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General Arts

E98 .A7 N46 1994
Native American expressive culture
Akwe:kon Press.

E98 .A7 B47 1998
Native North American art
Berlo, Janet Catherine.

E98 .A7 E935 1982
Pleasing the spirits: a catalogue of a collection of American Indian art
Ewing, Douglas C.

E98 .A7 F3
American Indian art
Feder, Norman.

E98 .A7 F44
Native arts of North America
Feest, Christian F.

E98 .A7 F48 2000
Art of the North American Indians: the Thaw Collection
Fenimore Art Museum (Cooperstown, N.Y.)

E98 .A7 C74 1994
Creation's journey: Native American identity and belief
Hill, Tom.

E59 .A73 H53 1983
Arts of the Indian Americas: leaves from the sacred tree
Highwater, Jamake.

E98 .A7 K9
Aspects of aboriginal decorative art in America based on specimens in the United States National Museum
Krieger, Herbert W. (Herbert William), b. 1889.

E98 .A7 T72 1996
Treasures of the National Museum of the American Indian: Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of the American Indian (U.S.)

E98 .A7 T48 1994
This path we travel: celebrations of contemporary Native American creativity
National Museum of the American Indian (U.S.). George Gustav Heye Center.

E98 .A7 A97
Authentic Indian designs: 2500 illustrations from Reports of the Bureau of American Ethnology
Naylor, Maria.

E98 .A7 P435 2004
North American Indian art
Penney, David W.

E98 .A7 P4
As in a vision, masterworks of American Indian art: the Elizabeth Cole Butler Collection at Philbrook Art Center
Philbrook Art Center.


Modern and Contemporary Arts

ND238 .A4 A58 2006
Native moderns: American Indian painting, 1940-1960
Anthes, Bill

N6538 .A4 A7 1991
Shared visions: native American painters and sculptors in the twentieth century
Archuleta, Margaret, 1950-

E98 .A7 C15 1999
Dreaming the dawn: conversations with native artists and activists
Caldwell, E. K., 1954-

E78 .C2 I5 1993
In the shadow of the sun: perspectives on contemporary native art
Canadian Museum of Civilization.

GN21 .C485 C53 2008
Kenneth Milton Chapman: a life dedicated to Indian arts and artists
Chapman, Janet, 1951-

E98 .A7 C53 1986
Lost and found traditions: native American art 1965-1985
Coe, Ralph T.

E98 .A73 G75 2000
The Institute of American Indian Arts: modernism and U.S. Indian policy
Gritton, Joy L.

N6538 .A4 J3 1988
Beyond tradition: contemporary Indian art and its evolution
Jacka, Jerry D.

E98 .A73 M37 2009
A New Deal for Native art: Indian arts and federal policy, 1933-1943
McLerran, Jennifer.

E98 .A7 S37 1983
The Indian Arts & Crafts Board: an aspect of New Deal Indian policy
Schrader, Robert Fay, 1931-

E98 .A7 W3
Magic images: contemporary native American art
Wade, Edwin L.


E99 .E7 A84 2005
The way of Inuit art: aesthetics and history in and beyond the Arctic
Auger, Emily E. (Emily Elisabeth), 1959-

E99 .E7 F28
The Far North: 2000 years of American Eskimo and Indian art
Collins, Henry Bascom, 1899-

NX510 .A5 F25 2006
Alaska native art: tradition, innovation, continuity
Fair, Susan W.

E98 .T65 G32
The wolf and the raven
Garfield, Viola Edmundson, 1899-1983.

E98 .T65 K73 2004
Alaska's totem poles
Kramer, Pat.

E98 .T65 P38 2002
The most striking of objects: the totem poles of Sitka National Historical Park
Patrick, Andrew.

E99 .T6 R38
Tlingit design
Peck, Raymond E.

E99 .E7 R24
Aleut and Eskimo art: tradition and innovation in South Alaska
Ray, Dorothy Jean.

E99 .E7 S55
Arctic art: Eskimo ivory
Smith, James G. E.

N6530 .A4 U54 1998
Looking north: art from the University of Alaska Museum
University of Alaska Museum.


E78 .G73 B69
Art of the Eastern Plains Indians; the Nathan Sturges Jarvis collection
Brooklyn Museum.

E78 .E2 B76 1985
Ancient art of the American Woodland Indians
Brose, David S.

E99 .M6815 C55 2002
Cahokia: mirror of the cosmos
Chappell, Sally Anderson.

E78 .E2 R63 2004
The rock-art of eastern North America: capturing images and insight
Diaz-Granados, Carol, 1943-

E78 .G7 F54
The art of the Great Lakes Indians: March 25 - July 1, 1973, an exhibition organized by the Flint Institute of Arts
Flint Institute of Arts.

E99 .M6815 P375 2009
Cahokia: ancient America's great city on the Mississippi
Pauketat, Timothy R.

E56 .H476 2004
Hero, hawk, and open hand: American Indian art of the ancient Midwest and South
Townsend, Richard F.


Great Plains

E98 .A7 C43 1991
Northern Plains Indian art
Claymore, Charles, 1953-

E98 .B46 D4 1992

Beads of the bison robe trade: the Fort Union Trading Post collection

De Vore, Steven Leroy.

E99 .K5 G73 2009
One hundred summers: a Kiowa calendar record
Greene, Candace S.

E99 .D1 Y43 2007
The year the stars fell: Lakota winter counts at the Smithsonian
Greene, Candace S.

E98 .C8 H67 2001
Beauty, honor and tradition: the legacy of Plains Indian shirts
Horse Capture, Joseph D.

N6512 .H86 2004
Lewis & Clark Territory: contemporary artists revisit place, race, and memory
Hushka, Rock, 1966-

E99 .S54 W35 1985
After the buffalo were gone: the Louis Warren Hill, Sr., Collection of Indian Art
Walton, Ann Thorson.



