Viola Martinez, California Paiute: living in two worlds
Bahr, Diana Meyers, 1930-

E98 .W8 B37 1984
American Indian women, telling their lives
Bataille, Gretchen M., 1944-

E99 .P2 H722 1983
Sarah Winnemucca of the Northern Paiutes
Canfield, Gae Whitney, 1931-

F592.7 .S123 C55
Sacagawea of the Lewis and Clark Expedition
Clark, Ella Elizabeth, 1896-

E78 .C2 C22 NO.57
Athapaskan women: lives and legends
Cruikshank, Julie

E78 .C2 C22 NO.87
The stolen women: female journeys in Tagish and Tutchone
Cruikshank, Julie

E99 .N3 W74
Women versus men: a conflict of Navajo emergence
Curly, Tó Aheedlíinii

E99 .N3 D425 2009
Reflections in place: connected lives of Navajo women
Deyhle, Donna

E99 .K84 F37 2002
Northern Athabascan survival: women, community, and the future
Fast, Phyllis Ann, 1946-

E98 .W8 S66 2005
The spirit of Indian women
Fitzgerald, Judith, 1951-

E99 .D2 F87 2009
A nation of women: gender and colonial encounters among the Delaware Indians
Fur, Gunlög Maria

E99 .C92 H64 2012
The woman who loved mankind: the life of a twentieth-century Crow elder / Lillian Bullshows Hogan, as told to Barbara Loeb & Mardell Hogan Plainfeather
Hogan, Lillian Bullshows, 1904-2003

F592.7 .S123 S35 2001
Sacagawea speaks: beyond the shining mountains with Lewis and Clark
Hunsaker, Joyce Badgley

E98 .W8 J36 2007
Beloved women: the political lives of Ladonna Harris and Wilma Mankiller
Janda, Sarah Eppler

E99 .C5 J615 2003
Cherokee women in crisis: Trail of Tears, Civil War, and allotment, 1838-1907
Johnston, Carolyn, 1948-

E98 .W8 I2 1977
I am the fire of time: the voices of native American women
Katz, Jane B.

E99 .Y3 K44
Yaqui women: contemporary life histories
Kelley, Jane Holden, 1928-

E98 .W8 K446 2009
Keeping the campfires going: native women's activism in urban communities
Krouse, Susan Applegate, 1955-2010

E99 .C92 P745 2003
Pretty-shield: medicine woman of the Crows
Linderman, Frank Bird, 1869-1938

E99 .C5 M335 1994
Mankiller: a chief and her people
Mankiller, Wilma Pearl, 1945-2010

E98 .W8 D38 2006
Daughters of mother earth: the wisdom of Native American women
Mann, Barbara Alice, 1947-

E98 .W8 D38 2008
Make a beautiful way: the wisdom of Native American women
Mann, Barbara Alice, 1947-

E99 .P25 M32 2001
Desert Indian woman: stories and dreams
Manuel, Frances Sallie, 1912-

E99 .C53 M37 1977
Dance around the sun: the life of Mary Little Bear Inkanish, Cheyenne
Marriott, Alice Lee, 1910-1992

E99 .M7 M4 1980
Wi-ne-ma (the woman-chief.)
Meacham, A. B. (Alfred Benjamin), 1826-1882

E98 .W8 M54 2003
Indigenous American women: decolonization, empowerment, activism
Mihesuah, Devon A. (Devon Abbott), 1957-

GN2 .U5 1918/1919
The autobiography of a Fox Indian woman
Michelson, Truman, 1879-1938

E99 .C155 M62
Not for innocent ears: spiritual traditions of a desert Cahuilla medicine woman
Modesto, Ruby

E99 .P2 H725 1980
Chief Sarah: Sarah Winnemucca's fight for Indian rights
Morrison, Dorothy N.

E99 .P85 P575 1976
Pocahontas: the life and the legend
Mossiker, Frances

E99 .S21 M68 1994
Mourning Dove: a Salishan autobiography
Mourning Dove, 1888-1936

E98 .W8 N53
Daughters of the earth: the lives and legends of American Indian women
Niethammer, Carolyn J.

E99 .N3 W385 2001
I'll go and do more: Annie Dodge Wauneka, Navajo leader and activist
Niethammer, Carolyn J.

