Community-Based Conservation of Natural Resources

What Is It?

"Collaborative and community-based approaches to natural resources management are ... manifested in the increasing numbers of partnerships, consensus groups, community-based collaboratives, watershed councils, and similar groups ... collaborative conservation draws upon theories of democracy, international development, and alternative dispute resolution." -- Alex Conley and Ann Moote, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, University of Arizona

This list represents a selection of recently published books on community-based conservation, available at the U.S. Department of the Interior Library. Books are listed alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.


QH75 .C58 2001
Communities and the environment: ethnicity, gender, and the state in community-based conservation
Agrawal, Arun, 1962-

HC110 .E5 B47 1997
The ecology of hope: communities collaborate for sustainability
Bernard, Ted

KF3775 .B44 1986
Resolving environmental disputes: a decade of experience
Bingham, Gail

S944.53 .C65 B66 2007
The conservation professional's guide to working with people
Bonar, Scott A.

GE198 .W47 A27 2001
Across the Great Divide: explorations in collaborative conservation and the American West
Brick, Philip D.

GE197 .W65 1996
A wolf in the garden: the land rights movement and the new environmental debate
Brick, Philip D.

QH76 .S63 2001
State conservation agreements: creating effective partnerships for proactive conservation: a summary report of a national policy dialogue
Brogden, Mette

SD11 .A45644 NO.182
Collaborative capacity, problem framing, and mutual trust in addressing the wildland fire social problem: an annotated reading list
Brooks, Jeffrey J.

GF21 .V37 1996
Valuing local knowledge: indigenous people and intellectual property rights
Brush, Stephen B., 1943-

QH75 .C247 2006
Casting for conservation actors: people, partnerships and wildlife
Castillo, Oscar

KF5698 .Z9 C47 1999
Beyond the hundredth meeting: a field guide to collaborative conservation on the West's public lands
Cestero, Barb

HC79 .E5 T476 1997
Thinking ecologically: the next generation of environmental policy
Chertow, Marian R.

SD565 .F539 2008
Forest community connections: implications for research, management, and governance
Donoghue, Ellen M. (Ellen Mary)

HD205 .L34 2012
Land for people: the Trust for Public Land and the future of conservation
Egan, Timothy

GE170 .G86 1995
Barriers and bridges to the renewal of ecosystems and institutions
Gunderson, Lance H.

HD256 .H77 1997
Balancing nature and commerce in gateway communities
Howe, Jim

QH75 .J335 1999
Communication skills for conservation professionals
Jacobson, Susan Kay

GE155 .W47 R43 1998
Reclaiming the Native home of hope: community, ecology, and the American West
Keiter, Robert B.

KF3775 .K35 1999
Analysis of institutional innovation in the natural resources and environmental realm: the emergence of alternative problem-solving strategies in the American West
Kenney, Douglas S., 1964-

KF5569 .K36 2000
Arguing about consensus: examining the case against western watershed initiatives and other collaborative groups active in natural resources management
Kenney, Douglas S., 1964-

HD1695 .W32 I62 2005
In search of sustainable water management: international lessons for the American West and beyond
Kenney, Douglas S., 1964-

QH76 .K46 1997
Resource management at the watershed level: an assessment of the changing federal role in the emerging era of community-based watershed management: report to the Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission
Kenney, Douglas S., 1964-

S936 .C66 2008
Conservation for a new generation: redefining natural resources management
Knight, Richard L.

HD205 .S74 1998
Stewardship across boundaries
Knight, Richard L.

GE170 .C635 2004
Collaborative environmental management: what roles for government?
Koontz, Tomas M.

QH541.15 .B56 T35 2010
Taking stock of nature: participatory biodiversity assessment for policy, planning and practice
Lawrence, Anna, MSc.

QH75 .L38 1999
For the health of the land: previously unpublished essays and other writings
Leopold, Aldo

QH81 .L56 1981
Sand County almanac
Leopold, Aldo

HM716 .M39 2001
Collaboration: what makes it work?
Mattessich, Paul

QH75 .A1 E95 1995
Expanding partnerships in conservation
McNeely, Jeffrey A.

QH75 .E327 2002
Ecosystem management: adaptive, community-based conservation
Meffe, Gary K.

SD561 .M46 2007
Our forest, your ecosystem, their timber: communities, conservation, and the state in community-based forest management
Menzies, Nicholas K.

GE220 .J87 2002
Justice and natural resources: concepts, strategies, and applications
Mutz, Kathryn M.

QH31 .L618 N49 2006
Aldo Leopold's odyssey
Newton, Julianne Lutz

QH75 .P798 2002
Biodiversity, sustainability, and human communities: protecting beyond the protected
O'Riordan, Timothy

QH76 .C65 1995
Collaborative planning for wetlands and wildlife: issues and examples
Porter, Douglas R. Porter

E98 .S7 T6 2000
To build a bridge: an introduction to working with American Indian communities
Poupart, John

QH76 .R55 1997
Resource management at the watershed level: an assessment of the changing Federal role in the emerging era of community-based watershed management
Rieke, Betsy

QH75 .R87 2003
Groundwork for community-based conservation: strategies for social research
Russell, Diane, 1950-

TC423 .S93 2005
Swimming upstream: collaborative approaches to watershed management
Sabatier, Paul A.

TD224 .F6 A63 2005
Adaptive governance and water conflict: new institutions for collaborative planning
Scholz, John T.

QH105 .W8 C635 2003
Beyond the arch: community and conservation in greater Yellowstone and East Africa: proceedings of the 7th Biennial Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem
Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (7th: 2003: Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.)

QH76 .S639 2005
Species at risk: using economic incentives to shelter endangered species on private lands
Shogren, Jason F.

HM746 .C66 1999
The consensus building handbook: a comprehensive guide to reaching agreement
Susskind, Lawrence

SK361 .U745 2006
Special report: countering resource challenges and building community bridges
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

QH76 .W754 2005
Working together: tools for helping imperiled wildlife on private lands
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

KF5698 .Z9 D36 2003
A desktop reference guide to collaborative, community-based planning
United States. Bureau of Land Management

S914 .C645 2004
Cooperative conservation: success through partnerships
United States. Dept. of the Interior

KF3775 .L34 2000
Laws influencing community-based conservation in Colorado and the American West: a primer
University of Colorado, Boulder, Natural Resources Law Center

SD144 .A18 P76 NO.26
Wilderness in the circumpolar north: searching for compatibility in ecological, traditional, and ecotourism values
Watson, Alan E.

QH75 .A1 N337 1994
Natural connections: perspectives in community-based conservation
Western, David

S930 .W43 2005
Faces and places of cooperative conservation: profiles in citizen stewardship
White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation (2005: Saint Louis, Mo.)

S930 .W65 2000
Making collaboration work: lessons from innovation in natural resource management
Wondolleck, Julia Marie