This list represents materials cataloged by the Library from November 1 through November 30, 2012. It is arranged in call number order and includes call number, title and author. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.


E175.9 .M48 2012
Meringolo, Denise D., 1968-
Museums, monuments, and national parks: toward a new genealogy of public history / Denise D. Meringolo

E472.183 .U593 2005
Earley, Judith
Brawner Farm: Manassas National Battlefield Park cultural landscape report / prepared by Judith Earley and Kay Fanning

F187 .M6 B47 2005
Earley, Judith
Best Farm, Monocacy National Battlefield: cultural landscape report / prepared by Judith Earley, Jeff Everett, Grace Zhang

F497 .C95 T72 2012
Cuyahoga Valley National Park (Agency: U.S.)
Draft trail management plan and environmental impact statement: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

F657 .S3 S28 2011
Sattler, Lisa A.
Reconnaissance-level architectural survey: Sanborn County, South Dakota / prepared by Lisa A. Sattler and Philip Ruth

F897 .S2 C253 2012
United States. Federal Highway Administration. Western Federal Lands Highway Division
Cattle Point Road realignment project: final environmental impact statement / submitted ... by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Western Federal Lands Highway Division and U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, San Juan Island National Historical Park ; cooperating agencies: San Juan County, Washington; Washington State Department of Natural Resources

G140.5 .F76 2011
Sayre, Roger
From space to place: an image atlas of World Heritage sites on the 'in danger' list / Roger Sayre ... [et al.]

GB2401.4 .K56 2012
Weyapuk, Winton
Kinikmi sigum qanuq ilitaavut = Wales Inupiaq sea ice dictionary / Winton Weyapuk, Jr. and Igor Krupnik, compilers ; advisers, Pete Sereadlook, Faye Ongtowasruk, and Lawrence Kaplan ; editors, Igor Krupnik, Herbert Anungazuk, and Matthew Druckenmiller

GE180 .E586 2013
Vig, Norman J.
Environmental policy: new directions for the twenty-first century / edited by Norman J. Vig, Michael E. Kraft

HC79 .E5 C383 2009
Cato, Molly Scott
Green economics: an introduction to theory, policy and practice / Molly Scott Cato

HD30.255 .S77 2009
Stringer, Leigh
The green workplace: sustainable strategies that benefit employees, the environment, and the bottom line / Leigh Stringer

HD30.4 .R33 2008
Raelin, Joseph A., 1948-
Work-based learning: bridging knowledge and action in the workplace / Joseph A. Raelin ; foreword by T.J. Elliott

HD30.5 .W73 2009
Wren, Daniel A.
The evolution of management thought / Daniel A. Wren and Arthur G. Bedeian

HD38.2 .H347 2007
Hammett, Pete, 1959-
Unbalanced influence: recognizing and resolving the impact of myth and paradox in executive performance / Pete Hammett

HD49 .C38 2003
Casavant, David A.
Emergency preparedness for facilities: a guide to safety planning and business continuity / David A. Casavant

HD57.7 .K4477 2008
Kellerman, Barbara
Followership: how followers are creating change and changing leaders / Barbara Kellerman

HD57.7 .S692 2010
Sobel Lojeski, Karen
Leading the virtual workforce: how great leaders transform organizations in the 21st century / Karen Sobel Lojeski with Richard R. Reilly

HD58.7 .J612 2003
Johnson, Larry, 1947-
Absolute honesty: building a corporate culture that values straight talk and rewards integrity / Larry Johnson & Bob Phillips

HD58.8 .D475 2008
Avital, Michel
Designing information and organizations with a positive lens / edited by Michel Avital, Richard J. Boland, David L. Cooperrider

HD58.8 .F57 2008
Floyd, Raymond C.
A culture of rapid improvement: creating and sustaining an engaged workforce / Raymond C. Floyd

HD58.82 .C643 2009
Communities of practice: fostering peer-to-peer learning and informal knowledge sharing in the work place / Noriko Hara [editor]

HD58.82 .D4 2004
De Long, David W.
Lost knowledge: confronting the threat of an aging workforce / David W. DeLong

HD66 .A518 2007
Ancona, Deborah G. (Deborah Gladstein)
X-teams: how to build teams that lead, innovate, and succeed / Deborah Ancona and Henrik Bresman

HD69 .P75 B447 1997
Bender, Stephen A.
Managing projects well / Stephen A. Bender

HD69 .T54 R46 2000
Reno, Dawn E.
The unofficial guide to managing time / Dawn E. Reno

HD75.6 .D735 2008
Dresner, Simon, 1969-
The principles of sustainability / Simon Dresner

HD75.6 .D84 2008
Dumaine, Brian
The plot to save the planet: how visionary entrepreneurs and corporate titans are creating real solutions to global warming / Brian Dumaine

HD75.6 .H33 2006
Hackett, Steven C., 1960-
Environmental and natural resources economics: theory, policy, and the sustainable society / Steven C. Hackett