E90 .N76 A35
Spirit woman: the diaries and paintings of Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw Nuñez
Nuñez, Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw, 1888-1972

E78 .O6 O725 2005
Standing tall: the lifeway of Kathryn Jones Harrison, chair of the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community
Olson, Kristine

GV886 .P43 2008
Full-court quest: the girls from Fort Shaw Indian School, basketball champions of the world
Peavy, Linda S.

R692 .P47 1989
Medicine women, curanderas, and women doctors
Perrone, Bobette, 1927-

E99 .C8 P48 2005
Choctaw women in a chaotic world: the clash of cultures in the colonial Southeast
Pesantubbee, Michelene E., 1953-

E99 .M2 P47 2000
Women of the earth lodges: tribal life on the plains
Peters, Virginia Bergman, 1918-

E99 .T35 P64 2004
My life in San Juan Pueblo: stories of Esther Martinez
P'oe Ts¸aw¸a

E99 .T34 R339 2002
Turtle Lung Woman's granddaughter
Red Shirt, Delphine, 1957-

E99 .C92 S656 2000
Grandmother's grandchild: my Crow Indian life
Snell, Alma Hogan

E75 .B32 NO.17
A voice in her tribe: a Navajo woman's own story
Stewart, Irene, 1907-

E99 .A6 S76 1991
Women of the Apache nation: voices of truth
Stockel, H. Henrietta, 1938-

E99 .C9 S86 2010
Muscogee daughter: my sojourn to the Miss America Pageant
Supernaw, Susan, 1950-

E99 .A7 G647 2004
Tell me, grandmother: traditions, stories, and cultures of Arapaho people
Sutter, Virginia J.

E99 .C9 M877
Mary Musgrove, Georgia Indian princess
Todd, Helen, 1908-

E98 .W8 W57 2009
Wise women: from Pocahontas to Sarah Winnemucca, remarkable stories of Native American trailblazers
Turner, Erin H., 1973-

E99 .C92 D448 1995
They call me Agnes: a Crow narrative based on the life of Agnes Yellowtail Deernose
Voget, Fred W.

E99 .K84 W34 2002
Raising ourselves: a Gwich'in coming of age story from the Yukon River
Wallis, Velma

E99 .A6 W369 2004
Don't let the sun step over you: a White Mountain Apache family life (1860--1975)
Watt, Eva Tulene, 1913-

E99 .T34 Y448 2004
The real Rosebud: the triumph of a Lakota woman
Weinberg, Marjorie, 1934-

E90 .P6 W6
Woodward, Grace Steele

E99 .Y25 Z57 1976
American Indian stories
Zitkala-Sa, 1876-1938

Pioneer Women

HQ1172 .A27 2006
Jewish women pioneering the frontier trail: a history in the American West
Abrams, Jeanne E., 1951-

F868 .S6 A7 1980
In the land of the grasshopper song: two women in the Klamath River Indian country in 1908-09
Arnold, Mary Ellicott

F597 .B9725 2004
The sum of our past: revisiting pioneer women
Busk, Judy, 1940-

F801 .F56 2005
Women of the New Mexico frontier, 1846-1912
Foote, Cheryl J., 1947-

E99 .N5 G39 1981
With the Nez Perces: Alice Fletcher in the field, 1889-92
Gay, E. Jane, 1830-1919.

F826 .H14 2004
Recollections of a handcart pioneer of 1860: a woman's life on the Mormon frontier
Hafen, Mary Ann, 1854-

F912 .M2 H35 2007
Searching for Fannie Quigley: a wilderness life in the shadow of Mount McKinley
Haigh, Jane G.

HQ1438 .W45 J43 1979
Frontier women: the Trans-Mississippi West, 1840-1880
Jeffrey, Julie Roy

F656 .K65 1986
Land of the burnt thigh
Kohl, Edith Eudora, b. 1884

CT275 .M4385 A3 2010
Bound like grass: a memoir from the western high plains
McLaughlin, Ruth, 1947-

E99 .A6 O185 2009
The blue tattoo: the life of Olive Oatman
Mifflin, Margot, 1960-

E99 .N5 M63
Out of the blanket: the story of Sue and Kate McBeth, missionaries to the Nez Perces
Morrill, Allen Conrad

F804 .P54 M94 2001
Pie Town woman: the hard life and good times of a New Mexico homesteader
Myers, Joan, 1944-

F593 .H6
Ho for California!: women's overland diaries from the Huntington Library
Myres, Sandra L.

