This list represents a selection of recently published books on climate change, available at the Interior Library. Within each section, books are arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.

Science: The Fundamentals

QC981.8 .C5 B715 2007
Earth under fire: how global warming is changing the world
Braasch, Gary

QC981.8 .C5 F438 2005
The weather makers: how man is changing the climate and what it means for life on Earth
Flannery, Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof), 1956-

QC981.8 .G56 H68 2004
Global warming: the complete briefing
Houghton, John Theodore

QC981.8 .C5 M378 2009
Climate change: the science of global warming and our energy future
Mathez, Edmond A.

QC903.2 .U6 U22 2009
Global climate change impacts in the United States: a state of knowledge report
U.S. Global Change Research Program


Further Explorations in Science

QC981.8 .G56 A723 2009
The long thaw: how humans are changing the next 100,000 years of Earth's climate
Archer, David, 1960-

QC879.59 .B69 2005
Thin ice: unlocking the secrets of climate in the world's highest mountains
Bowen, Mark (Mark Stander)

QC903.2 .U6 C65 2012
The melting edge: Alaska at the frontier of climate change
Collier, Michael, 1950-

QC884 .C69 2002
Climate crash: abrupt climate change and what it means for our future
Cox, John D.

QC981.8 .C5 F62 2006
We are the weather makers: the story of global warming
Flannery, Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof), 1956-

QC994.8 .H3 2004
Impacts of a warming Arctic: Arctic Climate Impact Assessment
Hassol, Susan

QL737 .C27 K39 2008
The last polar bear: facing the truth of a warming world
Kazlowski, Steven

TJ163.4 .U6 K78 2008
Earth, the sequel: the race to reinvent energy and stop global warming
Krupp, Fred

QC981.8 .G56 H35 2004
Heat advisory: how global warming causes more bad air days
Lashof, Daniel A.

QC981.8 .C5 A26 2002
Abrupt climate change: inevitable surprises
National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on Abrupt Climate Change

QC869 .N38 2012
A national strategy for advancing climate modeling
National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on a National Strategy for Advancing Climate Modeling

QC981.8 .C5 C55 2001
Climate change science: an analysis of some key questions
National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on the Science of Climate Change

QC981.8 .C5 P415 2007
With speed and violence: why scientists fear tipping points in climate change
Pearce, Fred

QC981 .R763 2005
Plows, plagues, and petroleum: how humans took control of climate
Ruddiman, W. F. (William F.), 1943-

QC981.8 .G56 S553 2007
Unstoppable global warming: every 1,500 years
Singer, S. Fred (Siegfried Fred), 1924-

QC994.8 .O27 2008
Observing the Arctic: report of the Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks (SAON) Initiating Group
Sustaining Arctic Observing Networks Initiating Group

QC981.8 .G56 W43 2003
The discovery of global warming
Weart, Spencer R., 1942-

E99 .E7 W777 2004
The whale and the supercomputer: on the northern front of climate change
Wohlforth, Charles P.


Scientific Uncertainty and Alternative Views on Global Warming

QC902.8 .B45 2011
Climate of corruption: politics and power behind the global warming hoax
Bell, Larry, 1938-

QC981.8 .G56 B69 2008
Censoring science: inside the political attack on Dr. James Hansen and the truth of global warming
Bowen, Mark (Mark Stander)

QC981.8 .G56 B7 2011
Global warming and political intimidation: how politicians cracked down on scientists as the earth heated up
Bradley, Raymond S., 1948-

Q125 .A227 2007
Atmosphere of pressure: political interference in federal climate science
Donaghy, Timothy

QC903 .H2185 2010
Requiem for a species: why we resist the truth about climate change
Hamilton, Clive

QC903 .H64 2009
Climate cover-up: the crusade to deny global warming
Hoggan, James, 1946-

QC883.2 .S6 H69 1997
The role of the sun in climate change
Hoyt, Douglas V.

QC981.8 .C5 H825 2009
Why we disagree about climate change: understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity
Hulme, M. (Michael)

QC981.8 .G56 L657 2007
Cool it: the skeptical environmentalist's guide to global warming
Lomborg, Bjørn, 1965-

QC981.8 .C5 S5 2005
Shattered consensus: the true state of global warming
Michaels, Patrick J.

QC981.8 .G56 M65 2010
The hockey stick illusion: Climategate and the corruption of science
Montford, A. W.

QC912.3 .S33 2010
Science as a contact sport: inside the battle to save Earth's climate
Schneider, Stephen Henry

QC981.8 .G56 S65 2008
The deniers: the world renowned scientists who stood up against global warming hysteria, political persecution, and fraud and those who are too fearful to do so
Solomon, Lawrence

QC981.8 .G56 S645 2008
Climate confusion: how global warming hysteria leads to bad science, pandering politicians, and misguided policies that hurt the poor
Spencer, Roy W.