ND1329.3 .I53 C74 2000
Indian summers: Washington State College and the Nespelem Art Colony, 1937-41
Creighton, Jeff, 1953-

E78 .C15 D18 2000
Indian basketmakers of California and the Great Basin: the living art and fine tradition
Dalrymple, Larry.

E78 .N78 D38
Tongues & totems: comparative arts of the Pacific Basin; a comparison of Northwest coast Indian art with art forms of other cultures around the Pacific Basin, with special reference to the collection of the Alaska International Art Institute
Davis, Starr.

E78 .N78 G8
Art in the life of the Northwest Coast Indians. With a catalog of the Rasmussen collection of Northwest Indian art at the Portland Art Museum
Gunther, Erna, 1896-

E98 .T65 H3
Totem poles: an illustrated guide
Halpin, Marjorie M., 1937-

E78 .N78 H587 1983
The box of daylight: northwest coast Indian art
Holm, Bill, 1925-

E78 .N78 H59 1976
Indian art of the northwest coast: a dialogue on craftsmanship and aesthetics
Holm, Bill, 1925-

E78 .N78 H6
Northwest coast Indian art; an analysis of form
Holm, Bill, 1925-

E98 .A7 I6
Art of the Northwest Coast Indians
Inverarity, Robert Bruce, 1909-

E98 .T65 J66 2010
The totem pole: an intercultural history
Jonaitis, Aldona, 1948-

E51 .C2 V.24 NO.7
The carver's art of the Indians of northwestern California
Kelly, Isabel Truesdell, 1906-

E78 .C64 M47 2005
People of the river: native arts of the Oregon territory
Mercer, Bill, 1960-

E78 .N78 W48
Arts of a vanished era
Whatcom Museum of History and Art.

E78 .B9 W93 1999
Mythic beings: spirit art of the Northwest Coast
Wyatt, Gary, 1958-



E99 .H7 A45 1984
Contemporary Hopi pottery
Allen, Laura Graves.

E78 .S7 L44 1999
Legacy: Southwest Indian art at the School of American Research
Anderson, Duane, 1943-

E99 .H7 B37 1991
Hopi Kachina dolls and their carvers
Bassman, Theda.

E99 .N3 B5
Walk in beauty: the Navajo and their blankets
Berlant, Anthony.

E99 .N3 W79 1996
Woven by the grandmothers: nineteenth-century Navajo textiles from the National Museum of the American Indian = Nihimásáni deiztl'¸ó
Bonar, Eulalie H.

E78 .N65 B69 2003
Rock art of the lower Pecos
Boyd, Carolyn E., 1958-

E78 .S7 D29 2000
Indian basketmakers of the Southwest: the living art and fine tradition
Dalrymple, Larry.

E99 .P9 F7
Historic pottery of the Pueblo Indians: 1600-1880
Frank, Larry.

E99 .P9 G373 2003
Tammy Garcia: form without boundaries
Garcia, Tammy.

E97.6 .I57 G37 1988
History of Indian arts education in Santa Fe: the Institute of American Indian Arts with historical background, 1890 to 1962
Garmhausen, Winona, 1930-

E78 .S7 G45
The art of the Southwest Indians
Glubok, Shirley.

E99 .N3 G94 1992
Earth is my mother, sky is my father: space, time, and astronomy in Navajo sandpainting
Griffin-Pierce, Trudy, 1949-

E99 .P9 G87 1980
Pueblo pottery making
Guthe, Carl Eugen, 1893-

E99 .P9 H28
Modern Pueblo pottery, 1880-1960
Harlow, Francis Harvey, 1928-

E99 .N3 H32 1987
Navajo pottery: traditions & innovations
Hartman, Russell P.

E99 .P9 K46 1983
Pueblo Indian textiles: a living tradition
Kent, Kate Peck.

E98 .A7 L22 2006
A guide to American Indian folk art of the Southwest
Lamb, Susan, 1951-

NE2312 .G67 M67
R. C. Gorman: the lithographs
Monthan, Doris Born, 1924-

E78 .S7 M66
Art and Indian individualists: the art of seventeen contemporary Southwestern artists and craftsmen
Monthan, Guy.

E99 .N3 P35 1983
Navajo sandpainting: from religious act to commercial art
Parezo, Nancy J.

E99 .A16 L496 1984
Lucy M. Lewis, American Indian potter
Peterson, Susan, 1925-

E99 .H7 P67 2006
Classic Hopi and Zuni kachina figures
Portago, Andrea.

E99 .P9 R64 1989
Rock art of Bandelier National Monument
Rohn, Arthur H., 1929-

NB237 .H62 R87 2004
Allan Houser, an American master: (Chiricahua Apache, 1914-1994)
Rushing, W. Jackson.

E78 .S7 S28
Indian rock art of the Southwest
Schaafsma, Polly.

E78 .S7 S45 1999
A guide to Indian jewelry of the southwest
Simpson, Georgiana Kennedy.

E99 .N3 C75 1971
Navaho sandpainting; the Huckel collection
Taylor Museum.

E98 .S3 V5
Tapestries in sand; the spirit of Indian sandpainting
Villaseñor, David V.

E78 .S7 E55 1984
The Elkus collection: Southwestern Indian art
Washburn, Dorothy Koster.

E99 .N3 W44 2003
Blanket weaving in the Southwest
Wheat, Joe Ben.

E98 .A7 W9 1946
A brief history of Navajo silversmithing
Woodward, Arthur, 1898-

E99 .U8 U84 2000
Ute Indian arts & culture: from prehistory to the new millennium
Wroth, William, 1938-