This list represents a selection of books for the general reader on wildfire, including forest fires, available at the Interior Library. It is arranged alphabetically by the author's last name. Please direct inquiries or concerns to the Reference Librarian at 202-208-5815 between 7:45 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday except Federal holidays.


SD420.5 .A21
The role of fire in the Alaska taiga: an unsolved problem
Adams, William H.

SD144 .A13 A55 1993
Fire ecology of Pacific Northwest forests
Agee, James K.

SD421.32 .W2 A27
The fire history of Desolation Peak: a portion of the Ross Lake National Recreation Area: final report
Agee, James K.

QH104.5 .N6 A38 1992
Forest fires of northwest national parks: a monograph
Agee, James K.

SB482 .W2 C882 NO.90-1
Oregon Caves forest and fire history
Agee, James K.

QH545 .F5 A33
Some effects of forest fires on selected streams in Yellowstone National Park
Albin, Douglas P.

SD144 .A13 F67 2004
Forest futures: science, politics, and policy for the next century
Arabas, Karen, 1962-

SD421.32 .W47 A76 2002
Flames in our forest: disaster or renewal?
Arno, Stephen F.

SD144 .A118 A2 NO.187
The historical role of fire on the Bitterroot National Forest
Arno, Stephen F.

SD387 .F52 A76 2005
Mimicking nature's fire: restoring fire-prone forests in the West
Arno, Stephen F.

SD11 .A45614 NO.560
Southwest Oregon Biscuit Fire: an analysis of forest resources and fire severity
Azuma, David L.

SD11 .A45644 NO.187
Accomplishing and applying National Fire Plan research and development from 2001-2005: a summary of critical fire research findings and new tool developments in four key areas: firefighting capacity, rehabilitation and restoration, hazardous fuel reduction, community assistance
Baldwin, V. C.

SD421.32 .Y45 B37 2005
Scorched earth: how the fires of Yellowstone changed America
Barker, Rocky

SD11 .A4542 NO.124
Evaluation of resources at risk from wildland fires
Baumgartner, David C.

SD11 .A4542 NO.72
Wildland fire management economics: a state of the art review and bibliography
Baumgartner, David C.

SD421.32 .W47 B57 2003
Home improvement: a firewise approach
Blake, Cheryl

SD421.3 .W537 2012
Wildfire policy: law and economics perspectives
Bradshaw, Karen

SD11 .A45644 NO.182
Collaborative capacity, problem framing, and mutual trust in addressing the wildland fire social problem: an annotated reading list
Brooks, Jeffrey J.

E78 .W5 T42 NO.24
Post-fire inventory and evaluation in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: the 1989 field season
Cannon, Kenneth P.

E78 .W5 T42 NO.25
Post-fire inventory and evaluation in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming: the 1990 field season
Cannon, Kenneth P.

SD11 .A45633 NO.30
Factors affecting fire suppression costs as identified by incident management teams
Canton-Thompson, Janie

SD421.3 .C37 2002
Burning questions: America's fight with nature's fire
Carle, David, 1950-

SD421.32 .Y45 C37 1989
Summer of fire
Carrier, Jim, 1944-

SD420.55 .F57 1983
Fire in forestry
Chandler, Craig C.

SD421.5 .C68 2011
Prairie fire: a Great Plains history
Courtwright, Julie

SD11 .A454 NO.142
A guide to the appraisal of wildfire damages, benefits, and resource values protected
Crosby, John S.

SD421.3 .P46 2007
People, fire and forests: a synthesis of wildfire social science
Daniel, Terry C.

QH545 .F5 D435 1998
Fire's effects on ecosystems
DeBano, Leonard F.

SD11 .A457 NO.43
The Gaston fire
DeCoste, John H.

QH104 .D44 1989
Fire: a force of nature
De Golia, Jack

SD421.24 .D47 2007
On the fireline: living and dying with wildland firefighters
Desmond, Matthew

SD420.73 .Y4 B8 1989
Burned area survey of Yellowstone National Park: the fires of 1988
Despain, Don G.

SD11 .A454 NO.248
The Legal system, the U.S. Forest Service, and human-caused wild fires
Donoghue, Linda R.

SD11 .A454 NO.298
Status of wildland fire prevention evaluation in the United States
Doolittle, Larry

SD11 .A4662 NO.98
History and legacy of fire effects in the South Carolina piedmont and coastal regions
Fairchilds, Lindsay H.

SD11 .A45614 NO.550
Assessing values of air quality and visibility at risk from wildland fires
Ferguson, Sue A.

SD421.32 .Y45 F7 2000
Yellowstone in the afterglow: lessons from the fires
Franke, Mary Ann

SD421 .F84 1991
Forest fires: an introduction to wildland fire behavior, management, firefighting, and prevention
Fuller, Margaret

QH105 .A5 U55 NO.9
A regional approach to fire history in Alaska
Gabriel, Herman W.

