This list represents a selection of recently published books for a general audience, on energy, available at the Interior Library. Within each section, the books are arranged alphabetically by author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.



TJ163.235 .E53 1995
Encyclopedia of energy technology and the environment
Bisio, Attilio

HD9502 .A1 K36 2006
Key world energy statistics from the IEA
International Energy Agency

TJ163.2 .R576 2008
The Rough Guide to energy and our planet

HD9502 .A2 S543 2005
Energy at the crossroads: global perspectives and uncertainties
Smil, Vaclav

QH510 .S63 2008
Energy in nature and society: general energetics of complex systems
Smil, Vaclav

TJ163.5 .S623 1994
Energy in world history
Smil, Vaclav

TJ163.3 .W85 1999
Energy efficiency manual: for everyone who uses energy, pays for utilities, controls energy usage, designs and builds, is interested in energy and environmental preservation
Wulfinghoff, Donald

Energy Policy

KF2120 .E54 2005
Energy Policy Act of 2005: law and explanation
Commerce Clearing House

TK1078 .F35 2008
Nuclear power's role in generating electricity
Falk, Justin Robert

HD9685 .U5 F6144 2010
Smart power: climate change, the smart grid, and the future of electric utilities
Fox-Penner, Peter S., 1955-

HD9502 .A2 K524 2009
Rising powers, shrinking planet: the new geopolitics of energy
Klare, Michael T., 1942-

TP355 .K86 2005
The long emergency: surviving the converging catastrophes of the twenty-first century
Kunstler, James Howard

TD898.12 .N3 U5226 2006
Uncertainty underground: Yucca Mountain and the nation's high-level nuclear waste
Macfarlane, Allison

KF2120 .E543 2006
Energy Policy Act of 2005: summary and analysis of the act's major provisions
McIntyre, Kevin J.

HD9502 .A2 M656 2010
The powers that be: global energy for the twenty-first century and beyond
Montgomery, Scott L.

TJ163.2 .O3835 2007
Environment, power, and society for the twenty-first century: the hierarchy of energy
Odum, Howard T. (Howard Thomas), 1924-2002

TD898.15 .P69 2008
America's nuclear wastelands: politics, accountability, and cleanup
Power, Max Singleton, 1942-

TD195 .E49 S66 2002
Energy, the environment, and public opinion
Smith, Eric R. A. N.

TP318 .F84 2005
Fueling the future: how the battle over energy is changing everything
Solomon, Evan

HD9502 .U52 E445 2007
Energy and American society: thirteen myths
Sovacool, Benjamin K.

KF2120 .Z9 T65 2011
Energy law in a nutshell
Tomain, Joseph P., 1948-

HD242.5 .U77 2011
Oil and gas lease utilization: onshore and offshore: report to the president
United States. Dept. of the Interior

HD242.5 .U77 2012
Oil and gas lease utilization, onshore and offshore: updated report to the president
United States. Dept. of the Interior

Moving Toward Cleaner Energy Alternatives

TJ163.2 .E4865 2002
Energy: science, policy, and the pursuit of sustainability
Bent, Robert D.

K3981 .E557 2003
Energy law and sustainable development
Bradbrook, Adrian J.

TD887 .F69 B78 2008
Coming clean: breaking America's addiction to oil and coal
Brune, Michael, 1971-

TJ163.25 .U6 B79 2008
Gusher of lies: the dangerous delusions of "energy independence"
Bryce, Robert

TJ808 .C37 2000
Prospects for sustainable energy: a critical assessment
Cassedy, Edward S.

HD9502.5 .C543 U64 2009
Climate 2030: a national blueprint for a clean energy economy
Cleetus, Rachel

TJ163.2 .E86 2007
Fueling our future: an introduction to sustainable energy
Evans, Robert L., 1945-

GE197 .F76 2008
Hot, flat, and crowded: why we need a green revolution-- and how it can renew America
Friedman, Thomas L.

HD9502 .U52 H336 2008
A declaration of energy independence: how freedom from foreign oil can improve national security, our economy, and the environment
Hakes, Jay E.

HC110 .E5 H625 2008
Green: your place in the new energy revolution
Hoffman, Jane S., 1964-

HD9502 .A2 H93 2006
The bottomless well: the twilight of fuel, the virtue of waste, and why we will never run out of energy
Huber, Peter W. (Peter William), 1952-

HD9502 .U52 I536 2008
Apollo's fire: igniting America's clean-energy economy
Inslee, Jay

TJ163.4 .U6 K78 2008
Earth, the sequel: the race to reinvent energy and stop global warming
Krupp, Fred

HD9502 .U52 L38 2009
A clean energy bargain: more jobs, less global warming pollution, and greater security for less than the cost of a postage stamp
Lashof, Daniel A.

TD195 .E49 E528 2011
Energy development and wildlife conservation in western North America
Naugle, David E.