QC981.8 .G56 S87 2010
Climategate: a veteran meteorologist exposes the global warming scam
Sussman, Brian

QC981.8 .C5 S939 2007
The chilling stars: a new theory of climate change
Svensmark, Henrik


Conservation of Natural Resources in an Era of Climate Changes

QC981.8 .C5 C5113823 2006
Climate change and managed ecosystems
Bhatti, J. S. (Jagtar S.)

QE75 .C5 no.1331
Climate change and water resources management: a federal perspective
Brekke, Levi D.

SD11 .A45617 NO.706
Bringing climate change into natural resource management
Bringing Climate Change into Natural Resource Management (2005: Portland, Or.)

QC981.8 .C5 C626 2008
A climate for life: meeting the global challenge / CEMEX ; foreword by Harrison Ford and Edward O. Wilson
Cemex, S.A. de C.V.

QK754.5 .C73 2008
Plants at the margin: ecological limits and climate change
Crawford, R. M. M.

QC903.2 .U6 D43 2011
A great aridness: climate change and the future of the American southwest
DeBuys, William Eno

TD223 .G58 2000
Water: the potential consequences of climate variability and change for the water resources of the United States
Gleick, Peter H.

S936 .H36 2011
Climate savvy: adapting conservation and resource management to a changing world
Hansen, Lara J.

QC903 .H365 2010
Handbook of climate change and agroecosystems: impacts, adaptation, and mitigation
Hillel, Daniel

QH75 .C56 2012
Climate and conservation: landscape and seascape science, planning, and action
Hilty, Jodi A.

QC981.8 .C5 H645 2007
Unnatural disaster: global warming and our national parks
Hoffman, Jennie

QC981.8 .C5 K44 2008
Climate change and globalization in the arctic: an integrated approach to vulnerability assessment
Keskitalo, E. C. H. (Eva Carina Helena), 1974-

QC985.5 .N67 E37 2002
The earth is faster now: indigenous observations of arctic environmental change
Krupnik, Igor

QH541.15 .B56 C62 2005
Climate change and biodiversity
Lovejoy, Thomas E.

QC981.8 .C5 H84 1995
Human ecology and climate change: people and resources in the Far North
Peterson, David L. (David Lawrence), 1954-

SD11 .A45617 NO.855
Responding to climate change in national forests: a guidebook for developing adaptation options
Peterson, David L. (David Lawrence), 1954-

SD11 .A45644 no.250
Climate change, aquatic ecosystems, and fishes in the Rocky Mountain west: implications and alternatives for management / Bruce E. Rieman and Daniel J. Isaak
Rieman, Bruce E.

QC981.8 .C5 R415 2006
Regional climate change and variability: impacts and responses
Ruth, Matthias

QC981.8 .C5 S245 2006
Losing ground: western national parks endangered by climate disruption
Saunders, Stephen

QC982.8 .W56 2002
Wildlife responses to climate change: North American case studies
Schneider, Stephen Henry

QC981.8 .G56 E344 2008
The effects of climate change on agriculture, land resources, water resources, and biodiversity in the United States
Walsh, Margaret

GC89 .W37 2010
The flooded earth: our future in a world without ice caps
Ward, Peter Douglas, 1949-

QC981.8 .C5 E34 2008
Effects of climate change on energy production and use in the United States
Wilbanks, Thomas J.

SB611 .Z57 2011
Weed biology and climate change
Ziska, Lewis H.


Social Impacts of Climate Change

QC981.8 .G56 F34 2008
The great warming: climate change and the rise and fall of civilizations
Fagan, Brian M.

QC981.8 .C5 F34 2005
The long summer: how climate changed civilization
Fagan, Brian M.

QC981.8 .C5 F348 2009
Forecast: the surprising and immediate consequenses [sic] of climate change
Faris, Stephan

HB849.415 .F57 2002
The crowded greenhouse: population, climate change, and creating a sustainable world
Firor, John

GE197 .F76 2008
Hot, flat, and crowded: why we need a green revolution-- and how it can renew America
Friedman, Thomas L.

QC981.8 .C5 G378 2008
The ethics of climate change: right and wrong in a warming world
Garvey, James, 1967-

GC296.8 .E4 G53 2001
Currents of change: impacts of El Niño and La Nina on climate and society
Glantz, Michael H.