TH9448 .G35
Wildfires: prevention and control
Gaylor, Harry P.

SD11 .A45617 NO.736
Fire social science research: selected highlights
González-Cabán, Armando

SD421.3 .G63 2006
Forest fire/wildfire protection
Gorte, Ross W.

SD11 .A45617 NO.463
The effects of thinning and similar stand treatments on fire behavior in western forests
Graham, Russell T.

SD11 .A45644 NO.115
Hayman fire case study: summary
Graham, Russell T.

TK6570 .M6 G77
Radio for the fireline: a history of electronic communication in the Forest Service, 1905-1975
Gray, Gary Craven

SD421.32 .Y45 G78
Greater Yellowstone area fire situation, 1988
Greater Yellowstone Coordinating Committee

SD421.32 .Y4 G78
Report of the Greater Yellowstone Fire Impact and Recovery Research Workshop: October 14-17, 1988, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana
Greater Yellowstone Fire Impact and Recovery Research Workshop (1988: Montana State University)

SD420.32 .Y35 G7 1989
Ecological consequences of the 1988 fires in the Greater Yellowstone area: final report
Greater Yellowstone Postfire Ecological Assessment Workshop

SD11 .A454 NO.34
Climatic conditions preceding historically great fires in the North Central Region
Haines, Donald A.

SD11 .A454 NO.87
Forest fires in Missouri
Haines, Donald A.

SD11 .A454 NO.158
Forest fires in Pennsylvania
Haines, Donald A.

SD11 .A4542 NO.16
Wildfire atlas of the northeastern and north central States
Haines, Donald A.

SD420.73 .U6 H26
The Gisborne era of forest fire research: legacy of a pioneer
Hardy, Charles E.

SD144 .A118 A2 NO.396
Fuel moisture as measured and predicted during the 1988 fires in Yellowstone Park
Hartford, Roberta A.

SH11 .A22 NO.161
Interpretation and compendium of historical fire accounts in the northern Great Plains
Higgins, Kenneth F.

SB482 .W2 C882 NO.89-4
Fuel and fire behavior predictions in subalpine forests of Pacific northwest national parks
Huff, Mark H.

SD421.32 .W47 I68 2001
Is your home protected from wildfire disaster?: a homeowner's guide to wildfire retrofit
Institute for Business & Home Safety

SD421.45 .I58 I56 1994
Report of the Interagency Management Review Team: South Canyon Fire
Interagency Management Review Team (U.S.)

SD421 .J46 2008
Living with fire: fire ecology and policy for the twenty-first century
Jensen, Sara E., 1978-

SD421 .F674 2001
Forest fires: behavior and ecological effects
Johnson, E. A. (Edward Arnold)

SD11 .A45644 NO.91
Cascading effects of fire exclusion in Rocky Mountain ecosystems: a literature review
Keane, Robert E.

HT123 .K45 2006
Wildfire and Americans: how to save lives, property, and your tax dollars
Kennedy, Roger G.

SD11 .A456131 NO.542
Issues in evaluating the costs and benefits of fuel treatments to reduce wildfire in the nation's forests
Kline, J. D.

SD144 .A118 A2 NO.411
Ignition probabilities of wildland fuels based on simulated lightning discharges
Latham, Don J.

SD565 .L49 2005
The Forest Service and the greatest good: a centennial history
Lewis, James G. (James Graham), 1965-

SD11 .A456142 NO.229
A contingent valuation study of the value of reducing fire hazards to old-growth forests in the Pacific Northwest
Loomis, John B.

SD11 .A45617 NO.292
Deterioration of fire-killed and fire-damaged timber in the western United States
Lowell, Eini C.

SD11 .A45617 NO.630
Integrated research to improve fire management decisionmaking
MacGregor, Donald G. (Donald Gordon), 1946-

SD11 .A454 NO.102
The causes of fires on northeastern national forests
Main, William A.

SD421.3 .M33 2003
Fire and ashes: on the front lines of American wildfire
Maclean, John N.

SD421.32 .C6 M235 1999
Fire on the mountain: the true story of the South Canyon fire
Maclean, John N.

QH545 .F5 L36 2011
The landscape ecology of fire
McKenzie, Donald

SD421.32 .Y45 M67 1993
Fire in paradise: the Yellowstone fires and the politics of environmentalism
Morrison, Micah, 1957-

SD11 .A45617 NO.254
Fire history and pattern in a Cascade Range landscape
Morrison, Peter H.

SD421.32 .C2 O36 1991
The Oakland/Berkeley Hills Fire, October 20, 1991
National Fire Protection Association

SD421.32 .M5 S8 1991
Stephan Bridge Road fire: case study
National Fire Protection Association

SD421.3 .A57 2004
American perspectives on the wildland/urban interface
National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Program (U.S.)

SD421.3 .C65 2000
Communities compatible with nature
National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Program (U.S.)