TJ808 .O34 2012
Sustainable energy roadmaps: guiding the global shift to domestic renewables
Ochs, Alexander

TD145 .P46 2008
The clean tech revolution: discover the top trends, technologies, and companies to watch
Pernick, Ron

TJ808 .R36 2008
Energy for sustainability: technology, planning, policy
Randolph, John

HD9502 .U52 R49 2008
Leading by example: how we can inspire an energy and security revolution
Richardson, Bill, 1947 Nov. 15-

HD9566 .S36 2008
Freedom from oil: how the next president can end the United States' oil addiction
Sandalow, David

HD9685 .U5 S697 2008
The dirty energy dilemma: what's blocking clean power in the United States
Sovacool, Benjamin K.

HD9502 .U52 T66 2011
Ending dirty energy policy: prelude to climate change
Tomain, Joseph P., 1948-

TD883.5 .A17 B27 2004
A balanced energy plan for the interior
West Western Resource Advocates

TD885.5 .G73 G58 1993
Global energy strategies: living with restricted greenhouse gas emissions
White, James C. (James Carrick), 1916-

TP358 .Z83 2007
Energy victory: winning the war on terror by breaking free of oil
Zubrin, Robert

Renewable Energy

HD9681 .A2 B73 2006
Solar revolution: the economic transformation of the global energy industry
Bradford, Travis

TJ808 .C47 2004
Renewable energy in nontechnical language
Chambers, Ann

QE75 .C5 NO.1249
Geothermal energy: clean power from the Earth's heat
Duffield, Wendell A.

HD9502 .U52 D84 2008
The new energy economy: putting America on the path to solving global warming
Duke, Richard D., 1969-

TP359 .H8 D83 2001
Hydrogen futures: toward a sustainable energy system
Dunn, Seth

TP339 .R42 2009
Red, white, and green: transforming U.S. biofuels
Earley, Jane

TJ820 .G565 2003
Wind power: renewable energy for home, farm, and business
Gipe, Paul

TJ808 .K36 2011
The renewable revolution: how we can fight climate change, prevent energy wars, revitalize the economy, and transition to a sustainable future
Kamal, Sajed, 1945-

TP360 .K36 2010
Growing a green energy future: a primer and vision for sustainable biomass energy
Kemp, Arlana

TJ163.2 .K456 2001
Energy alternatives and the environment
King, William Edward, 1925-

TJ808.7 .U6 A883 2003
Assessing the potential for renewable energy on public lands
Kirby, Michael J.

TJ808 .K37 2010
Powering the low-carbon economy: the once and future roles of renewable energy and natural gas
Kitasei, Saya

TD195 .W54 O44 2006
Offshore wind energy: research on environmental impacts
Koeller, Julia

TP359 .B46 P34 2008
Biodiesel: growing a new energy economy
Pahl, Greg

TJ808 .B56 2008
Biofuels, solar and wind as renewable energy systems: benefits and risks
Pimentel, David, 1925-

TK1541 .R54 1996
Wind energy in America: a history
Righter, Robert W.

TP261 .H9 R65 2004
The hype about hydrogen: fact and fiction in the race to save the climate
Romm, Joseph J.

TJ808 .S28 2004
Mainstreaming renewable energy in the 21st century
Sawin, Janet L.

TJ163.2 .S33 2007
Energy autonomy: the economic, social and technological case for renewable energy
Scheer, Hermann, 1944-

HD9502.5 .B543 U665 2009
Renewable energy from forest resources in the United States
Solomon, Barry D. (Barry David), 1955-

HD9502.5 .W55 V37 2011
Winds of change: the environmental movement and the global development of the wind energy industry
Vasi, Ion Bogdan

T174.3 .W54 2002
Technology transfer for renewable energy: overcoming barriers in developing countries
Wilkins, Gill

HD9502.5 .W554 C37 2007
Cape wind: money, celebrity, class, politics, and the battle for our energy future on Nantucket Sound
Williams, Wendy, 1950-

HD9502.5 .W55 W45 2011
A national offshore wind strategy: creating an offshore wind energy industry in the United States
Wind and Hydropower Technologies Program (U.S.)

TJ808 .A547 2006
American energy: the renewable path to energy security
Worldwatch Institute

Fossil Fuels

TN859 .U5 O35 2005
Oil shale development in the United States: prospects and policy issues
Bartis, James T., 1945-

HD9560.5 .B568 2010
Oil: money, politics, and power in the 21st century
Bower, Tom

HD9560.9 .C3245 2005
Oil crisis
Campbell, C. J. (Colin John), 1931-

TD427 .P4 C386 2010
Disaster on the horizon: high stakes, high risks, and the story behind the Deepwater well blowout
Cavnar, Bob, 1953-

E99 .N3 C45 2000
Under sacred ground: a history of Navajo oil, 1922-1982
Chamberlain, Kathleen (Kathleen P.)