Q1410 .M96 1982
Westering women and the frontier experience, 1800-1915
Myres, Sandra L.

F786 .P8 P63 1981
Buckboard days
Poe, Sophie A. (Sophie Alberding), 1862-

F596 .R56 1984
Women and Indians on the frontier, 1825-1915
Riley, Glenda, 1938-

F593 .W65 1982
Women's diaries of the westward journey
Schlissel, Lillian

HQ1438 .K2 S77
Pioneer women: voices from the Kansas frontier
Stratton, Joanna L.

E185.925 .A45 2003
African American women confront the West: 1600-2000
Taylor, Quintard

Creative Women

PS3501 .U8 A6 200
Essential Mary Austin: a selection of Mary Austin's best writing
Austin, Mary, 1868-1934

NA737 .C64 B47 2002
Mary Colter, architect of the Southwest
Berke, Arnold

N6537 .N68 B87 1983
Elizabeth Nourse, 1859-1938: a salon career
Burke, Mary Alice Heekin

NA737 .R53 C2 1998
Theodate Pope Riddle: a pioneer woman architect
Callahan, Tara

PS2506 .C48
The woman and the myth: Margaret Fuller's life and writings
Chevigny, Bell Gale

E99 .P9 G373 2003
Tammy Garcia: form without boundaries
Garcia, Tammy

E175.5 .D43 L43 2000
Angie Debo: pioneering historian
Leckie, Shirley A., 1937-

TL540 .L49 A26
Bring me a unicorn; diaries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1922-1928
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001

TL540 .L49 A4 1973
Hour of gold, hour of lead; diaries and letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, 1929-1932
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow, 1906-2001

E78 .O45 L68 2005
Hidden treasures of the American West: Muriel H. Wright, Angie Debo, and Alice Marriott
Loughlin, Patricia, 1971-

E98 .P8 M28
María, the potter of San Ildefonso
Marriott, Alice Lee, 1910-1992

E99 .S213 M377
The living tradition of Maria Martinez
Peterson, Susan, 1925-

E99 .A16 L496 1984
Lucy M. Lewis, American Indian potter
Peterson, Susan, 1925-

N8354 .W657 2003
Women artists of the American West
Ressler, Susan R.

TR140 .W74 S34 2006
A Danish photographer of Idaho Indians: Benedicte Wrensted
Scherer, Joanna Cohan

E99 .S213 M3785
Spivey, Richard L.

Scientists and Conservationists

Z8150.18 .B6
A bio-bibliography of Rachel Carson, 1907-1964
Blackmon, Leldon Ray

QH31 .C33 B7 1998
Rachel Carson: the writer at work
Brooks, Paul, 1909-

QH31 .B95 A3 2013
Dirt work: an education in the woods
Byl, Christine, 1973-

QH31 .C33 A4 1995
Always, Rachel: the letters of Rachel Carson and Dorothy Freeman, 1952-1964
Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964

QH81 .C3546 1998
Lost woods: the discovered writing of Rachel Carson
Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964

QH31 .R5 C55
Ellen Swallow: the woman who founded ecology
Clarke, Robert, 1931-

QH1 .B935 V.17 NO.2
Mrs. Elizabeth Gray (1831-1924): a passion for fossils
Cleevely, R. J.

QH31 .D645 D38 2009
An Everglades providence: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and the American environmental century
Davis, Jack E., 1956-

QH31 .C33 L43 1998
Rachel Carson: witness for nature
Lear, Linda J., 1940-

QH31 .C33 L98 2007
The gentle subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent spring, and the rise of the environmental movement
Lytle, Mark H.

