This list represents materials cataloged by the Library from March 1 through March 31, 2013. It is arranged in call number order and includes call number, title and author. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.


AC8 .M268 2010
McPhee, John, 1931-
Silk parachute / John McPhee

CC135 .C845 2010
Messenger, Phyllis Mauch, 1950-
Cultural heritage management: a global perspective / edited by Phyllis Mauch Messenger and George S. Smith

E78 .S7 D33 2001
Rice, Glen, 1946-
Deadly landscapes: case studies in prehistoric southwestern warfare / edited by Glen E. Rice and Steven A. LeBlanc

E83.866 .R377 2010
Reilly, Hugh J.
The frontier newspapers and the coverage of the Plains Indian Wars / Hugh J. Reilly

E99 .C5 S57 2013
Smith, Chadwick Corntassel
Leadership lessons from the Cherokee Nation: learn from all I observe / by Chad Corntassel Smith

E99 .N3 Z34 2012
Zah, Peterson
We will secure our future: empowering the Navajo nation / Peterson Zah and Peter Iverson

E99 .P9 T63 1997
Thybony, Scott
Canyon de Chelly National Monument / [written by Scott Thybony]

E184 .S75 H57 2006
Smithsonian Latino Center.
Hispanic heritage at the Smithsonian: a decade of Latino initiatives / Smithsonian Latino Center

E185.53 .W18 N38 2003
National Museum of African American History and Culture Plan for Action Presidential Commission
The time has come: report to the President and to the Congress / National Museum of African American History and Culture Plan for Action Presidential Commission

E185.97 .K5 A52 1998
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
The autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr. / edited by Clayborne Carson

E468.9 .H78 1998
Horwitz, Tony, 1958-
Confederates in the attic: dispatches from the unfinished Civil War / Tony Horwitz

E476.7 .S34 2006
Secrist, Philip L.
Sherman's 1864 trail of battle to Atlanta / Philip L. Secrist

E807 .Y37 2003
Yarsinske, Amy Waters, 1963-
Rendezvous with destiny: the FDR legacy / by Amy Waters Yarsinske

E836 .N49 2011
Newton, Jim, 1963-
Eisenhower: the White House years / Jim Newton

F317 .D2 M55 2008
Miller, Lloyd.
Biscayne National Park-- it almost wasn't / Lloyd Miller

F392 .B53 E94 2011
Evans, James, 1954-
Crazy from the heat: A chronicle of twenty years in the Big Bend / James H. Evans ; foreword by Rebecca Solnit

F785 .A1 E64 2011
Aldama, Arturo J., 1964-
Enduring legacies: ethnic histories and cultures of Colorado / edited by Arturo Aldama ... [et al.]

F832 .S4 I78 2008
Irvine, Amy
Trespass: living at the edge of the promised land / Amy Irvine

F868 .Y6 O46 1993
Olmsted, Frederick Law, 1822-1903
Yosemite and the Mariposa Grove : a preliminary report, 1865 / Frederick Law Olmsted ; introduction by Victoria Post Ranney ; illustrated by Wayne Thiebaud

F868 .Y6 W25 2001
Walklet, Keith S.
Yosemite: an enduring treasure / Keith S. Walklet

G156.5 .E26 D78 2005
Drumm, Andy
Ecotourism development: a manual for conservation planners and managers

G156.5 .E26 L56 2005
Gutierrez, Eileen
Linking communities, tourism & conservation: a tourism assessment process / Eileen Gutierrez ... [et al.]

GB2425 .A4 B47 2010
Shuchman, Robert Allan
Bering Glacier: interdisciplinary studies of Earth's largest temperate surging glacier / edited by Robert A. Shuchman, Edward G. Josberger

GE195.7 .M36 1999
McKenzie-Mohr, Doug, 1959-
Fostering sustainable behavior: an introduction to community-based social marketing / Doug McKenzie Mohr and William Smith

GF75 .D344 2005
Dagget, Dan, 1944-
Gardeners of Eden: rediscovering our importance to nature / by Dan Dagget ; with photography by Tom Bean

GF91 .F73 H84 2011
Huber, Thomas Patrick
An American Provence / Thomas P. Huber

GV191.4 .E3675 2006
Edmondson, Dudley
Black & brown faces in America's wild places / Dudley Edmondson

