Oil and Gas Development and the Environment

This list represents a selection of books and reports on environmental aspects of oil and gas development, available at the Interior Library. Within each section, titles are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holiday.


Development of Petroleum

TN859 .U5 O35 2005
Oil shale development in the United States: prospects and policy issues
Bartis, James T., 1945-

TN869.2 .B37 A3 1989
Oil notes
Bass, Rick, 1958-

TD195 .P4 E353 2000
Effects of oil and gas development: a current awareness bibliography
Bonvillain, S.

TK1061 .C49 1999
Natural gas & electric power in nontechnical language
Chambers, Ann

HD9574 C23 B42 1997
Breaking ice with finesse: oil & gas exploration in the Canadian Arctic
Clark, Karin, 1967-

TD195 .P4 H25 2003
Petroleum and the environment
Harrison, William E.

QE77 .M38 1998
Annals of the former world
McPhee, John, 1931-

HD242.5 .O34 1985
Offshore lands: oil and gas leasing and conservation on the outer continental shelf
Mead, Walter J.

TN871.2 .S5368 1983
Drilling: a source book on oil and gas well drilling from exploration to completion
Short, J. A.

HD242.5 .U527 2006
Surface operating standards and guidelines for oil and gas exploration and development: gold book
United States. Bureau of Land Management.

HD9581.2 .S53 W55 2012
Under the surface: fracking, fortunes and the fate of the Marcellus Shale
Wilber, Tom, 1958-

Politics, Economics and Legal Aspects of Oil and Natural Gas Development

HD9560.5 .B568 2010
Oil: money, politics, and power in the 21st century
Bower, Tom

KF1865 .D33 2011
Deepwater drilling: law, policy, and economics of firm organization and safety
Cohen, Mark A.

HD9560.5 .D68 2009
Oil 101
Downey, Morgan

KF1856 .F58 2001
The seaweed rebellion: federal-state conflicts over offshore energy development
Fitzgerald, Edward A., 1949-

HD9565 .F73 1994
Oil in troubled waters: perceptions, politics, and the battle over offshore drilling
Freudenburg, William R.

HD9565 .G73 1996
Oil on the edge: offshore development, conflict, gridlock
Gramling, Robert, 1943-

KF5505 .A29 F43 2012
Federal natural resources laws and regulations
LexisNexis (Firm)

HD9567 .A4 P65 2008
The political economy of oil in Alaska: multinationals vs. the state
McBeath, Jerry

HD9567 .A4 R63 1997
Crude dreams: a personal history of oil & politics in Alaska
Roderick, Jack

HD9502 .A2 S543 2005
Energy at the crossroads: global perspectives and uncertainties
Smil, Vaclav

TD195 .E49 S66 2002
Energy, the environment, and public opinion
Smith, Eric R. A. N.

HD9567 .C2 S65 1998
An ocean of oil: a century of political struggle over petroleum off the California coast
Sollen, Robert

KF1856 .V26 2010
Offshore oil and gas development: legal framework
Vann, Adam

KF1849 .W5422 2010
Williams & Meyers oil and gas law
Martin, Patrick H.


Controversy on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

KF1867 .A4 B24 2005
Legal issues related to proposed drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)
Baldwin, Pamela

HD242.5 .A4 B19
World oil and the ANWR potential
Bamberger, Robert

QH105 .A5 U55 NO.12
Petroleum geology and geochemistry of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge 1002 area
Banet, Arthur C.

SK305 .C3 B27 2004
Caribou rising: defending the Porcupine herd, Gwich-'in culture, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Bass, Rick, 1958-

TN872 .A7 A67
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: major oil development or wilderness?
Blodgett, John E.

KFA1653.8 .A73 A73 2002
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Cogwell, Mathew T.

TN872 .A7 C81
The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: oil, gas, and wildlife
Corn, M. Lynne (Mary Lynne), 1946-

TN872 .A7 C811
Arctic resources controversy
Corn, M. Lynne (Mary Lynne), 1946-

QH540 .U56 NO.2002-01
Arctic refuge coastal plain terrestrial wildlife research summaries
Douglas, D. C.

QH545 .O57 S46 2008
Should drilling be permitted in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
Haugen, David M., 1969-

QH76.5 .A4 A737 2001
Arctic refuge: a circle of testimony
Lentfer, Hank

KFA1653.8 .A73 A75 2006
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR): review, controversies and legislation
Lieland, Barbara T.