QH545 .P4 C684 2007
Courage for the Earth: writers, scientists, and activists celebrate the life and writing of Rachel Carson
Matthiessen, Peter

Q130 .M47 1979
The death of nature: women, ecology, and the scientific revolution
Merchant, Carolyn

E78 .S7 M76 1978
Digging in the Southwest
Morris, Ann Axtell, 1900-1945

SB481.6 .M84 M8 2004
Park ranger: true stories from a ranger's career in America's national parks
Muleady-Mecham, Nancy Eileen

SB481.6 .M85 A3 2008
Park ranger sequel: more true stories from a ranger's career in America's national parks
Muleady-Mecham, Nancy Eileen

QH31 .C33 Q37 2004
Rachel Carson: a biography
Quaratiello, Arlene Rodda

QH76 .S365 2005
Nature's altars: mountains, gender, and American environmentalism
Schrepfer, Susan R.

HV8079 .W58 S347 2006
A hunt for justice: the true story of a woman undercover wildlife agent
Schroeder, Lucinda Delaney

QH31 .C33 R33 2008
Rachel Carson: legacy and challenge
Sideris, Lisa H.

QH31 .C33 S68 2012
On a farther shore: the life and legacy of Rachel Carson
Souder, William, 1949-

QH91 .C3 S74
Sea and earth; the life of Rachel Carson
Sterling, Philip, 1907-1989

QH31 .E17 F87 2009
Rosalie Edge, hawk of mercy: the activist who saved nature from the conservationists
Zaslowsky, Dyan


E628 .B47 2009
Civil War wives: the lives and times of Angelina Grimké Weld, Varina Howell Davis, and Julia Dent Grant
Berkin, Carol

E449 .G88 1885
Sarah and Angeline Grimké: the first American women advocates of abolition and woman's rights
Birney, Catherine H.

HQ1413 .B6 B6 1975
Life and writings of Amelia Bloomer
Bloomer, Dexter C., 1820-1900

JK1030 .A2 C5
A minority of members: women in the U.S. Congress
Chamberlin, Hope

HQ1420 .F7
The feminine mystique
Friedan, Betty

PS2108 .A44 1998
The Indian reform letters of Helen Hunt Jackson, 1879-1885
Jackson, Helen Hunt, 1830-1885

JK1030 .R3 J67
Jeannette Rankin, first lady in Congress: a biography
Josephson, Hannah

E449 .G89 1970
The Grimké sisters from South Carolina; pioneers for woman's rights and abolition
Lerner, Gerda, 1920-

HD8073 .P38 M37
Madam Secretary, Frances Perkins
Martin, George Whitney

HV28 .A35 M45
Jane Addams, pioneer for social justice; a biography
Meigs, Cornelia, 1884-1973

HD8073 .P38 M63
Frances Perkins, that woman in FDR's cabinet!
Mohr, Lillian Holmen, 1926-

HV569 .B3 O3 1995
A woman of valor: Clara Barton and the Civil War
Oates, Stephen B.

E185.97 .B34 S54 2003
Mary McLeod Bethune and the National Council of Negro Women: pursuing a true and unfettered democracy: historic resource study
Smith, Elaine M., 1942-

First Ladies

E837 .B7
Mamie Doud Eisenhower; a portrait of a First Lady
Brandon, Dorothy Barrett, 1899-

E457.25 .C7
The trial of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln
Croy, Homer, 1883-1965

E176.1 .D56 2001
The presidents, first ladies, and vice presidents: White House biographies, 1789-2001
Diller, Daniel C., 1959-

E176.2 .A44 1996
American first ladies: their lives and their legacy
Gould, Lewis L.

E848 .J64 G68 1988
Lady Bird Johnson and the environment
Gould, Lewis L.

E767.3 .W57
Edith Bolling Wilson, First Lady extraordinary
Hatch, Alden, 1898-1975

E837 .E4 H3
Red carpet for Mamie
Hatch, Alden, 1898-1975

E848 .J64 H57 2006
A biography of Lady Bird Johnson: legacy of beauty
Houk, Rose, 1950-

E176.2 .K48 1981
The First Ladies
Klapthor, Margaret Brown

E767.3 .M55 2010
Ellen and Edith: Woodrow Wilson's first ladies
Miller, Kristie, 1944-

E807.1 .R48 R654 2002
Grandmère: a personal history of Eleanor Roosevelt
Roosevelt, David B., 1942-

E807.1 .R35
The autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962

E807 .R63
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Hyde Park: personal recollections of Eleanor Roosevelt
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962

E807.1 .R428 1975
This I remember
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962

E807.1 .R48 A4 2009
A volume of friendship: the letters of Eleanor Roosevelt and Isabella Greenway, 1904-1953
Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1884-1962

E792.1 .C6 R6
Grace Coolidge and her era; the story of a President's wife
Ross, Ishbel, 1897-

E814.1 .T68 S25 2010
Bess Wallace Truman: Harry's White House "boss"
Sale, Sara L.