HD211 .C6 W46 2012
United States. Bureau of Land Management. White River Field Office
Draft resource management plan amendment and environmental impact statement for oil and gas development / U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Colorado State Office, Northwest Colorado District, White River Field Office

HD242.5 .D77 2012
United States. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Leasing Program, 2012-2017: final programmatic environmental impact statement

HD2336.3 .F57 2001
Fisher, Kimball
The distance manager: a hands-on guide to managing off-site employees and virtual teams / Kimball Fisher, Mareen Duncan Fisher

HD6279 .S54 2006
Shea, Gordon F., 1925-
The older worker advantage: making the most of our aging workforce / Gordon F. Shea and Adolf Haasen

HD6285 .W56 2005
Winfeld, Liz
Straight talk about gays in the workplace: creating an inclusive, productive environment for everyone in your organization / Liz Winfeld

JK868 .D35 2012
Eastern National (Firm)
The Department of the Interior in the age of the Civil War / Eastern National

KF27 .N363 2012d
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Natural Resources. Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands (2007- )
H.R. __, "Cabin Fee Act of 2011"; H.R. 2834, "Recreational Fishing and Hunting Heritage and Opportunities Act"; & H.R. 1444, to require hunting activities be a land use in all management plans for federal land unless it is clearly incompatible with the purposes for which the federal land is managed: legislative hearing before the Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands of the Committee on Natural Resources, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, first session, Friday, September 9, 2011

KF2120 .L39 2011
Gerrard, Michael, 1951-
The law of clean energy: efficiency and renewables / Michael B. Gerrard, editor

KF8210 .A57 M38 2012
McKeown, C. Timothy, 1955-
In the smaller scope of conscience: the struggle for national repatriation legislation, 1986-1990 / C. Timothy McKeown

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5081
Krstolic, Jennifer L. (Jennifer Lynn), 1975-
South Fork Shenandoah River habitat-flow modeling to determine ecological and recreational characteristics during low-flow periods / by Jennifer L. Krstolic and R. Clay Ramey ; prepared in cooperation with the Northern Shenandoah Valley Regional Commission, Central Shanendoah Valley Planning District Commission, and Virginia Commonwealth University

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5084
Savoie, Jennifer
Comparison of no-purge and pumped sampling methods for monitoring concentrations of ordnance-related compounds in groundwater, Camp Edwards, Massachusetts Military Reserve, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, 2009-2010 / by Jennifer G. Savoie and Denis R. LeBlanc ; prepared in cooperation with the Army National Guard

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5126
Musgrove, MaryLynn, 1964-
Origin and characteristics of discharge at San Marcos Springs based on hydrologic and geochemical data (2008-10), Bexar, Comal, and Hays Counties, Texas / by MaryLynn Musgrove and Cassi L. Crow ; prepared in cooperation with the San Antonio Water System

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5151
Rice, Karen C.
Spatial and temporal trends in runoff at long-term streamgages within and near the Chesapeake Bay watershed / by Karen C. Rice and Robert M. Hirsch ; prepared in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Office of Surface Water Investigations

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5158
Koth, Karl R.
Microgravity methods for characterization of groundwater-storage changes and aquifer properties in the karstic Madison Aquifer in the Black Hills of South Dakota, 2009-2012 / by Karl R. Koth and Andrew J. Long ; prepared in cooperation with the West Dakota Water Development District, South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, and Lawrence County

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5176-A
Clynne, M. A.
Volcano hazards assessment for the Lassen Region, Northern California / by Michael A. Clynne ... [et al.]

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5182
Barbie, Dana L.
Trends in selected streamflow statistics at 19 long-term streamflow-gaging stations indicative of outflows from Texas to Arkansas, Louisiana, Galveston Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico, 1922-2009 / by Dana L. Barbie and Loren L. Wehmeyer ; prepared in cooperation with the Texas Water Development Board

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5193
Barbie, Dana L.
Analysis of trends in selected streamflow statistics for the Concho River Basin, Texas, 1916-2009 / by Dana L. Barbie, Loren L. Wehmeyer, and Jayne E. May ; prepared in cooperation with the Texas Water Development Board

QE75 .C5 no.1373
Coles, James F.
Effects of urban development on stream ecosystems in nine metropolitan study areas across the United States: the quality of our nation's waters / by James F. Coles ... [et al.]