QL737 .U55 M2723 2002
Under the Arctic sun: Gwich'in, caribou, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Madsen, Ken, 1950-

HD9502 .U52 M395 2008
Caribou and Conoco: rethinking environmental politics in Alaska's ANWR and beyond
McMonagle, Robert John

HD9567 .A4 S72 2006
Oil, globalization, and the war for the Arctic Refuge
Standlea, David M., 1956-

QH105 .A4 W369 2005
Where mountains are nameless: passion and politics in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: including the story of Olaus and Mardy Murie
Waterman, Jonathan

HD9567 .A4 Y6 1986
Economics of oil and gas production from ANWR for the determination of minimum economic field size
Young, John S.

Oil Spills

TD196 .P4 B87 1997
Oil spills
Burger, Joanna

TD427 .P4 F55 2001
The basics of oil spill cleanup
Fingas, Mervin F.

TD196 .P4 F45 2010
Resources on oil spills, response, and restoration: a selected bibliography
Fiolek, Anna, 1950-

QE75 .O65 NO.82-232
Has offshore oil production become safer?
Nakassis, Anastase

TD427 .P4 N383 2005
Oil spill dispersants: efficacy and effects
National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Understanding Oil Spill Dispersants: Efficacy and Effects

TD427 .P4 N386 2006
Oil spill response: a global perspective
NATO/CCMS Workshop on Oil Spill Response (3rd: 2006: Dartmouth, N. S.)

TD427 .P4 R27 2010
Oil spills in U.S. coastal waters: background, governance, and issues for Congress
Ramseur, Jonathan L.

TD427 .P4 R27 2010A
Oil spills in U.S. coastal waters: background and governance
Ramseur, Jonathan L.

TD193.4 .O35 2007
Oil spill environmental forensics: fingerprinting and source identification
Wang, Zhendi

Managing Risk

HD9565 .O64 2011
Organizational design for spill containment in deepwater drilling operations in the Gulf of Mexico: assessment of Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC)
Anderson, Robert

GE145 .C78 2011
Precursor analysis for offshore oil and gas drilling: from prescriptive to risk-informed regulation
Cooke, Roger M., 1946-

HB846.5 .D38 2003
Valuation of coastal resources: understanding substitution in time and space: final technical summary: final study report
Deacon, Robert T.

TD427 .P4 P764 2002
Oil-spill risk analysis: Gulf of Mexico outer continental shelf (OCS) lease sales, eastern planning area, 2003-2007, and gulfwide OCS program, 2003-2042
Ji, Zhen-Gang

TD427 .P4 P763 2002
Oil-spill risk analysis: Gulf of Mexico outer continental shelf (OCS) lease sales, central planning area and western planning area, 2003-2007, and gulfwide OCS program, 2003-2042
Ji, Zhen-Gang

TD427 .P4 J34 2007
Oil-spill risk analysis: Gulf of Mexico outer continental shelf (OCS) lease sales, central planning area and western planning area, 2007-2012, and gulfwide OCS program, 2007-2046
Ji, Zhen-Gang

QE75 .O65 NO.82-804
An application of vulnerability index to oil spill modeling in the Gulf of Mexico
LaBelle, Robert P.

TN871.3 .M83 2011
Preliminary empirical assessment of offshore production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico
Muehlenbachs, Lucija

TD427 .P4 P753 2000
Oil-spill risk analysis: use of floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) systems in the Gulf of Mexico
Price, James M.

GE145 .M33 2011
Managing environmental, health, and safety risks: a comparative assessment of the Minerals Management Service and other agencies
Scarlett, Lynn

GE145 .S27 2011
Risk management practices: cross-agency comparisons with Minerals Management Service
Scarlett, Lynn

KF3775 .S53 2003
Risk regulation at risk: restoring a pragmatic approach
Shapiro, Sidney A., 1947-

QE75 .P9 NO.1227
The Oilspill risk analysis model of the U.S. Geological Survey
Smith, Richard A., 1945-

TN871.3 .V56 2010
Offshore risk assessment: principles, modelling, and applications of QRA studies
Vinnem, Jan Erik


Oil Spills and Wildlife

QH545 .O5 B34 2003
Best practices for migratory bird care during oil spill response
Berg, Catherine

SK351 .W7 NO.153
Effects of the Exxon Valdez oil spill on river otters: injury and recovery of a sentinel species
Bowyer, R. Terry

TD427 .P4 S96 1994
Symposium proceedings: Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean oil spills in coastal ecosystems: assessing effects, natural recovery, and progress in remediation research, New Orleans, July 14-15, 1994
Proffitt, C. Edward

TD195 .P4 T59
Assessment of past, present, and future risks of oil spills in and near the present sea otter range in California
Tinney, Richard T.