E786.2 .H37 S53 2009
First Lady Florence Harding: behind the tragedy and controversy
Sibley, Katherine A. S. (Katherine Amelia Siobhan), 1961-

Women in History

E276 .B66
The women of '76
Booth, Sally Smith

HV5229 .B67
Woman and temperance: the quest for power and liberty, 1873-1900
Bordin, Ruth Birgitta Anderson, 1917-

F234 .G816 B733
Lucy Breckinridge of Grove Hill: the journal of a Virginia girl, 1862-1864
Breckinridge, Lucy Gilmer, 1843-1865

HD6095 .B74 1976
Women in the American economy: a documentary history, 1675 to 1929
Brownlee, W. Elliot, 1941-

E608 .G83 B8
Confederate spy: Rose O'Neale Greenhow
Burger, Nash K. (Nash Kerr)

F594 .C3 1983
Absaraka, home of the Crows: being the experience of an officer's wife on the Plains
Carrington, Margaret Irvin, 1831-1870

E487 .C5
Mary Chesnut's Civil War
Chesnut, Mary Boykin Miller, 1823-1886

E487 .C525 1984
The private Mary Chesnut: the unpublished Civil War diaries
Chesnut, Mary Boykin Miller, 1823-1886

E178 .D39 2008
America's hidden history: untold tales of the first Pilgrims, fighting women, and forgotten founders who shaped a nation
Davis, Kenneth C.

E415.9 .F8 D46 2009
Passion and principle: John and Jessie Frémont, the couple whose power, politics, and love shaped nineteenth-century America
Denton, Sally

HQ1410 .R47 2003
Restoring women's history through historic preservation
Dubrow, Gail Lee

HQ1031 .E54 2006
Taking assimilation to heart: marriages of white women and indigenous men in the United States and Australia, 1887-1937
Ellinghaus, Katherine

F99 .C7 NO.15
Connecticut women in the Revolutionary era
Fennelly, Catherine, 1918-

HQ1421 .G53 2010
Freedom for women: forging the Women's Liberation Movement, 1953-1970
Giardina, Carol

HQ1412 .G85
The ladies of Seneca Falls; the birth of the woman's rights movement
Gurko, Miriam

HQ1410 .H37
Beyond her sphere: women and the professions in American history
Harris, Barbara J. (Barbara Jean), 1942-

Z7164 .U5 A47 2001
American women: a Library of Congress guide for the study of women's history and culture in the United States
Harvey, Sheridan, 1945-

E185.86 .B542 1993
Black women in America: an historical encyclopedia
Hine, Darlene Clark.

HQ1420 .H66 1984
Creating Rosie the Riveter: class, gender, and propaganda during World War II
Honey, Maureen, 1945-

HQ1438 .W45 W66 2004
Women and gender in the American West
Irwin, Mary Ann, 1955-

E98 .C89 J33 2009
White mother to a dark race: settler colonialism, maternalism, and the removal of indigenous children in the American West and Australia, 1880-1940
Jacobs, Margaret D., 1963-

SB481.5 .K38 2006
National parks and the woman's voice: a history
Kaufman, Polly Welts, 1929-

E78 .C15 M37 2012
Divinely guided: the California work of the Women's National Indian Association
Mathes, Valerie Sherer, 1941-

HD6079.2 .U5 O85
Workers and allies: female participation in the American Trade Union Movement, 1824-1976: exhibition organized by Judith O'Sullivan: catalog
O'Sullivan, Judith

HQ1426 .P34
Women together: a history in documents of the women's movement in the United States
Papachristou, Judith

E807 .P43 2008
Franklin and Lucy: President Roosevelt, Mrs. Rutherfurd, and the other remarkable women in his life
Persico, Joseph E.