HA421.5 2010 .M28 2012
United States. Economics and Statistics Administration
Maryland: 2010: population and housing unit counts: [2010 census of population and housing] / U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, U.S. Census Bureau

HC79 .E5 B7598 2011
Brown, Lester Russell, 1934-
World on the edge: how to prevent environmental and economic collapse / Lester R. Brown, Earth Policy Institute

HD30.19 .R67 2009
Rosenzweig, Philip M., 1955-
The halo effect-- and the eight other business delusions that deceive managers / Phil Rosenzweig

HD30.255 .S868 2009
Wirtenberg, Jeana
The sustainable enterprise fieldbook: when it all comes together / edited by Jeana Wirtenberg, with William G. Russell, and David Lipsky ; in collaboration with The Enterprise Sustainability Action Team

HD47.4 .A35 2006
Adler, Matthew D.
New foundations of cost-benefit analysis / Matthew D. Adler, Eric A. Posner

HD57.7 .B874 2009
Bushe, Gervase R.
Clear leadership: sustaining real collaboration and partnership at work / Gervase R. Bushe

HD57.7 .G663 2009
Goldman, Alan
Destructive leaders and dysfunctional organizations: a therapeutic approach / Alan Goldman

HD57.7 .H3995 2009
Heifetz, Ronald A. (Ronald Abadian), 1951-
The practice of adaptive leadership: tools and tactics for changing your organization and the world / Ronald Heifetz, Alexander Grashow, Marty Linsky

HD58.7 .A77 2008
Anderson, Harlene, 1942-
The appreciative organization / by Harlene Anderson ... [et al.]

HD58.7 .H363 2000
Ashkanasy, Neal M., 1945-
Handbook of organizational culture & climate / Neal M. Ashkanasy, Celeste P.M. Wilderom, Mark F. Peterson, editors

HD58.7 .O94 2008
Cropper, Steve, 1957-
The Oxford handbook of inter-organizational relations / edited by Steve Cropper ... [et al.]

HD58.8 .R67 2006
Rosenfeld, Robert B.
Making the invisible visible: the human principles for sustaining innovation / Robert B. Rosenfeld with John Kolstoe

HD58.9 .A77 2001
Schiller, Marjorie
Appreciative leaders: in the eye of the beholder / edited by Marjorie Schiller, Bea Mah Holland, Deanna Riley

HD7261 .O945 2009
Cartwright, Susan, 1951-
The Oxford handbook of organizational well-being / edited by Susan Cartwright and Cary L. Cooper

HD8039 .K59 D38 2005
Davenport, Thomas H., 1954-
Thinking for a living: how to get better performance and results from knowledge workers / Thomas H. Davenport

HF5681 .B2 T733 2009
Tracy, John A.
How to read a financial report: wringing vital signs out of the numbers / John A. Tracy

JK421 .D34 2006
Daly, Peter H., 1941-
The first 90 days in government: critical success strategies for new public managers at all levels / Peter H. Daly and Michael Watkins with Cate Reavis

KF27 .R44 2012h
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Natural Resources. Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources
Jobs at risk: community impacts of the Obama administration's effort to rewrite the stream buffer zone rule: oversight field hearing before the Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources of the Committee on Natural Resources, U.S. House of Representatives, One Hundred Twelfth Congress, first session, Monday, September 26, 2011, in Charleston, West Virginia

KF8205 .A76 2008
Long, Larry, 1947-
American Indian law deskbook / Conference of Western Attorneys General ; chair, editing committee Larry Long ; chief editor Clay Smith

KF8742 .T66 2012
Toobin, Jeffrey
The oath: the Obama White House and the Supreme Court / Jeffrey Toobin

N353 .P5 2008
Hindley, Meredith
Picturing America / National Endowment for the Humanities

Q1 .S36 no.2011-5182
Bexfield, Laura M.
Hydrogeology, water chemistry, and transport processes in the zone of contribution of a public-supply well in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2007-9 / by Laura M. Bexfield ... [et al.] ; U.S. Geological Survey National Water-Quality Assessment Program

