This list represents a selection of books on Hispanic American heritage, available at the Interior Library. They are arranged alphabetically by author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.


N6530 .C6 A32
The architecture and art of early Hispanic Colorado
Adams, Robert, 1937-

F320 .S75 H57
The Hispanic presence in Florida
Balseiro, José Agustín, 1900-

F799 .B3
The Spanish borderlands frontier, 1513-1821
Bannon, John Francis, 1905-

F799 .B63
Spanish colonization in the Southwest
Blackmar, Frank W. (Frank Wilson), 1854-1931

F802 .S5 B78
Paraje (de Fra Cristobal): investigations of a territorial period Hispanic village site in southern New Mexico
Boyd, Douglas K. (Douglas Kevin)

E78 .S7 S68 NO.54
Comerciantes, arrieros, y peones: the Hispanos and the Santa Fe Trade
Boyle, Susan Calafate

HD243 .N5 L36 1987
Land, water, and culture: new perspectives on Hispanic land grants
Briggs, Charles L., 1953-

F801.2 .B84
Mountain villages
Bullock, Alice, 1904-

F801.2 .B87
New Mexico: gift of the earth
Butcher, Russell D.

F864 .C3 1976
Padres and people of old Mission San Antonio
Casey, Beatrice (Tid)

ND259 .R5 A4 2011
Diego Rivera: murals for the Museum of Modern Art
Dickerman, Leah, 1964-

E169.1 .F37 1971
The Spanish heritage in the United States
Fernández Flórez, Darío

F801 .F56 2005
Women of the New Mexico frontier, 1846-1912
Foote, Cheryl J., 1947-

F1229 .G47 1982
The north frontier of New Spain
Gerhard, Peter, 1920-

F799 .H7
Hawikuh and the Seven Cities of Cibola; historical background study
Holland, F. Ross (Francis Ross), 1927-

F801 .H68
New Mexico's troubled years, the story of the early Territorial Governors
Horn, Calvin

E78 .S7 J64
Storms brewed in other men's worlds: the confrontation of Indians, Spanish, and French in the Southwest, 1540-1795
John, Elizabeth Ann Harper, 1928

E184 .S75 J69 2009
Hispanic reflections on the American landscape: identifying and interpreting Hispanic heritage = Reflejos hispanos en el paisaje americano: identificación e interpretación de la herencia hispana
Joyner, Brian D.

F801 .K35
The fabulous frontier; twelve New Mexico items
Keleher, William Aloysius, 1886-1972

F801 .K355
Turmoil in New Mexico, 1846-1868
Keleher, William Aloysius, 1886-1972

F797 .K47
The missions of New Mexico since 1776
Kessell, John L.

NA5230 .N6 K8 1973
Religious architecture of New Mexico; in the colonial period and since the American occupation
Kubler, George, 1912-

F799 .L38 1980
The Southwest
Lavender, David Sievert, 1910-

F804 .E4 L5
Culture of a contemporary rural community, El Cerrito, New Mexico
Leonard, Olen E. (Olen Earl), 1909-

Z2681 .L48 1996
Library of Congress Hispanic and Portuguese collections: an illustrated guide
Library of Congress

F799 .L76
Pedro Vial and the roads to Santa Fe
Loomis, Noel M., 1905-

F801.2 .L86 1979
Haunted highways: the ghost towns of New Mexico
Looney, Ralph

F312 .S67 1993
The Spanish missions of La Florida
McEwan, Bonnie G. (Bonnie Gair), 1954-

F790 .A1 M85 2001
The multicultural Southwest: a reader
Meléndez, A. Gabriel (Anthony Gabriel)

F1226 .O94 2000
The Oxford history of Mexico
Meyer, Michael C.

KF5569 .M49 1984
Water in the Hispanic Southwest: a social and legal history, 1550-1850
Meyer, Michael C.

F802 .M38 P4
The Maxwell land grant
Pearson, Jim Berry

F802 .M38 M66 2001
Translating property: the Maxwell Land Grant and the conflict over land in the American West, 1840-1900
Montoya, María E., 1964-

F799 .M795
The presidio: bastion of the Spanish borderlands
Moorhead, Max L.