F234 .J3 P68 2003
Love and hate in Jamestown: John Smith, Pocahontas, and the heart of a new nation
Price, David A. (David Andrew), 1961-

E176 .R63 2004
Founding mothers: the women who raised our nation
Roberts, Cokie

E176 .R65 2008
Ladies of liberty: the women who shaped our nation
Roberts, Cokie

E98 .M6 E84 2008
Ethnographies and exchanges: Native Americans, Moravians, and Catholics in early North America
Roeber, A. G. (Anthony Gregg), 1949-

E98 .C89 S46 2001
Voices of American Indian assimilation and resistance: Helen Hunt Jackson, Sarah Winnemucca, and Victoria Howard
Senier, Siobhan, 1965-

HQ1075.5 .U6 S565 2008
Gender and the sectional conflict
Silber, Nina

NX180 .S6 S572 2006
Making home work: domesticity and Native American assimilation in the American West, 1860-1919
Simonsen, Jane E.

E83.866 .S65 2008
Give me eighty men: women and the myth of the Fetterman Fight
Smith, Shannon D., 1958-

CT3260 .S73
We the women; career firsts of nineteenth-century America
Stern, Madeleine B., 1912-2007

HQ1421 .W63 2011
Women in America: indicators of social and economic well-being
United States. Economics and Statistics Administration.

HQ1410 .E9 2003
Exploring a common past: researching and interpreting women's history for historic sites
United States. National Park Service. Park History Program

F1060 .V36 1983
Many tender ties: women in fur-trade society, 1670-1870
Van Kirk, Sylvia

E608 .V34 V37 2005
Southern lady, Yankee spy: the true story of Elizabeth Van Lew, a Union agent in the heart of the Confederacy
Varon, Elizabeth R., 1963-

HQ1236 .W37
Beyond suffrage, women in the New Deal
Ware, Susan, 1950-

D639 .W7 W45 2008
Fruits of victory: the Woman's Land Army of America in the Great War
Weiss, Elaine F., 1952-

E467 .W48
Confederate women
Wiley, Bell Irvin, 1906-1980

Exceptional Lives

HQ1439 .P5 B73 2008
Dangerous to know: women, crime, and notoriety in the early republic
Branson, Susan

HQ1412 .C64 1978
Women of crisis: lives of struggle and hope
Coles, Robert

QH81 .D56 1998
Pilgrim at Tinker Creek
Dillard, Annie

F752 .H44 F74 2001
Standing up to the rock
Freeman-Toole, T. Louise, 1957-

SD129 .H53 A3 2000
The legacy of Luna: the story of a tree, a woman, and the struggle to save the redwoods
Hill, Julia Butterfly

F750 .P43 2001
Bitterbrush country: living on the edge of the land
Peavey, Diane Josephy

E748 .L87 L8 1980
Crowded hours
Longworth, Alice Roosevelt, 1884-1980

E748 .L87 A35
Mrs. L.: conversations with Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Longworth, Alice Roosevelt, 1884-1980

F909 .M94 1997
Two in the Far North
Murie, Margaret E.

F767 .T28 H3
Wapiti wilderness
Murie, Margaret E.

E99 .D1 W386 2002
Woman walking ahead: in search of Catherine Weldon and Sitting Bull
Pollack, Eileen, 1956-

D767.99 .S3 S25 1994
Time of agony: the War in the Pacific in Saipan, the personal account of Sister Maria Angelica Salaberria
Salaberria, Maria Angelica

E185.625 .S255 2009
Passing strange: a Gilded Age tale of love and deception across the color line
Sandweiss, Martha A.

78 .C64 S353 2006
Coming to stay: a Columbia River journey
Schlick, Mary Dodds

E757.3 .T44
Alice, the life and times of Alice Roosevelt Longworth
Teichmann, Howard

DD801 .B383 M6938 1996
Lola Montez: the California adventures of Europe's notorious courtesan
Varley, James F., 1930-

SB481.6 .W43 A3 2003
A woman in the great outdoors: adventures in the National Park Service
Webb, Melody, 1946-

E76.45 .W47 A3 1992
Marietta Wetherill: reflections on life with the Navajos in Chaco Canyon
Wetherill, Marietta, 1876-1954