QE75 .C5 no.1378
Cappiella, Karen
Strategies for managing the effects of urban development on streams / by Karen Cappiella ... [et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2006-3050 rev.
Advanced National Seismic System (U.S.)
Earthquake information products and tools from the Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS)

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3071
Bell, Amanda H.
Urban development results in stressors that degrade stream ecosystems / [Amanda H. Bell ... et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3089
Snyder, Gregory I.
The 3D elevation program: summary of program direction / [by Gregory I. Snyder]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3100
Pawlitz, Rachel J.
The national Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Program / [R.J. Pawlitz, K.D. David]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3106
Blome, Charles D.
Evolution of 3-D geologic framework modeling and its application to groundwater flow studies / [by Charles D. Blome and David V. Smith]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3108
Klett, T. R. (Timothy R.)
Assessment of potential additions to conventional oil and gas resources in discovered fields of the United States from reserve growth, 2012 / [Timothy R. Klett ... et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3110
Pawlitz, Rachel J.
Genetic research for wildlife and fisheries management: a primer / [by Rachel J. Pawlitz, Margaret E. Hunter, and Nathan A. Johnson]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3115
Pitman, Janet K.
Assessment of undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources of the Arabian Peninsula and Zagros Fold Belt, 2012 / [Arabian Peninsula and Zagros Fold Belt Assessment Team, Janet K. Pitman ... et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3117
Charpentier, Ronald R.
Assessment of undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources of six geologic provinces of China, 2011 / [Ronald R. Charpentier ... et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3120
Gautier, Donald L.
Remaining recoverable petroleum in giant oil fields of the Los Angeles Basin, southern California / [Reserve Growth Assessment Team: Donald L. Gautier ... et al.]

QL737 .P64 D45 2011
Boveng, Peter Laurens
Distribution and abundance of harbor seals in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Task I, Aerial surveys of seals ashore, 2003-2007: final report / by Peter L. Boveng ... [et al.] ; National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center

QL737 .P64 D46 2011
Boveng, Peter Laurens
Distribution and abundance of harbor seals in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Task II, Assessment of factors influencing harbor seal haul-out behavior using remote time-lapse cameras, 2003-2005: final report / by Peter L. Boveng ... [et al.] ; National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center

QL737 .P64 D47 2011
Boveng, Peter Laurens
Distribution and abundance of harbor seals in Cook Inlet, Alaska. Task III, Movements, marine habitat use, diving behavior, and population structure, 2004-2006: final report / by Peter L. Boveng ... [et al.] ; National Marine Mammal Laboratory, Alaska Fisheries Science Center

SD11 .A45644 no.264
Rice, Janine M.
Climate change on the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming: a synthesis of past climate, climate projections, and ecosystem implications / Janine Rice, Andrew Tredennick, and Linda A. Joyce

SD11 .A45644 no.266
Andrews, Patricia L.
Modeling wind adjustment factor and midflame wind speed for Rothermel's surface fire spread model / Patricia L. Andrews

SD11 .A45644 no.267
Page-Dumroese, Deborah S.
Validating visual disturbance types and classes used for forest soil monitoring protocols / [Deborah S. Page-Dumroese ... et al.]

SD11 .A45644 no.270
Smith, Diane M.
The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory: a 50 year dedication to understanding wildlands and fire / Diane M. Smith

SD11 .A45644 no.271
Ffolliott, Peter F.
Hydrologic processes in the pinyon-juniper woodlands: a literature review / Peter F. Ffolliott, Gerald J. Gottfried

SD11 .A45644 no.272
Rocky Mountain Research Station (Fort Collins, Colo.)
Future scenarios: a technical document supporting the Forest Service 2010 RPA assessment

SD11 .A45672 no.91
Dvorak, Robert G.
The Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness: examining change in use, users, and management challenges / Robert G. Dvorak ... [et al.]

SD11 .A45673 no.12
Brandt, Jason P.
Idaho's forest products industry and timber harvest, 2006 / Jason P. Brandt ... [et al.]

SD144 .A18 P76 no.64
World Wilderness Congress (9th: 2009: Meridá, Mexico)
Science and stewardship to protect and sustain wilderness values: Ninth World Wilderness Congress Symposium, November 6-13, 2009, Meridá, Yucatán, Mexico / compilers, Alan Watson, Joaquin Murrieta-Saldivar, Brooke McBride

SD144 .A18 P76 no.65
Riley, Lee E.
National proceedings: forest and conservation nursery associations--2010 / technical coordinators, Lee E. Riley, Diane L. Hasse, Jeremiah R. Pinto

TC556 .D36 2012
National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Integrating Dam and Levee Safety and Community Resilence
Dam and levee safety and community resilience: a vision for future practice / Committee on Integrating Dam and Levee Safety and Community Resilence; Committee on Geological and Geotechnical engineering; Board on Earth Sciences and Resources; Division on Earth and Life Studies; National Research Council of the National Academies

TG25 .C6 S75 2011
Stillings, Jamey
The bridge at Hoover Dam / Jamey Stillings

TK3091 .U573 2012
United States. Bureau of Land Management. Color Country District
Final environmental impact statement for the Sigurd to Red Butte no. 2 - 345kV transmission project / Color Country District, Cedar City Field Office

Z286 .O63 W55 2006
Willinsky, John, 1950-
The access principle: the case for open access to research and scholarship / John Willinsky

Z286 .T4 U54 2012
United States. Government Accountability Office
Information management: National Technical Service's dissemination of technical reports needs Congressional attention: report to Congressional committees / United States Government Accountability Office