F802 .S22 M9 1993
Salinas Pueblo Missions: national monument, New Mexico
Murphy, Dan

F801 .M39 M87 1983
Lucien Bonaparte Maxwell, Napoleon of the Southwest
Murphy, Lawrence R., 1942-

F797 .R43 2001
Recording a vanishing legacy: the historic American buildings survey in New Mexico, 1933-today
New Mexico Architectural Foundation

F870 .M6 N5
The old mission churches and historic houses of California; their history, architecture, art and lore
Newcomb, Rexford, 1886-1968

E78 .N65 C8 NO.11
El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro
Palmer, Gabrielle G., 1938-

F797 .P545 2004
Roadside New Mexico: a guide to historic markers
Pike, David, 1964-

F799 .P85
Spanish mission churches of New Mexico
Prince, L. Bradford (Le Baron Bradford), 1840-1922

E184 .S75 R67 2002
Brown: the last discovery of America
Rodriguez, Richard

F804 .E4 R8
A camera report on El Cerrito, a typical Spanish-American community in New Mexico
Rusinow, Irving

E184 .S75 C66 2013
Comparative colonialism, the Spanish black legend and Spain's legacy in the United States: perspectives on American Latino heritage and our national story
Sánchez, Joseph P.

F799 .S27 1980
The road to Cíbola
Sauer, Carl Ortwin, 1889-

F804 .S2 S45
The Palace of the Governors
Shishkin, J. K.

F799 .S59 1996
Coronado's land: essays on daily life in colonial New Mexico
Simmons, Marc

F786 .S56 2001
Following the Santa Fe Trail: a guide for modern travelers
Simmons, Marc

F1413 .S55 2005
Modern Latin America
Skidmore, Thomas E.

F869 .S175 S54 1932
The Mission of San Antonio de Padua (California)
Smith, Frances Norris Rand

E184 .S75 H57 2006
Hispanic heritage at the Smithsonian: a decade of Latino initiatives
Smithsonian Latino Center

F817 .T8 M5 1971
Mission church and grounds: Tumacacori National Monument, Arizona
Southwest Parks and Monuments Association

F797 .S83
Monuments of New Mexico
Stewart, Ronald L.

F801 .S9
Seeds of discord: New Mexico in the aftermath of the American conquest, 1846-1861
Sunseri, Alvin R.

F802 .M38 M327
O. P. McMains and the Maxwell land grant conflict
Taylor, Morris F.

E99 .P9 T47
Pueblos, gods, and Spaniards
Terrell, John Upton, 1900-

E184 .S75 T63 2005
Translation nation: defining a new American identity in the Spanish-speaking United States
Tobar, Héctor, 1963-

E78 .N65 S38 NO.13
The Mission of San Gregorio de Abó; a report on the excavation and repair of a seventeenth-century New Mexico mission
Toulouse, Joseph H.

E123 .A22
Our own Spanish-American citizens and the Southwest which they colonized
United States. Dept. of the Interior

F799 .A4 1991
Alternative concepts for commemorating Spanish colonization: Spanish colonization study, New Mexico
United States. National Park Service

E184 .S75 A56 2013
American Latinos and the making of the United States: a theme study
United States. National Park Service

KDZ76 .V2
The background of Hispanic-American law: legal sources and juridical literature of Spain
Vance, John Thomas, 1884-1943

F799 .V4413 1976
The Dominguez-Escalante journal: their expedition through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico in 1776
Vélez de Escalante, Silvestre, d. 1792

BV2190 .W35 2002
Mission San Juan Capistrano: a place of peace
Walker, Kathleen

E59 .C58 W43 2005
Bárbaros: Spaniards and their savages in the Age of Enlightenment
Weber, David J.

E184 .M5 W42 1973
Foreigners in their native land; historical roots of the Mexican Americans
Weber, David J.

F799 .N48
New Spain's far northern frontier: essays on Spain in the American West, 1540-1821
Weber, David J.

F799 .W42 1992
The Spanish frontier in North America
Weber, David J.

F319 .B7 W43 2007
Small park, large issues: De Soto National Memorial and the commemoration of a difficult history
Whisnant, David E., 1938-

F801 .W7
New Mexico; a guide to the colorful state compiled by workers of the Writers' program of the Work projects administration in the state of New Mexico
Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of New Mexico.

NK824 .H67 1977
Hispanic crafts of the Southwest: an exhibition catalogue
Wroth, William, 1938-

N6538 .H58 Y67 2001
Arte latino: treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Yorba, Jonathan, 1958-