TK1061 .C49 1999
Natural gas & electric power in nontechnical language
Chambers, Ann

HD9574 C23 B42 1997
Breaking ice with finesse: oil & gas exploration in the Canadian Arctic
Clark, Karin, 1967-

TJ163.2 .C73 2010
A cubic mile of oil: realities and options for averting the looming global energy crisis
Crane, Hewitt D.

TP350 .D37 2004
High noon for natural gas: the new energy crisis
Darley, Julian, 1958-

HD9560.5 .D68 2009
Oil 101
Downey, Morgan

HD9560.5 .E24 2000
The color of oil: the history, the money and the politics of the world's biggest business
Economides, Michael J.

TD427 .P4 F55 2001
The basics of oil spill cleanup
Fingas, Mervin F.

KF1856 .F58 2001
The seaweed rebellion: federal-state conflicts over offshore energy development
Fitzgerald, Edward A., 1949-

TN805 .A5 F857 2003
Coal: a human history
Freese, Barbara (Barbara E.)

TD196 .P4 F74 2011
Blowout in the Gulf: the BP oil spill disaster and the future of energy in America
Freudenburg, William R.

HD9565 .F73 1994
Oil in troubled waters: perceptions, politics, and the battle over offshore drilling
Freudenburg, William R.

HD9566 .G56 2008
Drill here, drill now, pay less: a handbook for slashing gas prices and solving our energy crisis
Gingrich, Newt

TN805 .A5 G665 2006
Big coal: the dirty secret behind America's energy future
Goodell, Jeff

HD9565 .G73 1996
Oil on the edge: offshore development, conflict, gridlock
Gramling, Robert, 1943-

TD195 .P4 H25 2003
Petroleum and the environment
Harrison, William E.

QH545 .O57 S46 2008
Should drilling be permitted in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge?
Haugen, David M., 1969-

HD9565 .H64 2010
Why we hate the oil companies: straight talk from an energy insider
Hofmeister, John

HD9565 .J84 2008
The tyranny of oil: the world's most powerful industry--and what we must do to stop it
Juhasz, Antonia

TN871.3 .L5 2003
Deepwater petroleum exploration & production: a nontechnical guide
Leffler, William L.

QH76.5 .A4 A737 2001
Arctic refuge: a circle of testimony
Lentfer, Hank

HD9567 .A4 P65 2008
The political economy of oil in Alaska: multinationals vs. the state
McBeath, Jerry

HD9502 .U52 M395 2008
Caribou and Conoco: rethinking environmental politics in Alaska's ANWR and beyond
McMonagle, Robert John

HD9560.5 .M367 2006
It's the crude, dude: greed, gas, war, and the American way
McQuaig, Linda, 1951-

HD242.5 .O34 1985
Offshore lands: oil and gas leasing and conservation on the outer continental shelf
Mead, Walter J.

TP326 .U6 N37 2007
Coal: research and development to support national energy policy
National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Coal Research, Technology, and Resource Assessments to Inform Energy Policy

TD427 .P4 N386 2006
Oil spill response: a global perspective
NATO/CCMS Workshop on Oil Spill Response (3rd: 2006: Dartmouth, N. S.)

HD9565 .O6473 2000
Oil and ideology: the cultural creation of the American petroleum industry
Olien, Roger M., 1938-

TD427 .P4 O8288 2008
Not one drop: betrayal and courage in the wake of the Exxon Valdez oil spill
Ott, Riki

E902 .P47 2006B
American theocracy: the peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and borrowed money in the 21st century
Phillips, Kevin P.

TD427 .P4 R39 2011
In too deep: BP and the drilling race that took it down
Reed, Stanley, 1950-

HD9567 .A4 R63 1997
Crude dreams: a personal history of oil & politics in Alaska
Roderick, Jack

TP317 .U5 S33 2002
High altitude energy: a history of fossil fuels in Colorado
Scamehorn, H. Lee (Howard Lee), 1926-

HD9567 .C2 S65 1998
An ocean of oil: a century of political struggle over petroleum off the California coast
Sollen, Robert

HD9567 .A4 S72 2006
Oil, globalization, and the war for the Arctic Refuge
Standlea, David M., 1956-

HD9574 .M63 S74 2011
Drowning in oil: BP and the reckless pursuit of profit
Steffy, Loren C.

HD9502 .A2 T34 2006
Lives per gallon: the true cost of our oil addiction
Tamminen, Terry

TD427 .P4 U62 2011
Deep water: the Gulf oil disaster and the future of offshore drilling: recommendations United States.
National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

TD427 .P4 U6 2011
Deep water: the Gulf oil disaster and the future of offshore drilling: report to the President
United States. National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling

TN871.3 .V56 2010
Offshore risk assessment: principles, modeling, and applications of QRA studies
Vinnem, Jan Erik