QC981.8 .C5 L567 2006
The winds of change: climate, weather, and the destruction of civilizations
Linden, Eugene

QH343.4 .L694 2007
The revenge of Gaia: earth's climate in crisis and the fate of humanity
Lovelock, James, 1919-

QC981.8 .G56 L98 2004
High tide: the truth about our climate crisis
Lynas, Mark, 1973-

QC981.8 .G56 L983 2008
Six degrees: our future on a hotter planet
Lynas, Mark, 1973-

QC981.8 .C5 M3895 2011
Earth: making a life on a tough new planet
McKibben, Bill 

QC903.2 .U6 S43 2009
Potential impacts of climate change in the United States
Shackleton, Robert, 1956-

QC981.8 .C5 T53 2006
The ravaging tide: strange weather, future Katrinas, and the coming death of America's coastal cities
Tidwell, Mike


Climate Change Law, Policy and Economics

KF3783 .U53 2010
Understanding recent climate change developments: an immediate look at new environmental litigation and legislation regarding climate change
Aspatore, Inc.

KF3783 .W67 2009
Working with government agencies in climate change law: leading lawyers on communicating with government officials, understanding legal challenges, and navigating recent and upcoming climate change regulations
Aspatore, Inc.

QC903.2 .U6 B456 2010
Clean energy common sense: an American call to action on global climate change
Beinecke, Frances

TD885 .B79 2012
Integrating climate, energy, and air pollution policies
Bryner, Gary C., 1951-

GE170 .F5 2003
Firms, governments, and climate policy: incentive-based policies for long-term climate change
Carraro, Carlo

KF3775 .G58 2007
Global climate change and U.S. law
Gerrard, Michael

GE195 .G54 2012
Climate management issues: economics, sociology, and politics
Gines, Julie K.

TD885.5 .G73 G64 2000
Applying the precautionary principle to global warming
Goklany, Indur M.

QC981.8 .G56 G6735 2009
Our choice: a plan to solve the climate crisis
Gore, Albert, 1948-

QC981.8 .G56 G73 1999
Climate change policy options and impacts: perspectives on risk reduction, emissions trading, and carbon taxes
Green, Kenneth Philip, 1961-

QC981.8 .C5 I338 2007
Ignition: what you can do to fight global warming and spark a movement
Isham, Jonathan

GE300 .C48 2001
Changing the atmosphere: expert knowledge and environmental governance
Miller, Clark A.

KF3783 .N65 2011
Climate change and sustainable development law in a nutshell
Nolon, John R.

QC981.8 .G56 N667 2008
A question of balance: weighing the options on global warming policies
Nordhaus, William D.

QC981.8 .C5 A28 2004
Adapt or die: the science, politics and economics of climate change
Okonski, Kendra

QC981.8 .G56 P535 2010
The climate fix: what scientists and politicians won't tell you about global warming
Pielke, Roger A., 1968-

QC903 .P766 2010
The climate war: true believers, power brokers, and the fight to save the Earth
Pooley, Eric

GE180 .G7537 2010
Greenhouse governance: addressing climate change in America
Rabe, Barry George, 1957-

QC981.8 .C5 R33 2004
Statehouse and greenhouse: the emerging politics of American climate change policy
Rabe, Barry George, 1957-

GE300 .R42 2005
Climate change begins at home: life on the two-way street of global warming
Reay, Dave, 1972-

QC981.8 .C5 R59 2007
A climate of injustice: global inequality, North-South politics, and climate policy
Roberts, J. Timmons

S589.7 .S337 2009
Mitigating climate change through food and land use
Scherr, Sara J.

QC903.2 .U6 N39 2011
Navigating climate change policy: the opportunities of federalism
Schlager, Edella, 1960-

QC981.8 .C5 C511416 2002
Climate change policy: a survey
Schneider, Stephen Henry

QC981.8 .G56 S62 2008
Seven wonders for a cool planet: everyday things to help solve global warming
Sorensen, Eric, 1957-

HC260 .E5 E355 2007
The economics of climate change: the Stern review
Stern, N. H. (Nicholas Herbert)

HM1101 .S864 2007
Worst-case scenarios
Sunstein, Cass R.

KF1299 .C5 C47 2008
Climate change litigation, regulation and risk
Thomson Reuters

QC981.8 .G56 E26 2003
The economics of climate change: a primer
United States. Congressional Budget Office

QC981.8 .C5 V5 2004
Climate change: debating America's policy options
Victor, David G.

QC981 .C5 W326 2007
Climate change: the cost of inaction and the cost of adaptation
Watkiss, Paul

Intergovernmental Cooperation

QC981.8 .C5 A72 2007
Architectures for agreement: addressing global climate change in the post-Kyoto world
Aldy, Joseph E.

QC981.8 .C5 C377 2006
The failures of American and European climate policy: international norms, domestic politics, and unachievable commitments
Cass, Loren R., 1968-

QC981.8 .C5 D83 2002
Reading the weathervane: climate policy from Rio to Johannesburg
Dunn, Seth

QC981.8 .C5 I58 2001
International relations and global climate change
Luterbacher, Urs