This list represents only a selection of recently published books for general readers on President Abraham Lincoln available at the Interior Library. Within each section, books are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.




Road to the Presidency

E449 .D75 B47 2001
Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln: relationship in language, politics, and memory
Blight, David W.

E457 .B95 2008
Abraham Lincoln: a life
Burlingame, Michael

E415.7 .B87 2007
The age of Lincoln
Burton, Orville Vernon

E457.2 .F66 2010
The fiery trial: Abraham Lincoln and American slavery
Foner, Eric

E457.3 .S22
Abraham Lincoln: the prairie years
Sandburg, Carl

E457.4 .A23 2011
Abraham Lincoln's journey to greatness
United States National Park Service

Law Practice

E457.2 .D67
Lincoln's Herndon
Donald, David Herbert, 1920-2009

E457 .H576
Herndon's life of Lincoln, the history and personal recollections of Abraham Lincoln
Herndon, William Henry, 1818-1891

E457.2 .S8 2006
An honest calling: the law practice of Abraham Lincoln
Steiner, Mark E.

Politics, Presidency and the Civil War

E475.55 .B68 2006
The Gettysburg gospel: the Lincoln speech that nobody knows
Boritt, G. S., 1940-

E83.86 .C78 2005
Lincoln and the Sioux uprising of 1862
Cox, Hank H., 1945-

E440 .E43 2010
Year of meteors: Stephen Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, and the election that brought on the Civil War
Egerton, Douglas R.

E501 .F87 2004
Freedom rising: Washington in the Civil War
Furgurson, Ernest B., 1929-

E457.45 .G66 2005
Team of rivals: the political genius of Abraham Lincoln
Goodwin, Doris Kearns

E457.2 .G88 1999
Abraham Lincoln: redeemer President
Guelzo, Allen C.

E459 .H29 2011
Lincoln and the Border States: preserving the Union
Harris, William C. (William Charles), 1933-

E457.2 .M478 2008
Tried by war: Abraham Lincoln as commander in chief
McPherson, James M.

E457.2 .N6 2000
Lincoln and the Indians: Civil War policy and politics
Nichols, David A. (David Allen), 1939-

E457.64 .P56 2003
Lincoln's sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home
Pinsker, Matthew

E457.4 .S36A
Abraham Lincoln: the war years
Sandburg, Carl

KF4545 .S5 S55 2006
Lincoln and Chief Justice Taney: slavery, secession, and the president's war powers
Simon, James F.

E457.2 .S94 2008
Lincoln and his admirals: Abraham Lincoln, the U.S. Navy, and the Civil War
Symonds, Craig L.

E457.45 .V67 2012
Rise to greatness: Abraham Lincoln and America's most perilous year
Von Drehle, David, 1961-

E470.2 .W46 2005
The sword of Lincoln: the Army of the Potomac
Wert, Jeffry D.

E457.45 .W47 2006
Mr. Lincoln's T-mails: the untold story of how Abraham Lincoln used the telegraph to win the Civil War
Wheeler, Tom, 1946-

E457.2 .W74 2006
Lincoln's sword: the presidency and the power of words
Wilson, Douglas L., 1935-


First Assassination Attempt and Assassination

E457.5 .L737 2009
The Lincoln assassination: the evidence
Edwards, William C. and Steers, Edward, Jr., editors

E457.65 .G75 2001
Ford's Theatre and the Lincoln assassination
Grieve, Victoria

E457.4 .K55 2008
The Baltimore plot: the first conspiracy to assassinate Abraham Lincoln
Kline, Michael J.

E457.5 .K86 1985
Twenty days: narrative in text and pictures of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the twenty days and nights that followed--the nation in mourning, the long trip home to Springfield
Kunhardt, Dorothy, 1901-1979

E457.5 .O74 2011
Killing Lincoln: the shocking assassination that changed America forever
O'Reilly, Bill

E457.5 .P58 2008
They have killed Papa dead! the road to Ford's Theatre, Abraham Lincoln's murder, and the rage for vengeance
Pitch, Anthony

E457.5 .L73 2009
The Lincoln assassination conspirators: their confinement and execution, as recorded in the letterbook of John Frederick Hartranft
Steers, Edward, Jr. and Holzer, Harold, editors

E477.98 .S93 2010
Bloody Crimes
Swanson, James L.

E457.5 .S993 2007
Manhunt: the twelve-day chase for Lincoln's killer
Swanson, James L.

E457.5 .S99 2006
Lincoln's assassins: their trial and execution : an illustrated history
Swanson, James L.

In His Own Words

E457.4 .L7754 2008
The Lincoln-Douglas debates
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 and Douglas, Stephen A., 1813-1861
Knox College Lincoln Studies Center series

E457.92 1967
The political thought of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Current, Richard N., editor

E457.92 2009
In Lincoln's hand: his original manuscripts with commentary by distinguished Americans Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Holzer, Harold and Shenk, Joshua Wolf, editors

E457 .L737
Abraham Lincoln's autobiography, with an account of its origin and history, and additional biographical material, by Robert Dale Richardson
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865

E457.91 1959
The collected works of Abraham Lincoln
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865
Basler, Ray P., editor

E475.55 .L7393 2010
Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address illustrated
conceived and designed by Jack E. Levin
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865


Lincoln's Legacy

E457.2 .D45 2006
Lincoln unmasked: what you're not supposed to know about dishonest Abe
DiLorenzo, Thomas J.

E457.2 .F47 2007
Land of Lincoln: adventures in Abe's America
Ferguson, Andrew, 1956-

E457.2 .S383 2008
Abraham Lincoln in the post-heroic era: history and memory in late twentieth-century America
Schwartz, Barry, 1938-

E457.2 .S795 2009
Lincoln legends: myths, hoaxes, and confabulations associated with our greatest president
Steers, Edward

E666 .S84 2009
Impeached: the trial of President Andrew Johnson and the fight for Lincoln's legacy
Stewart, David O.

F203.4.L73 T48 2002
The Lincoln Memorial & American life
Thomas, Christopher A., 1949-