Q1 .S36 no.2011-5207
Tillery, Anne
Survey of hydrologic models and hydrologic data needs for tracking flow in the Rio Grande, North-Central New Mexico, 2010 / by Anne Tillery and Jack R. Eggleston ; prepared in cooperation with the Coalition of Six Middle Rio Grande Basin Pueblos

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5019
Langman, Jeff B.
Geologic framework, regional aquifer properties (1940s-2009), and spring, creek, and seep properties (2009-10) of the upper San Mateo Creek Basin near Mount Taylor, New Mexico / by Jeff B. Langman, Jesse E. Sprague, and Roger A. Durall ; prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5191
Breault, Robert F.
Estimated sediment thickness, quality, and toxicity to benthic organisms in selected impoundments in Massachusetts / by Robert F. Breault, Jason R. Sorenson, and Peter K. Weiskel

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5238
Matherne, Anne Marie
Characterization of the hydrologic resources of San Miguel County, New Mexico, and identification of hydrologic data gaps, 2011 / by Anne Marie Matherne and Anne M. Stewart ; prepared in cooperation with San Miguel County, New Mexico

Q1 .S36 no.2012-5251
Bagstad, Kenneth J.
Ecosystem services valuation to support decisionmaking on public lands: a case study of the San Pedro River Watershed, Arizona / by Kenneth J. Bagstad ... [et al.] ; prepared in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management

QB637 .J55 2004
Johnston, Andrew K. (Andrew Kenneth), 1969-
Earth from space: Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum / Andrew K. Johnston

QC981.8 .C5 C626 2008
Cemex, S.A. de C.V.
A climate for life: meeting the global challenge / CEMEX ; foreword by Harrison Ford and Edward O. Wilson

QC981.8 .G56 L983 2008
Lynas, Mark, 1973-
Six degrees: our future on a hotter planet / Mark Lynas

QC994.8 .O27 2008
Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks Initiating Group
Observing the Arctic: report of the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Initiating Group

QE75 .C5 no.1380
Updike, Randall G.
United States-Mexican borderlands: facing tomorrow's challenges through USGS science / edited by Randall G. Updike ... [et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3143
Luppens, James A. (James Alan), 1946-
Assessment of coal geology, resources, and reserve base in the s in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana / [by James A. Luppens ... et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2012-3148
Higley, Debra K.
Assessment of undiscovered conventional oil and gas resources of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Canada, 2012 / [Debra K. Higley ... et al.]

QE75 .F3 no.2013-3005
Groundwater resources of the Wood River Valley, Idaho: a groundwater-flow model for resource management / [James Bartolino and Sean Vincent]

QE705 .B74 2010
Bradley, Lawrence W. (Lawrence Wayne)
Dinosaurs and Indians: paleontology resource dispossession from Sioux lands / by Lawrence W. Bradley

QH75 .R42 2001
Bräutigam, Amie
The red book: the extinction crisis face to face / texts, Amie Bräutigam and Martin D. Jenkins ; special contributions, George B. Rabb ... [et al.]

QH77 .L25 C66 1995
Dinerstein, Eric, 1952-
A conservation assessment of the terrestrial ecoregions of Latin America and the Caribbean

QH81 .W387 2011
Fleischner, Thomas Lowe, 1954-
The way of natural history / edited by Thomas Lowe Fleischner

QH105 .N6 M36 2008
McNamee, Gregory
Otero Mesa: preserving America's wildest grassland / text by Gregory McNamee ; photographs by Stephen Strom and Stephen Capra ; foreword by Bill Richardson ; additional photographs by Gregory McNamee

QH105 .V8 N33 2000
Rose, Robert K.
The natural history of the Great Dismal Swamp / editor, Robert K. Rose ; produced by Suffolk-Nansemond Chapter, Izaak Walton League of America, Inc.