SD421.3 .D482 1997
Developing a cooperative approach to wildfire protection
National Wildland/Urban Interface Fire Protection Program (U.S.)

SD421 .N89
Analysis and summary of forest fires in coastal Alaska
Noste, Nonan V.

SD11 .A45617 NO.715
Citizen-agency interactions in planning and decisionmaking after large fires
Olsen, Christine S.

SD421.3 .O88 2002
Wildland fire primer: a guide for educators, 2002-2003
Owens, John

SD11 .A45617 NO.690
A consumer guide, tools to manage vegetation and fuels
Peterson, David L. (David Lawrence), 1954-

SD11 .A45617 NO.628
Forest structure and fire hazard in dry forests of the western United States
Peterson, David L. (David Lawrence), 1954-

SD421.34 .C36 L37 2004
Large-area forest fires
Piwnicki, Józef

SD421.3 .P96 1997
Fire in America: a cultural history of wildland and rural fire
Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-

SD421.32 .P6 P96 1989
Fire on the rim: a firefighter's season at the Grand Canyon
Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-

SD421 .P94 1996
Introduction to wildland fire
Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-

SD421.3 .P963 2003
Smoke chasing
Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-

SD421.3 .P96 2004
Tending fire: coping with America's wildland fires
Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-

SD421 .P95 1995
World fire: the culture of fire on earth
Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-

SD421.32 .M9 P96 2001
Year of the fires: the story of the great fires of 1910
Pyne, Stephen J., 1949-

SD421.32 .Y45 R45 2008
Yellowstone's rebirth by fire: rising from the ashes of the 1988 wildfires
Reinhart, Karen Wildung

SD144 .A135 U6 NO.127
Land-use planning may reduce fire damage in the urban-wildland intermix
Rice, Carol L.

SD144 .A118 A4 NO.299
Mann Gulch fire: a race that couldn't be won
Rothermel, Richard C.

SD421.3 .R68 2007
Blazing heritage: a history of wildland fire in the national parks
Rothman, Hal, 1958-2007

SD421 .U5532 2004
An ecological assessment of the Bureau of Land Management's current fire management plans: materials and recommendations for future fire planning
Schussman, Heather

SD421 .S6
Fire weather: a guide for application of meteorological information to forest fire control operations
Schroeder, Mark J.

SD421.32 .Y45 S53 1991
Guardians of Yellowstone
Sholly, Dan R.

SD11 .A4542 NO.83
The Mack Lake fire
Simard, Albert J.

SD11 .A45644 NO.42 v.1
Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on fauna
Smith, Jane Kapler

SD11 .A45644 NO.42 v.2
Wildland fire in ecosystems: effects of fire on flora
Smith, Jane Kapler

SD421.32 .W47 S77 2005
Drift smoke: loss and renewal in a land of fire
Strohmaier, David J. (David Jon), 1965-

SD421.32 .N67 S77 2001
The seasons of fire: reflections on fire in the West
Strohmaier, David J. (David Jon), 1965-

SD421.435 .T39 2000
Jumping fire: a smokejumper's memoir of fighting wildfire
Taylor, Murry A.

SD421.32 .W47 T48 1995
Fire line: the summer battles of the West
Thoele, Michael

SD421.32 .A4 T63 2006
Wildland fire in Alaska: a history of organized fire suppression and management in the Last Frontier
Todd, Susan

SD421.3 .A95 1997
Aviation in the BLM: managing fire and natural resources
United States. Bureau of Land Management

SD421.45 .I58 S6 1994
South Canyon fire investigation of the 14 fatalities that occurred on July 6, 1994 near Glenwood Springs, Colorado
United States. Bureau of Land Management

SD421 .F56 1995
Findings from the Wildland Firefighters Human Factors Workshop: improving wildland firefighter performance under stressful, risky conditions: toward better decisions on the fireline and more resilient organizations
United States. Forest Service

SD421 .U51
Wildfire prevention analysis: problems and programs
United States. Forest Service

SD421 .U54 1973
The natural role of fire
United States. Forest Service. Northern Region

SD11 .A522 NO.54
History, uses, and effects of fire in the Appalachians
Van Lear, David H.

SD421.32 .Y45 A46 2004
After the fires: the ecology of change in Yellowstone National Park
Wallace, Linda L., 1951-

SD420.55 .W67
Wilderness & wildfire
Walsh, Tom

SD11 .A45617 NO.599
Bridging the worlds of fire managers and researchers: lessons and opportunities from the wildland fire workshops
White, Seth M.

SD421.32 .W47 W66 2003
In fire's way: a practical guide to life in the wildfire danger zone
Wolf, Thomas J. (Thomas Joseph), 1945-

SD421.3 .W53 2006
Wildfire: a century of failed forest policy
Wuerthner, George

SD421.3 .W54 2006
The wildfire reader: a century of failed forest policy
Wuerthner, George