This list represents a selection of books on the Chesapeake Bay, available at the Interior Library. It is arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.

TC25 .C5 A75
The Baltimore engineers and the Chesapeake Bay, 1961-1987
Arnold, Joseph L.

QC984 .A123 C54 2007
Climate change and the Chesapeake Bay: challenges, impacts, and the multiple benefits of agricultural conservation work
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

HT392.5 .C45 L27 2000
Land and the Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

TD225 .C43 R35 2008
Restoring clean water and the Chesapeake Bay : a plan for America's next president
Chesapeake Bay Foundation

QH104.5 .C45 C447 1987
Chesapeake Bay: introduction to an ecosystem
Chesapeake Bay Program (U.S.)

HC107 .A123 C45 2004
Final Chesapeake Bay special resource study and environmental impact statement: celebrating and conserving a national treasure
Chesapeake Bay Program (U.S.)

F187 .C5 C76 2005
The disappearing islands of the Chesapeake
Cronin, William B.

RA592 .C45 C44 1997
Chesapeake waters: four centuries of controversy, concern, and legislation
Davison, Steven G. (Steven Gebauer)

QH104.5 .C45 E76 2003
Chesapeake Bay blues: science, politics, and the struggle to save the bay
Ernst, Howard R., 1970-

TD225 .C43 E76 2010
Fight for the Bay: why a dark green environmental awakening is needed to save the Chesapeake Bay
Ernst, Howard R., 1970-

QH541.5 .E8 H3 1991
Habitat requirements for Chesapeake Bay living resources
Funderburk, Steven L.

F187 .C5 H67 1987
Bay country
Horton, Tom, 1945-

HC107 .A123 H67 2003
Turning the tide: saving the Chesapeake Bay
Horton, Tom, 1945-

QK122.8 .H875 1989
Field guide to the submerged aquatic vegetation of Chesapeake Bay
Hurley, Linda M.

SH365 .M3 K35 2009
The oyster question: scientists, watermen, and the Maryland Chesapeake Bay since 1880
Keiner, Christine, 1971-

QH104.5 .C45 K5 1967
The Bay; a naturalist discovers a universe of life above and below the Chesapeake
Klingel, Gilbert C.

QE581 .V36 1995
Vanishing lands: sea level, society and Chesapeake Bay
Leatherman, Stephen P.

QH104.5 .C45 L56 1984
Life in the Chesapeake Bay
Lippson, Alice Jane

QL696 .A5 M387 1982
Waterfowl of the Chesapeake Bay country
Meanley, Brooke

QL683 .C48 M4
Birds and marshes of the Chesapeake Bay country
Meanley, Brooke

QL444 .M33 P35 2008
Bad water and the decline of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay
Pelton, Tom

QE75 .C5 NO.1220
The U.S. Geological Survey and the Chesapeake Bay: the role of science in environmental restoration
Phillips, Scott W.

F187 .C5 C43 2007
Chesapeake, bay of light: an exploration of the Chesapeake Bay's wild and forgotten places
Plant, Ian J.

F187 .C5 R675 2007
John Smith's Chesapeake voyages, 1607-1609
Rountree, Helen C., 1944-

GC511 .S368 1986
The life & death of the Chesapeake Bay
Schubel, J. R.

QH104.5 .C45 C447 1982
Chesapeake Bay: introduction to an ecosystem
United States. Environmental Protection Agency

QL84.22 .C43 V65 2001
Chesapeake wildlife: stories of survival and loss
Vojtech, Pat, 1955-

GE155 .C48 W46 2001
The Chesapeake: an environmental biography
Wennersten, John R., 1941-

F187 .C5 W46 2006
Chesapeake: exploring the water trail of Captain John Smith
Williams, John Page, 1942-

TD424.35 .C4 Z9 1995
Chesapeake Bay: measuring pollution reduction
Zynjuk, Linda D.


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