QH541.15 .B56 S96 2008
Chivian, Eric
Sustaining life: how human health depends on biodiversity / edited by Eric Chivian and Aaron Bernstein ; foreword by Edward O. Wilson ; prologue by Kofi Annan

QH541.2 .C63 2010
Coleman, David C., 1938-
Big ecology: the emergence of ecosystem science / David C. Coleman

QH541.2 .E252 2010
Billick, Ian, 1966-
The ecology of place: contributions of place-based research to ecological understanding / edited by Ian Billick and Mary V. Price

QK186 .J64 1999
Johnson, James R. (James Russell), 1941-
Grassland plants of South Dakota and the northern Great Plains / James R. Johnson and Gary E. Larson ; edited by Mary Brashier

QL676.5 .L395 2010
Lebbin, Daniel J. (Daniel Jason), 1978-
The American Bird Conservancy guide to bird conservation / Daniel J. Lebbin, Michael J. Parr, and George H. Fenwick ; with a foreword by Jonathan Franzen

QL698.9 .W45 1999
Weidensaul, Scott
Living on the wind: across the Hemisphere with migratory birds / Scott Weidensaul

QL737 .C22 A93 2010
Reading, Richard P.
Awakening spirits: wolves in the southern Rockies / edited by Richard P. Reading ... [et al.]

QL737 .C27 B43 2003
Snyder, Susan, 1948-
Bear in mind: the California grizzly / edited with an introduction and commentary by Susan Snyder

RA982 .E44 E443 2007
Conway, Lorie, 1954-
Forgotten Ellis Island: the extraordinary story of America's immigrant hospital / Lorie Conway ; contemporary photographs by Chris Barnes

SB202 .U6 G68 2007
Sedivec, Kevin K. (Kevin Kyle)
Grasses for the Northern Plains: growth patterns, forage characteristics and wildlife values. Vol. 1, Cool-season / Kevin K. Sedivec ... [et. al.]

SB202 .U6 G683 2009
Sedivec, Kevin K. (Kevin Kyle)
Grasses for the Northern Plains: growth patterns, forage characteristics and wildlife values Vol. 2, Warm-season / Kevin K. Sedivec ... [et al.]

SD11 .A45614 no.589
Peter, David, 1951-
Relations of native and exotic species 5 years after clearcutting with and without herbicide and logging debris treatments / David H. Peter and Timothy B. Harrington

SD11 .A45616 no.264
Warren, Debra D.
Production, prices, employment, and trade in Northwest forest industries, all quarters 2011 / Xiaoping Zhou and Debra D. Warren

SD11 .A45617 no.862
Gaines, William L. (William Lee), 1961-
Adaptations to climate change: Colville and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests / William L. Gaines ... [et al.]

SD11 .A45617 no.870
Vose, James M.
Effects of climatic variability and change on forest ecosystems: a comprehensive science synthesis for the U.S. forest sector / James M. Vose, David L. Peterson, and Toral Patel-Weynand, editors

SD11 .A45617 no.873
Schuller, Reid
Fox Hollow Research Natural Area: guidebook supplement 44 / Reid Schuller

SD143 .B46 2008
Berger, John J., 1945-
Forests forever: their ecology, restoration, and protection / by John J. Berger ; with a foreword by Charles E. Little

SD356.52 .U62 U587 1998
Steen, Harold K.
Forest Service research: finding answers to conservation's questions / Harold K. Steen

SD421.5 .C68 2011
Courtwright, Julie
Prairie fire: a Great Plains history / Julie Courtwright

SH329 .S87 E27 2012
Vasconcellos, Marcelo
EAF toolbox: the ecosystem approach to fisheries

SH348 .K48 2001
Ketchum, Robert Glenn
Rivers of life: Southwest Alaska, the last great salmon fishery / photographs by Robert Glenn ; essay by Bruce Hampton

SH349 .R66 1991
Roos, John F. (John Francis), 1932-
Restoring Fraser River salmon: a history of the International Pacific Salmon Fisheries Commission, 1937-1985

SK41 .T44 2010
Thomas, E. Donnall, 1948-
How sportsmen saved the world: the unsung conservation efforts of hunters and anglers / E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

TD190.5 .A46 1998
Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
AMAP assessment report: Arctic pollution issues / Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme

TR660.5 .M34 2000
Mahmood, Taimur
Visions of the West: a photographic quest for visionary landscapes / by Taimur Mahmood

TS158.6 .L66 2005
National Science Board (U.S.)
Long-lived digital data collections: enabling research and education in the 21st century / National Science Board

UH474.5 .W3 W34 2011
Pierce, John R., 1947-
Walter Reed Army Medical Center centennial: a pictorial history, 1909-2009 / edited by John R. Pierce ... [et al.]