QH545 .O5 U53 1996
Fish and Wildlife Service spill response contingency plan
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

QH545 .O5 E997 1997
Exxon Valdez oil spill seabird restoration workshop
Warheit, Kenneth Ira

QH105 .A4 W48 1996
Degrees of disaster: Prince William Sound: how nature reels and rebounds
Wheelwright, Jeff QH91.8 .O4 W926
Effects and management of oil spills in marsh ecosystems: a review produced from a workshop convened July 1996 at McNeese State University
Workshop on the Effects and Management of Oil Spills in Marsh Ecosystems (1996: Lake Charles, La.)


Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Alaska, 1989

TD427 .P4 S645 2009
The spill: personal stories from the Exxon Valdez disaster
Bushell, Sharon

TD427 .P4 H36 1990
The Exxon Valdez oil spill and the National Park Service: a report on the initial response
Hanable, William S.

GC1552 .P75 E83 1995
Evaluation of the condition of Prince William Sound shorelines following the Exxon Valdez oil spill and subsequent shoreline treatment
Houghton, Jonathan P.

TD427 .P4 K38 1991
Out of the channel: the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound
Keeble, John, 1944-

TD427 .P4 K42 2009
20 years later ... Exxon Valdez oil spill
Kenai Fjords National Park (Agency: U.S.)

TD427 .P4 O8288 2008
Not one drop: betrayal and courage in the wake of the Exxon Valdez oil spill
Ott, Riki

TD427 .P4 S73 1990
Lessons of the Exxon Valdez
Steiner, Rick

BP Deepwater Horizon Explosion and Oil Spill, 2010

TD427 .P4 A27 2011
A hole at the bottom of the sea: the race to kill the BP oil gusher
Achenbach, Joel

KF1299 .W38 O54 2011
The ongoing legal effects of the BP oil spill: an In-depth look at the claims filing process and continuing litigation in response to the Gulf Coast oil disaster
Aspatore, Inc.

TD428 .O33 B6 2010
Deepwater Horizon accident investigation report
BP (Firm)

TD427 .P4 C386 2010
Disaster on the horizon: high stakes, high risks, and the story behind the Deepwater well blowout
Cavnar, Bob, 1953-

TD196 .P4 F74 2011
Blowout in the Gulf: the BP oil spill disaster and the future of energy in America
Freudenburg, William R.

GC1221 .J85 2011
Black tide: the devastating impact of the Gulf oil spill
Juhasz, Antonia

TD427 .P4 L44 2010
In deep water: the anatomy of a disaster, the fate of the Gulf, and ending our oil addiction
Lehner, Peter

TD427 .P4 R39 2011
In too deep: BP and the drilling race that took it down
Reed, Stanley, 1950-

HD9574 .M63 S74 2011
Drowning in oil: BP and the reckless pursuit of profit
Steffy, Loren C.

TN871.215 .U52 2010
Increased safety measures for energy development on the outer continental shelf
United States. Dept. of the Interior

TD427 .P4 U6 2011
Deep water: the Gulf oil disaster and the future of offshore drilling: report to the President
United States. National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

TD427 .P4 U62 2011
Deep water: the Gulf oil disaster and the future of offshore drilling: recommendations
United States. National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

TD427 .P4 U64 2011
Macondo: the Gulf oil disaster: Chief Counsel's report
United States. National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

Other Oil Spills

TN874 .G7 C8 1990
The public inquiry into the Piper Alpha disaster
Cullen, W. Douglas, Lord

GC1212 .M4 A73
The Argo Merchant oil spill: a preliminary scientific report
Grose, Peter L.

TD195 .P4 P857 1999
Economic and social consequences of the oil spill in Lake Barre, Louisiana
Pulsipher, Allan G.